Friday 13 September 2013

Kevin Bull Discusses With Brian Gerrish The Recent Ruling By Judge Mumby Regarding The Family Courts.

The interview with Kevin Bull starts at 47 minutes.

The Linda Lewis Campaign gets a mention 1 hr 35 minutes into the broadcast.

This is a very important move regarding transparency in the " Family Courts " which leaves the criminals at Neath Port Talbot Social Services even more exposed almost to the point that any further attempts to hide by them makes it laughable.

This interview is well worth listening to as affects everyone who has had dealings with the family courts.   

Off Topic but relevant.

A "First and Final Warning " was signed for this morning at 08:04 by a criminal in authority who has and still is desperately trying to cover up the actions of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services and others.

The " Commercial Lien " document will be issued and processed to this individual in the next week or so.

More criminals will also be served over the next few weeks.



Anonymous said...

The liars with their criminally obtained injunction won't be happy with this.

Public interest law overrides everything.

Keep naming and shaming them and remember Kevin.......

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones.


Mike Hunt said...

In a backdoor application. the Government are attempting to get a gagging law through the Commons to stop ANY petition being taken up to prevent application to the Government to stop and injustic or illegal act.

Also the application of a Great Writ,(habeas corpus) is now blocked by the Data Protection Act thereby stopping hearings in the High Court in relation to exposure of criminal wrongdoing by Local Authority by asking to produce a child which has 'gone missing' within the system.

For more information on gagging law, see '38 degrees' on the net.

Anonymous said...

Far be it from me to offer you advice but I hope Linda takes action against that useless hapless idiot Hywel Francis.

He is a liability that we cannot afford in Port Talbot.


Anonymous said...

Keep going m8 you have a load of support I think the establishment (sic) will have a shock when we group up and demonstrate on their doorsteps.

Name and shame they look guiltier by the hour.


Anonymous said...

The importance of this video is very significant. Justice Munby has thrown parents a lifeline.

There is no hiding place any longer for the people doing this.

Wouldn't want to try and keep hiding things anymore if I worked for NPT.


Donna Thomas said...

Just seen this­413373/Top-judges-war-secret-c­ourts-Family-hearings-exposed-­glare-publicity.html

Interestingly the comments sections reads: "Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons".

Unusual to see that on Daily Mail online article.

There have been too many crimes committed in the family courts not just with Linda.

Maybe they are afraid of legal action if too many horror stories are put up on comments.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to notice Staffs CC and social services have used BBC local radio to defend themselves.

But NPT say absolutely nothing proving they are as guilty as sin.

They haven't even run to the SWEP or as it should be know The South Wales Labour Party Post." LOL

The South Wales Evening Post by it's silence has proven itself to be part of this crime from day one.

Anonymous said...

Following on from last comment.

Phoned those arrogant buggers at Legal Services and the crook David Michael is employed by the council still.

Abrupt woman said yes and put the phone down before I could complain.

Public Service at it's best.

Anonymous said...

A light in the crack of a door from Judge Mumby but we need to deal with the perverts and pedophiles in power who abuse children for their own sick agenda.

Child kidnapping falls into this bracket.

Look at N's desperate letters begging to come home and look at the evil in the face of Julie RZenicek.

There are some really sick fuckers in the Council and the Welsh Assembly.

Unknown said...

Glad to see we have a counsellor who is fighting this
poor girl's corner .all the best to linda and her family