Saturday 25 May 2013

Another You Just Couldn't Make This Up

Working for Neath Port Talbot Council - Head of Children And Young People Services

Here Andrew Jarrett talk about the new job and development opportunities available in Children's Services.


Child Stealing By The State Is A £20 Billion A Year Industry.


Anonymous said...

There ae enough paedophiles and psychopaths out there to do this job for nothing sad to say.

Mike Hunt said...

well said

Jenny said...

Well they cant keep hold of staff so I am told due to high targets to meet regarding the stealing of children.

Also your campaign has opened up a lot of eyes.

Questions need to be answered they cannot be protected by the Welsh Government and politicians forever.

Mary Jones said...

Only perverts,pedophiles and child abusers need apply.

Very rewarding job for those with no conscience or humanity.

Anonymous said...

Someone has made a rather interesting comment on this link regarding Neath Port Talbot SS.
Suspending people to cover up crime is a common pastime in Human Resources of LAs.
Has former Councillor Keith Davies'
wife Sue gone to Port Talbot SS or is she still protecting Swansea SS.

Anonymous said...

How many Social Services staff in NPTCBC have been suspended on full pay and for longer than 8 weeks.

I also want to ask what happended to the staff that made the false allegations that led to those suspensions ?

Anonymous said...

Why haven't they taken action against the Social Worker,s who kidnapped Linda Lewis daughter.

Mike Hunt said...

Our children have dissapeared in care of social services in Neath and we have been denied contact for a year, We now have not seen them for two years. We are now of the opinion they are dead, as the father was accused of cruelty in court in Neath in March 2011 in a private court. He appeared to be wearing prison jeans and shirt and had lost a lot of weight. We tried to see the chidlren then (I am the step father) and were asked to sign a ridiculously worded contact agreement which was untenable.

We need proof of life, and have tried South Wales police who have done nothing. We think he has killed them, and whilst in Social Care, they have covered it up.

We have nowhere to look now. We commited no offence by took our child to a doctor with an eating disorder, and whilst in care, a grandparent accused the mother of starving our little girl.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hunt

south wales police will do nothing. They are more concerned with the media wrongly reporting the shopping habits of the chief constable as told to leveson - they haven't got time to investigate kidnappings.

who was the judge who made the order as the judges are usually culpable of neglecting their oath to uphold the law can't upset ss and can't stop the legal aid gravy boat.

didn't someone mention the solicitor in the lewis case gets £2 million a year from legal aid.

Interesting revelations have been made by one SWP officers - they do not have to obey IPCC guidelines - maybe the inquiry into the cardiff three case will reveal a lot of what goes on in their professional standards department - which the Chief says has a good relationship with the IPCC - what does that mean? any complaints to IPCC are softly dealt with perhaps?