Friday 12 August 2011

The Lewis families Member of Parliament. Dr Hywel Francis a "Hypocrite."

This is a man who has consistently covered up for the illegal actions of the Doctors, Police and Social Services in his area.
This is a man who took copies of evidence from Linda Lewis during a meeting and buried it in his safe. It has never been returned.
This is a man who has a duty of care to all of his constituents but will not speak out on the Lewis families behalf.
This is a man who runs away when confronted over the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign."
This is a man who's letters to the Lewis family will be printed at a later date.
But most importantly this is a man who on the 8th of September 2010 was appointed as Chairman of the "Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights."
Remember Dr Francis. Linda Lewis, her daughter and her family have Human Rights as well. Will you now act on their behalf ? 
I have just taken relevant sections of Dr Francis pompous and self important statement to emphasise his hypocrisy.
To read his full statement click on  
The Westminster Foundation Event - 29 March 2011- Human Rights and Parliamentarians
  • The international community is increasingly focusing on the role which we can play as Parliamentarians in securing the protection of human rights. As representatives, legislators and scrutineers of Government, we are ideally placed to make sure that the international human rights standards globally agreed by our nation States are given teeth and made real for everyone.
  • This renewed focus on democratically elected institutions in the implementation of international and constitutional standards for the protection of fundamental rights creates a timely opportunity for us to come together and share each of our experiences of human rights advocacy in our work as politicians.
  • to guard against the worst excesses of State power and ensure that the atrocities of that era are never repeated.
  • Much of the work we do might qualify us to call ourselves human rights champions.
  •  reviewing our criminal law to ensure that victims are protected and due process rights respected.
  • The constitutional framework in the United Kingdom creates a significantly stronger argument for the essential involvement of MPs and Peers in the protection of individual rights. The cornerstone of the UK constitution is the sovereignty of Parliament. In the UK the Parliament can legislate as it sees fit and the domestic Courts have no authority to strike down primary legislation for any reason.
  • The Human Rights Act 1998 - which incorporates the rights guaranteed by the ECHR - into our domestic law was closely designed to preserve this principle. The Executive must certify that every draft law produced in Parliament is considered compatible with Convention rights. The Courts are obliged to interpret legislation in so far as possible in a way which respects Convention rights. When such an interpretation is not possible, the Courts cannot strike down the relevant law, but can only declare that the measure is incompatible with the ECHR. It remains for Parliament to act to remove the violation. Thus, the Act creates a sophisticated democratic dialogue on rights, realising roles for all three branches of Government in rights protection.
  • In light of this careful settlement, the then Labour Government accepted that Parliament must have a particular focus for the consideration and scrutiny of human rights matters in the UK.
  • We can consider any matter relating to human rights in the UK but cannot intervene on individual cases or comment on human rights issues overseas. We have the power to take evidence in public, to conduct visits for the purpose of our work and the Government must respond to each and all of our recommendations within 2 months. 
  •  (a) legislative scrutiny (we report on every Government Bill which raises significant human rights issues); (b) human rights judgments (we monitor every adverse judgment finding a violation of Convention rights in UK law, policy and practice); and (c) thematic inquiries, like our extradition inquiry.
  • we consider the human rights obligations of the UK, in both our statutory and common law, and in our regional and international human rights obligations. (for example, in the ECHR and the UN human rights treaties).
  • We work to reinforce the belief that human rights are not the sole preserve of lawyers and judges, but that minimum standards in law, policy and practice can avoid violations of individual rights happening and can remove the need for lengthy and costly litigation by victims to secure redress. 
  • This brief example of our work illustrates how we can use our powers to highlight an issue, to inform public debate and the activities of public authorities on matters which engage our individual rights. It shows that Parliamentarians can use their unique position to gather evidence and evaluate the balance struck between competing rights in practice and to encourage Government to plan to incorporate rights protecting measures in their work from the outset.
  • human rights has a much wider role to play in our work as Parliamentarians. In our daily work, in questions and in debates we have tools which equip us to make a difference in the approach of Government and to improve the standards of protection enjoyed by individuals in practice. For example, before taking up my current post as Chair of the JCHR I introduced a private member’s bill designed to provide greater protection for the rights of people who care for disabled and elderly relatives. I also chaired the House of Commons Select Committee on Welsh Affairs, where we focused on the implications of law and policy for Wales, including in respect of the rights of Welsh people as a national minority in the UK.
  • There are many opportunities in our work to integrate the human rights standards encapsulated in our national constitutions and in our international obligations. These standards provide us with a useful tool against which to measure our Governments’ performance through their commitment to these rights.
  • Kevin 


Maggie said...

Says it all really. What a creep.

Are there any honest and decent politicians left ?

Chris said...

Your right indeed Kevin a "Hypocrite."

This man with his disgusting non action of Linda's case is an embarrassment to the family and the residents of Port Talbot.

We deserve a better MP than him.

Let's get the leaflets out and let's expose Hywel Francis for what he really is corrupt.

Human Rights my ar*E what about Linda's ?

Phillip said...

From the beginning Linda and her family have been faksely accused as a result of false testimony from Doctors and Social Workers.

Remember the lying Social Inspector for Wales David Johnston and his false and perjurous statement !!!

It is Linda and her families basic Human Right to be allowed to clear their names.

There can be no compromise on this simple fact.


Phil Thomas

Tony Veitch said...

Morning Kevin and supporters of Linda.

Having not received a reply from Spencer Feeney I have sent the following email to Hywel Francis.

Personally I do not expect him to reply but it doesn't matter as we can all turn up at his surgery in the near future.

Lets see what happens. Here we go.

Your inaction over this appalling miscarriage of Justice.‏
View profileTo
From: Tony Veitch (
Sent: 13 August 2011 11:16:51

Dear Dr Francis.

I would like to draw your attention to the following article

Quite frankly I have never been so disgusted with what is going on and your lack of support for your constituents.

How dare you even consider yourself worthy of using the title " Human Rights " in any of your propaganda.

You are deliberately and systematically along with others denying Miss Lewis, her family and most importantly her daughter who has been both physically and mentally abused by Neath Port Talbot Social Services their basic Human Rights. Shame on you.

You have a duty of care to be honest in your workings as a member of parliament.

Please don't even consider not replying and please do not insult my intelligence by hiding behind the " Injunction " nonsense.

You know that this injunction is illegal and is based on "false testimony,fraud and deceit."

This injunction has already been proven as illegal. You know that no injunction can be taken out to cover up for criminal acts as is well stated and proven on

I look forward to your urgent reply and also request the date and time of your next surgery to be held in Port Talbot as both myself and several supporters of the Lewis family would like to meet with you without delay.

In anticipation and "For Justice and Human Rights."


AJ said...

Don't forget Hywel Francis partner in crime the former AM Dr Brian Gibbons.

I was one of the witnesses who heard him ADMIT to Linda that if she had given the oral morphine prescription by Dewi Evans to Nat8s8a she would have been dead.

You have my statement Kevin use it when you are ready.

Anonymous said...

This wouldnt be the same Hywel Francis who claimed £1,234 or 12 first-class train journeys by any chance on his expenses would it ?

He's not doing his job as an MP if he is deliberately part of this cover up is he.


Tanya said...

This is just like the Evening Post.

A whole list of pledges and promises.

Empty words and rhetoric self opinionated twaddle with zero content.

Empty guidelines for the benefit of no one.

This man talks about Human Rights but is guilty of denying a family THEIR Human Rights.

Kevin you are spot on again.

What a disgraceful hypocrite this man is.

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed that this man is my MP.

I hope to speak to him soon.


Little Warren

Maggie said...

Kevin,for a councillor you are doing a great job, so many of us out here working for justice for Linda.One day government will listen, don't ever give up.


Cerys said...

The thoroughly illegal injunction that has broken Linda, her families and her daughters Human Rights has been broken on several occassions.

One such example is here

Listen to Brian Gerrish and don't bury your head in the sand of Aberavon beach.

Brian Gerrish has printed this in his UK Column newspaper.

It's over.Stop hiding from this.

You do yourself no favours at all.

Cerys Lee

Anonymous said...

Hywel Francis has joined the club [Parliament] which shamelessly looted the taxpayer for televisions, furniture, food and wine and all the other things that have been stolen around suburban London by looters. A man [& woman ] hunt is going on by the police for the suburban looters but the hunt for the looter of parliament has netted only or less than a handful. He is not the only MP in Wales who is not doing his job in holding state bodies to account. There are lots of things he can do yet obviously chooses not to do - a parliamentary question or two etc.

There is a simple message for Mr Francis - do your job!

Anonymous said...

I suggest the family report their MP,he has a duty to help,that is what he is payed for.

Tony Veitch said...

I have just received a reply from Hywel Francis MP.

He is looking for an escape route. May I suggest that Linda and her family email him and see how he tries to wriggle this time.

This is his reply.

Dear Mr Veitch,

Further to your recent email, I have to inform you that as a Member of Parliament, I am unable to deal with confidential matters of a constituent with a third party, Hywel Francis MP

Over to you Linda.


Maureen said...

With the evidence being out and the fact that all injunctions have been proven to be illegally and fradulently obtained then he now has no choice.

By refusing to do anything like he has in the past will leave Hywel Francis right up to his neck in it.

Not a healthy position for him to be in at all.

It really is time for him to act and do his job now.

How much more evidence do you have to produce on our behalf Kevin to prove this ?

Simply none at all.

They cannot escape no matter how hard they try.


Nathan said...

By not respoding or posting feeble excuses the likes of Hywel Francis and Spencer Feeney are doing the dirty work of the guilty like Dr Dewi Evans and Julie Reznicek.

They hope to have one aim.

To demoralise us , make us despair , give up and go away.

They are fools.

Every rebuff makes us stronger, much stronger.

Some of us have been fighting this case for nearly 13 years and have still not given up.

If it takes another 13 years well we shall do it.

Adversity is strength and in it we grow stronger.

Silence is weakeness and you get weaker.

Your time gets shorter.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock

mandy said...

Hywel Francis as ignored this case for,far to long,he should be reported to the speaker in the house of commons.

Port Talbot

Anonymous said...

How dare Hywel Francis preach about human rights
There is a poisonous discontent at the heart of Brirish Society.its about time these useless polititions started to do the work they are payed for.

looks like this case would have been covered up if it wasn't for people like yourself speaking out

keep going the truth will come out and the guilty will be made accountable



Hwyel Francis supports Human rights laws (LAUGH) if so,why as he not helped in the case.

He his not fit for purpose.


Anonymous said...

I have read the the evidence regarding this case
Hywel Francis is just as guilty for remaining silent

Anonymous said...

I don't know why? we bother to vote

what the system has done too Child and family, is unbeleviable.

Their human rights have been violated.Hywel Francis should be ashamed of himself, no respect for the man he should be kicked out of Parliment.

Anonymous said...

What about the Child's and Parent's human right's

Mr Francis be a MAN and do something to help the family.


Anonymous said...

Furious with Hywel Francis, shall we write to him or,should we all campaign against Francis. until he raises this case in parliment.

Port Talbot

Anonymous said...

Hywel Francis is a stereotypical Old World Labour Politician that my Grandfather always warned me about.

Sleezy,corrupt,dishonest and totally untrustworthy.

I have heard, how shall I say rumours about the Lewis Case for a few years.

I have now seen all I need to see after our meeting tonight and so have many other people.

What you produced as evidence was mind blowing Kevin.

Hywel Francis has always had my support and I have been a long time member and supporter of the Labour Party. Not anymore.

To my shame the letter from Hywel Francis to Linda saying that she needed " Psychiatric Help " was pathetic.

Please publish it.

It proves that Hywel is a deceitful liar.

It was a great meeting and well attended.

I can no longer support Hywel Francis , David Rees or the Labour Party.



Terry said...

The email you showed us from the disgusting David Michael buries him.

Publish the foster mothers diary that she gave to Linda.

How damning can it be when she says " I cannot keep this child a prisoner any longer."

But Social Services kept this child a prisoner and worse.

It was Julie Rezniecek who thumped out Natashas teeth.


Anonymous said...

Presumably the MP have read the evidence, if so surley his priority would be to raise question's as to why? this has happened.

Anonymous said...

It's the duty of any government,is to protect the people.

It's a massive amount of evidence that cannot be disputed.

Leon Taylor

Tanya said...

I know you will do it.

The letter that Linda received fron the tyrant Hywel Francis stating that Linda needs psychiatric help will backfire on him big time.

It is Hywel Francis who needs psychiatric help is thats his only contribution to helping his constituents the lewis family.

Look at the evidence Mr Francis if you can't see what's going on here it's you that seriously needs help.

Anonymous said...

How deep is Hywel Francis involved in this?
What part has he played in this?
Who is he protecting?
Who are his masters?
Has he got sucked into something dark, sinister and seedy that he cannot get out of?
Hywel Francis, Gareth Wardell and John Morris are under the lamp. The eyes of the world are on them; there is nowhere to hide.
Secret parties. Secret activities. Secret loyalties. Secret swinging. Secret fetishes. Remember - not everyone that join secret societies can keep secrets. Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Psychiatric help for a truth teller?

Is Hywel Francis a relic from the Soviet Union?

Is that why he helps the state rather than the public?

If these things happen to the Lewis family they could happen to you and/or me or anyone not within the circle of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Dai would turn in his grave if he knew what his son was up to!
Commies exploit children but not to this extent.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time our MPs took responsibility and represented the people in their

He knows the child has been abused and isolated from her family Yet? he remains silent.Goes to show how much he cares.

it beggers belief that he is involved with human rights?

Anonymous said...

Brother Francis.
Where have all the other missing children gone.
We all know what Masons do to children don't we Bro Francis.
Just as farmers cultivate crops, dark masonic covens cultivate children as trophies for their sinister aims and to reach their desired degrees.
Is this why you dare not act against your elders.
The day will come dear brethren when your elders
/ masters will fall like the walls of Jericho.

Anonymous said...

I am an ant! Where you find me you will find a thousand more like me. And, where you find a thousand more like them, you will find a million more like me.
Watching you watching me!
Heed your journey brother.

Anonymous said...

polititians are a waste of tax payers money.