Wednesday 3 August 2011

Neath Port Talbot Social Services Beware. You are accountable.

Victims of abuse are taking legal action against local authorities in England and Wales who they say should have given them better protection.

But successful claims against alleged social worker negligence are only producing awards of around £5000, lawyers have said, while they tend to be lengthy and expensive. However, in one recent case a woman was given £35,000 after settling a case against her local authority for failing to protect her from abuse.

Hilton Dawson, chief executive of BASW, the professional body for social workers, told the BBC that moves towards taking legal action against councils for what social workers did or didn't do at the time would not help the profession.

"Resources are getting tighter, it's more difficult to do effective social work," she said. "It's probably a contributory factor to social workers leaving the profession."

But one solicitor was quoted as saying that such cases laid social services open to the glare of the court, adding: "Sometimes social workers and those who employ them don't quite get it. They don't quite get that they are accountable."



Helen said...

It's not just Julie Rzeznicek,Alison Paisley and Colin Preece from Social Services who should be in jail.

Let's not forget the despicable David Michael and Nigel Jones from Legal Services and the Councillors who are protecting the above from being outed.

NPTCBC must be the most corrupt county in the UK look at who the 2 MP's are.

Hain and Francis despicable thieves.

Helen Jones

Anonymous said...

the councillors are certainly p[art of the problem - just look at swansea and the death of Aaron Gilbert. They simply do not question or hold to account the officers and senior officers rather they are led by the nose to aiding the cover up. The Laming Report says quite clearly that councillors are not to accept simply what they are told by officers they must ensure that any service is properly run. All we hear is "we need more resources" yet more resouces seems to make things worse. Are social services any better after all these years of Blair/Brown public spending?

Anonymous said...

15,000 Leaflets to start with will tell them what the Council has done.

Surely not in their name.

Council Elections next year they will be gone,


Anonymous said...

These leaflets should also mention Hywel Francis and his role in covering this up. Dr Brian Gibbons admits Linda's daughter would have died if she had been given the Ora morph.

Chris Thomas said...

The panic must be huge in their ranks. If they think they can be protected how wrong they are.

You have proved how corrupt and rotten they are.

Time to put it to the Councillors ask for thier response and just like Carwyn Jones target them individually.

Next time I see you I'll give you £20 for some of the leaflets.


Anonymous said...

I've just joined Britain First.

Their help will be invaluable in bringing these corrupt bastards down.


Anonymous said...

Child Abuse is a crime no matter who commits it.

Which Social Worker was it who knocked out Nat$*ha* front teet two weeks after the kidnapping ?

Anonymous said...

The net is closing on them.

Anonymous said...

God lets see them in jail

Honest Lawyer said...

This is a classic example of a "wheel conspiracy" or a "chain or ladder conspiracy"?

So many rotten eggs all in one basket South Wales.

Studying the evidence last night the " Wheel " wins it.

Dewi Evans the desperate, guilty culprit.

Look forward to you putting his letters in the public domain as well as the back stabbing letters by Lyn Naylor.

Lyn Naylor was supposed to be Linda's Solicitor bought to sell her client down the river.

Illegal faxes to America to justify Dewi Evans illogical and quite frankly " barking mad " allegations and statement.

All done behind Linda's back.


Julie Reznicek and Lyn Naylor are well known on the Swansea " Lesbian Scene. " Without being homophobic which I am not, should they have ever been trusted to be involved in this case ?

Obviously they have no idea what it is like to have a child of their own.

It is beyond them.

They have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Lyn Naylor again - see link.

How many are within the wheel?

There must have been such meetings when this case first started - have you asked for any minutes of meetings since the case started?