Sunday 31 July 2011

No reply to the evidence presented to Welsh Assembly Government First Minister Carwyn Jones.Therefore they admit their guilt and are "Condemned by their silence."

Hardly surprising but never the less disappointing.Therefore more damning evidence will be released in the next few days.Mark my words this cover up will end.

I am pleased to announce that the Patriotic Campaign Group " Britain First " of which I am now the Coordinator for Wales have thrown their weight 100% behind the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis " Campaign.

In the short time that the group has been up and running Britain First has grown to hundreds of members, over a dozen branches around the country, an enquiry list of around 5,000 and over 40,000 patriots in total on their database.

Britain First will use the latest methods in activist and digital campaigning to fight for "Justice 4 Linda Lewis " and the many social and cultural injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people who have, in effect, been left defenceless, voiceless and marginalised by our political leaders.

Please visit the Britain First website at



Karen said...

Hardly surprising that they continue to close ranks.

Good on Britain First they should raise the awareness of this injustice massively.

They seem like a good idea with serious intentions.


MB said...

Look forward tp seeing more evidence released.

Keep going


Wayne Morris said...

I'm proud to be a member of Britain First especially when they help with things like this.

Cllr Kevin Edwards said...

Nice to have you onboard Wayne I will speak to you soon.

Kind Regards


Anonymous said...

With Britain First and Lawfull Rebellion coming to the fore the rotten politicians had better be worried.


Anonymous said...

I know Carwyn Jones he must be a worried man which is very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

What you have published so far is enough to hang them all.

The rats must be panicking.

Anonymous said...

As long as they stick together and no one breaks the silence they are untouchable! One day one person will speak out for Linda that will break the structure and the whole crime will be exposed.

Take care my friend


Christians together USA said...

Hello Kevin

We have just been advised of your campaign by Christian Friends of ours in America.

We are based in Orlando and will do everything we can to assist you.

In Christ we will help and in Christ we pray for your success and the safe return into the family fold of Linda's daughter.

Christ be with you.

Rob,Gemma and family

Anonymous said...

“Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.” George Orwell

Please make sure that in the end the winner is the Lewis Family.

They are not invincible and we support you across the pond in the USA.

Anonymous said...

MPs at it again councillor

James said...

disgusted with Carwyn Jones not repyling on this serious matter.

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones cannot say he didn't know about this case.

Good Luck keep going.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck from the USA.

Way to go Kevin

Kerry said...

We have been watching this case for a while.

Kepp it going it's obvious that the WAG and the South Wales Evening Post are totally corrupt.


Anonymous said...

The longer they stay silent the more guilty they look.


Fred said...

Shocked you recieved no replym I think we should write to every National newspaper and ask them to support the injustice that has happened in this case.

Port Talbot

Stanley said...

It's a shame that Carwyn has ignored the evidence
I think he has a duty as First Minister to investigate this case.

I have been told that Sophia in't Veld a Dutch MEP is a honest woman perhaps you should make contact with her.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Just publish the statements thar Dr Brian Gibbons had admitted to Linda that if she had given said medication to her daughter.

Contact the GMA.

Brian Gibbons has returned to practising medicine. Dr Dewi Evans is still a free man.

Contact the GMA.

I would not want Brian Gibbons within a hundred miles of me or any of my family.

But that will soon be addressed.

Some people will have a hell of a shock.

Glyn Corwg

Anonymous said...

Your Silence won't wash Mr Jones.

What do you have to hide ?

Anonymous said...

Well done Kevin, keep up the pressure on the state, its the only way to get real justice!