Friday 20 September 2013


The fact that there hasn't been a posting for several days doesn't mean that things have ground to a halt.

Far from it.

More paperwork will be despatched this week on Linda's behalf by the team to other criminals involved in this sickening example of abuse of power by those in authority.

Progress is being made on a daily basis not just here in the UK but also in America where some excellent work is being done.

The next couple of weeks will be very interesting.



Anonymous said...

What is done in the dark always comes out in the light.

Well Done to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a resolution to this horrendous crime against an innocent Mother , Child and Family.

It's a shame hanging has been abolished.

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones

Anonymous said...

They are not going to get away with what they have done wrong
So why don't they just go ahead and admit it.

Anonymous said...

Their number is up, I agree with the comment regarding getting away with the crimes they have committed,
They cannot escape the truth they have covered up far to long in my opinion

Excellent work Kevin.


Anonymous said...

Those involved should be ashamed of themselves.putting an innocent Child and family through hell!
Everyday there are more people being made aware of the Lewis case.
the system could do with a bloody good shake up.

Anonymous said...

You have put a lot of hard work into the Lewis case.
I pray that justice will prevail soon.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kevin these Councils masquarading as council need exposong as to who they really are

Anonymous said...

Interesting times ahead my friend.

Had a meal down the Majestic last night and overheard four people discussing this case.

Couldn't help adding my twopence worth.

Opinion was unanimous that the Council needs to be closed down and decent people put in place.

When you talk to people often as I do it is clear that this case is so well known now within the town that it cannot be stopped any longer.



Anonymous said...

I know a lot is going on at the moment from our last meeting.

So stick in there the work behind the scenes is just as important as what is seen.

It will all knit together in the end.

Anonymous said...

You're doing a brilliant job here Kevin.

It's people like you we need in the WAG not the morally bankrupt halfwits that are there now.