Thursday 16 May 2013

UK Column Live Special Update Video 16 May 2013 - The Bonnie Lewis Case

Brian Gerrish speaks to Kevin Edwards about the latest developments in the Bonnie Lewis case.

Bonnie Lewis was kidnapped at gunpoint from a hospital in Florida by US police under instruction of Neath Port Talbot Social Services, who brought her back to the UK on a false passport. Bonnie had been taken to the US by her mother following years of incorrect diagnosis in UK hospitals.

While in the US, she was diagnosed with Zollingers syndrome, an agonising condition causing multiple perforations of the gut.

On her return to the UK, Bonnie was not treated for her illness. Instead she was placed in a mental institution and told her pain was all in her mind.

Video touches on -

Neath Port Talbot Councillors in revolt.

Neath Port Talbot Councillors now realise the extent of the crimes committed by their authority.

Outgoing Mayor and Incoming Mayoress of Neath Port Talbot support "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign."

Welsh Assembly Government in disarray and panic.  

Criminal Child Kidnapper Julie Rzezniczek former Head of Neath Port Talbot Social Services leave with an alleged £200,000 payout. 

Please watch the video and pass it on to all your contacts.

Thanks for all your support. 


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Stuff

Well done again Kevin


Anonymous said...

Is the video on youtube, excellent interview Kevin.

Top Man

Kevin Edwards said...

The youtube link is

Anonymous said...

This will push them further back into the cesspit where they all belong.

Really good work.


Love to Linda.


Anonymous said...

Need's to go Worldwide

EDDIE said...

I do not know how this case has been covered upfor so long.

well done in exposing this dreadful case

Andrew h said...

You ae doing the job that MP should be doing.

Have you emailed the videos to every MP in Parliment.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Edwards MP is carrying out his duty to protect the masochist Dr Dewi Evans who is now a leading Plaid Cymru town councillor for Carmarthen. He was the one who prescribed the drugs to kill Bonnie. Linda was not as evil as him and recognised his intentions. God help the children of Carmarthen with Dewi Evans loose and masquerading as a councillor on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Kevin, when is the next video being released.

Can't understand how those criminal's have been allowed to get away with the crimes they have commited

Anonymous said...

Surely Government will do something, to help.

Anonymous said...

Can't these so-called Professional,s see they have been caught out.

Well done for helping.

Kind Regards


Anonymous said...

You have my full support.


Anonymous said...

It is worring so many people decided to cover-up.

The evidence point's to their guilt.

They have absolutely no regards for the suffering of the poor little girl,or for the family.

What they have done is Criminal.

Every Parents worse nightmare.

Anonymous said...

We have a two-tier Justice System
in-place in this Country.

Which is plain Criminal.

Anonymous said...

The evidence is stacked against them,that is the brutal truth.

So why don'they admit it.

Anonymous said...

Why is it we,the people are presumed to be stupid.We aren't It's high time all those in power did what we pay them for. I hope you continue exposing these people.

Sam said...

Any New's on the Justice for Linda Lewis case.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work Kevin

Laura James