Monday 28 October 2013

Mr Steve Phillips,Chief Executive Of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

Today the Chief Executive Of Neath Port Talbot Council Mr Steve Phillips ran out of time to re butt the accusations of wrongdoing made to him by Linda Lewis in her "Affidavit Of Truth." 
As Linda acts in truth and honesty an extension to the time limit of 30 days was offered to Mr Phillips on Friday afternoon extending to 1200 on Monday 28th October 2013.
Linda as per the terms of the Commercial Lien has not received a response from Mr Phillips.
None of her truthful accusations have been rebutted.
Therefore Linda now has " Summary Judgement " on Mr Phillips as he has accepted the accusations made by Linda as being truthful by his acquiescence.
The value of the judgement against Mr Phillips is £20,000,000 ( Twenty Million Pounds Sterling )   
The Public Notice has been issued which can be viewed HERE and will appear on cars and in shops within the Neath Port Talbot area soon.
This raises a very interesting point.
Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council we are reliably informed is currently operating with a deficit of £40,000,000.
The Chief Executive Steve Phillips and the Head Of Legal Services David Michael HERE both have Summary Judgements against them totalling £40,000,000
Linda has written to Mr David Michael requesting the full details of the Insurance Company , the policy number and the name of the Council contact be supplied within 10 days so that we may lawfully inform them of this additional debt so that they may consider re evaluating their policy premium should they see fit.
Will we receive a reply as informing the Insurance Company is a Legal requirement ?
Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

They are all responsible for the abuse of the Child,I'm happy to see some form of action is taken out against the Council.

Anonymous said...

Good work my Friend those who abuse their power should be made accountable.

No-one should be above the Law.


Anonymous said...

Chief Executive Of Neath Port Talbot Council Mr Steve Phillips should do the right thing and resign.

Anonymous said...

What are the elected Councillors doing ,they are employed to represent the Public.They should be asking questions about the Chief Executive Steve Phillips conduct in the matter you have raised.

Good on you for challenging them.

Robert Green said...

Well done to Kevin and Linda for their determination and resourcefulness.

Best wishes from Robert Green and the Hollie Greig Campaign

Anonymous said...

Silence is an admisson of Guilt

Extant said...

There is nothing better than exposure of real criminals and real Justice to go with it :)

Anonymous said...

Cover up over NPTCBC and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Give it up FFS.

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones Wales answer to Tony Blair.

Kimberley said...

Well this is bound to be Front Page Headlines in the local newspaper isn't she says sarcastically.

Good Work

Anonymous said...

What is the welsh Government doing about the corruption whithin the council.
Surley they have a duty to investigate.
They cannot ignore the truth

Delyth said...

Screenshots taken and Final Warnings printed out.

Will be out and about in town tomorrow with them.


Anonymous said...


Cuts on the way as Neath Port Talbot reveal £17.3 million budget shortfall

Read more:

Would that happen to include Messrs Phillips and Michaels £40 million or haven't they told anybody about that yet.


Anonymous said...

Great Work

Well Done Both

Anonymous said...

I have always found the Councillor's of Neath Port Talbot very helpful.
It is about time they took some responsibilty regarding this case

Anonymous said...

Underhand,corrupt,deceitful,incompetent,inefficient,sinister,immoral and the home of child kidnappers.

Welcome to NPTC

Anonymous said...

It is the law that the Insurance company be notified.

There is no way around this.

Anonymous said...

What a couple of shysters!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...





Kevin Edwards said...

Credit where credit is due.

The information I quoted in the UK Column interview on 10th October 2013 stating that Neath Port Talbot Council was £40 million in debt from an inside source has turned out very accurate.

In the SWEP newspaper " the council’s estimated budget deficit over the period 2014 to 2018 has risen from £22.6m to £38.3m."

So the figure of £40 million wasn't far off the mark.

Thank you for that.

There are a lot of good people within this Council desperately fighting for a victory for Linda.

It will happen believe me.

It's just a shame that the Council is run by scoundrels

Delyth said...

Yes Indeed

Steve Phillips will still keep his £138k a year package.FFS

David Michael will still keep his £100k a year package.

All 64 Councillors will keep pulling a wage with Ali The Bung on £52k a year.

And yet as planned NO Social Workers will be removed from doing Satan's work by taking away children to be abused.

New Satanic blood will drawn in to Social Services to support child abuse on Managerial Salaries while real workers who actually do contribute will be sacked.

Council Tax will rise and so will the egos of the Councillors who will pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Senior Management will claim VICTORY is our and break open the Champagne.

And yet despite the incompetence of this inbred bunch of fools the people will still be behind Linda in overwhelming support.

Close this incompetent bunch of foolish idiots down without delay and leave the children alone.

Anonymous said...

"It's just a shame that the Council is run by scoundrels" you said Kev.

Good Man

Bet you these twats are still draining the public purse while the workforce is decimated.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Robert Green leaving a comment earlier.

Good luck to him and Hillie Greig and her family.

He is up against the same sort of scum in Scotland as we are up against in Wales as far as cover ups go.

Keep going both of you.

Kevin Edwards said...

Thanks for that anon @11:46

Robert is a good tenacious man doing excellent work.

This is his website re the Hollie Greig Campaign


Anonymous said...

A cesspit of corruption

Anonymous said...

"For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known…"

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the Government's helping

You are a good man and i hope you continue to support the justice for linda lewis case.

Anonymous said...

Chief Executive Of Neath Port Talbot Council Mr Steve Phillips should be reported to their elected MP.
If the MP refuse's to act then he should be reported to his peers.

Anonymous said...

In yesterday's daily Mirror according to former director of Public Prosecutions Keir Stamner.

Failing to report child abuse allegations should be a Criminal Offence.

He said the Criminal Justice system should adopt a straightforward and simpe mandatory reporting scheme.

maybe you should contact him.

best regards