Sunday 28 August 2011

" Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." Dr Dewi Evans exposed as liar, perjurer,falsifier of evidence and instigator in the kidnapping of an innocent child.

Below is a letter dated the 27th of March 1998 from Dr Dewi Evans a former paediatrician in Singleton Hospital Swansea that was sent to Ms Lyn Berlyn of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services.

It is well known and has been proven that the " Illegal Kidnapping " of Linda's daughter from her hospital bed in America at gunpoint was instigated on false and fraudulent grounds using false and fraudulent information deliberately manufactured  by Doctors , Social Workers , The Police and the local newspaper The South Wales Evening Post.

Dr Dewi Evans played a major part in the continual misdiagnosis and mistreatment of Linda's daughter and is a prominent conspirator in this miscarriage of justice and medical cover up.

It is also worth noting that at the time of the "illegal kidnapping" in 1998 by agents of Neath Port Talbot Social Services. Dr Dewi Evans was himself an elected Councillor of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and in 1992 stood in the General Election for the constituency of Neath for Plaid Cymru.

This raises several professional " conflicts of interests " that both Dr Dewi Evans and others have deliberately ignored and  broken the law.

Such was the desperation of the guilty to cover up for their errors by fabricating and falsifying statements and evidence to protect themselves.

The letter from Dr Dewi Evans to his OWN Councils Social Services is made up of three pages.

In page one below below  ( Pages 2 and 3 are just as damning and will be dealt with at a later date. ) 

Dr Dewi Evans in his own words states,

" It is pleasing to read the opinion of the doctors in Florida. They were quite categorical in establishing a diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome by Proxy without receiving any information from any centre in the UK."

Well Dr Evans if what you state in the above is true then please can you explain the following sworn affidavit ( below ) from Miss Lori Fiorino of the Department of Children and Families in Florida.

Some questions then for Dr Dewi Evans.

In your letter of 27th of March 1998 you have stated that

" It is pleasing to read the opinion of the doctors in Florida. They were quite categorical in establishing a diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome by Proxy without receiving any information from any centre in the UK."

then please explain why the sworn affidavit from Lori Fiorino on the 16th of February 1998 above which starts off

"On the 12th of February 1998 the Department of Children and Families received and "abuse report " alleging that N ****** had been diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy in her native country of Wales.

So how did they get this report Dr Evans ? Who sent this false and fraudulent information to the American Authorities ?

As you know Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy was never an issue as far as Linda's daughter was concerned. If it was why did you prescribe such vast quantities of drugs to her daughter if she was feigning illness ? Some of them are pictured below

and why did you prescribe 80mgs of Oral Morphine to N******  supposedly for her pain ?

You also issued a Discharge Letter on 30/3/97 without stating any diagnosis.You knew that there WAS something seriously wrong with N******.

This all proves that you and other have lied, perjured yourselves and fabricated evidence to set up a time scale and a false cover story so that on the 18th of February 1998 Social Workers from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council where you were a Councillor could illegally remove Linda's very sick daughter from her hospital bed in America to cover up for yours and others  medical negligence in the UK.

One day you will have to answer to God for what you have done. He may forgive you.

Many of us never will. 


The above evidence is released under Public Interest Law" and the fact that " NO INJUNCTION CAN EVER BE TAKEN OUT TO COVER UP FOR CRIMINAL ACTS."


Anonymous said...

Pembrokeshire County Council has just announced that their employees have harmed children.
Is Neath Port Talbot and Swansea going to follow.
Are Plaid Cymru, Lib Dem and Labour going to do the same in respect of their elected members.
No child in South Wales is safe.

Delyth said...

What the guilty in this dreadful cover up need to remember is this.

Truth does not fear questioning or investigation. And truth does not need laws to protect it.

The guilty do need to be fearful of investigation and need to abuse the law to protect themselves.

Be warned your time is short.

Anonymous said...

Professor Meadows was found by the GMC for professional misconduct for playing fast and loose with M by proxy. He was exposed for misusing it/statistics in a criminal court therefore in open court [sally clark case] yet no doubt he would have been misusing it in family court cases - as Dr Evans appears to have done in this case. Something wrong with child - can't explain - must be MBP and blame parents/mother. Substandard Doctor and another one based at Singleton - that's where the SS get their rubber stamped diagnoses??

He was a politician as well!

Anonymous said...

This is a classic example of a "wheel conspiracy" and it's Dewi Evans who owns the bike.

Anonymous said...

If have read all 3 pages of this fanciful and false cover up letter printed from the disc I received.

I look forward to the next two pages being outed.

If the Lewis family had a dog Dewi Evans would have said that would have been Munchausen as well.

You can also see the cunning and criminal path he takes to isolate Na****a from her family leaving her a prisoner exposed to abuse from Social Services and Foster carers.

Look forward to the next article.


Anonymous said...

This is obviously not a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.Look's more like a cover up by Doctor's, Social Services and other's

How can they all justify what they have done to the poor Child shame on them.

Family Friend said...

All this is a desperate attempt by a disgraced Doctor who has abused his power in two ways.

One is passing blame onto an innocent Mother and Family making them seem problematic and the cause of all the problems that he Dr Dewi Evans is responsible for.

Two is you will notice his lies about America having made up its on mind without having received any info from the UK. Doctor Matthew Siebal NEVER saw N***s*A and made his statement purely on Dr Dewi Evans report/advise that he has said he never sent !!!!!!!

This doctor is a disgrace, a liar , a charlatan and a fraud.

Perhaps it is now time to start an independent campaign on face book asking for this incompetent Doctor to be brought to justice

Anonymous said...

And all this has been covered up by the courts,local councillors,doctors,assembly members and the police.

What sort of people are they ?

Anonymous said...

Dewi Evans has other dodgy issues in other child care cases.

More to follow

Bethan said...

Dewi Evans should be in jail.

What he has done here is 100% illegal. He has misled Doctors in America as well as the authorities in order to instigate the kidnapping.

Dr Siebel NEVER even saw N**T*S*A and has taken Dewi Evans word as truth.

Duped or what ?

Rhodri Jenkins said...



Tanya Roberts said...

Just another example of how the cover up has been instigated by so many.

We need more people like you as an example to show what is going on to our children.

This is pure evil.

It will come out one day.


Sian said...

Dewi Evans has deliberately misled the US authorities.

Why won't the Evening Post question this ?

They themselves have too much to hide.

Anonymous said...

Neath Port Talbot need more child kidnappers and undergoing a recruitment drive.

Does this mean that British Social Workers with a concience are leaving; or, are they packing their bags and fleeing

Anonymous said...

what a arrogant Doctor he seemed to take great pleasure in removing the child.

The lies he stated should be reported to the GMC.

Pat on the Back he should be struck off

Anonymous said...

This Doctor should be made accountable for his actions

Not fit for purpose.

Andrew said...

I'm glad to see Mr Edwards that you are exposing "DR DEWI EVANS" about time.

Andrew said...

I'm glad to see Mr Edwards that you are exposing "DR DEWI EVANS" about time.

Lesley said...

I felt positively sick reading Dr Dewi Evans letter, He Praised himself for seperating the child from her family.

this Doctor got the nerve to call himself a Professinal.

good Luck in your campaign

Anonymous said...

Doctor Dewi Evans as been active in Child Protection for Years.

I wonder why?

Joe said...

having spent a long time reading all articles relating to this case.It is scandalous what has happened to the Child and family.

what are these people in authority doing, they are paid to protect us all.there need's to be an urgent investigation by Government.

Anonymous said...

There is enough substantial evidence the police should be involved.

No-one should be above the Law.
regardless who they are.


Anonymous said...

Look at this link and see the abusers and fixers and the talking shop or fixing cabal.,english/

Look at the names - any you recognise? This why Family Courts are secret as families and friends will talk to each other and the truth of what these people/abusers are doing will come out.

Did you or me get to vote these people onto this Family Justice Council?

Robbing families, robbing children and robbing you.

Anonymous said...

There is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to bring criminal charges against Dewi Evans.

Debs said...

This case could open up a "Can of worms" Good luck

Anonymous said...

How can anyone Trust or believe this Doctor Evans.

I would also question the Evening Post Paper for their contribution in printing things that are untrue.

Big Ali

Anonymous said...

It's good to see the family involved in this dreadful case got the support from Britain First.

Sally said...

Mr Edwards I take my hat off to you for fighting againt injustice.

You are definitely rattling cages


Arwel said...

And how many other times has this despicable Doctor lied to save himself and his colleagues ?