Tuesday 27 November 2012

Kevin Edwards Of The " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " Live Interview On " The Earth Needs Rebels " Radio Show 27/11/2012

To listen to the full interview click HERE

The actual interview starts around 7 minutes in after the adverts and music.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant piece Kevin.

Thanks on behalf of the team

Anonymous said...

We have all told Hywel Francis,Brian Gibbons and many others that


They don;t care

Let's go for them

sam said...

It's about time the family got justice.

Rich said...

Brillant Kevin lets hope those who have abused the family be brought to justice.

I have always said they could not getaway with what they have done because there is to much evidence.

well done mate

Anonymous said...

Eye opening as to what certain people can do to innocent people.

They will pay one day as we as a people start to realise exactly what they are doing.


Anonymous said...

I can't put into words the anger i felt after listening to the radio interview.

I am in shock to think! this is happening in our Country.

My heart goes out to the family concerned.

Liz Jenkins