Saturday 25 June 2011

"Justice for Linda Lewis." Evidence released under Public Interest Law.

Before starting for those of you unfamiliar with Linda's campaign the basic outline of this case can be read by clicking on


I am releasing some some of the evidence into the public domain to prove under "Public Interest Law "that Linda's 12 year old daughter was " Illegally Kidnapped " at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America in 1998 by agents from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services to cover up for medical negligence in the United Kingdom.

For those of you who are maybe unfamiliar with the full story of this case please see the links at the bottom of this article.

Below is a list of Common Public Interest Factors that are relevant to Linda's case and the offences that have been committed by Doctors,Politicians,Social Services,Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and Judges to protect their own kind from being accountable to the law. 

By chance a couple of weeks ago entirely by accident Linda and her Mother happened to bump into their daughter/granddaughter in the locality.

Linda's daughter is now aged 25 and by law should have been returned to her mother when she reached the age of 18 even though she should NEVER have been taken in the first place.

The response to seeing her Mother and Grandmother for the first time in many years was like a scene from a "Horror Movie." Linda's daughter was scared , literally terrified.

Such was the impact on Linda's daughter when seeing her mother was that she launched into a fearful tirade,hands gesticulating "Oh No ! Oh no leave me alone."

So what level of "Brain Washing", control and fear have Social Services installed into this innocent victim in the 13 years that they have had her under their control ?

What have they done to the mind of a 12 year old girl who was so desperate to be returned to her family that she smuggled out to her mother the following letter. ( This is only one of many letters that were smuggled out to her family that we have in our possession. )

Click on Thumbnails below to read.

You will see in the second part of the letter that Linda's daughter quite clearly states " Julie Rzezniczek and the Guardian have told me I'm never coming home."

This is interesting.

At the time of this letter from her daughter Linda had never even been into court in order to present her case and to fight to have her daughter returned to her custody.

The decision to keep the kidnapped child captive and in their care had already been made.

It is blatantly obvious that this case was going to be a state sponsored cover up from day one and still is today.

Nb.Julie Rzezniczek ( correct spelling ) was at the time the Senior Social Worker who along with Alison Paisley another Social Worker went to America armed with an "illegal and false passport" to kidnap Linda's daughter and to return her to the UK.

For your information Julie Rzezniczek is now Head of Children and Young People Services for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council. God help our children.

It is also worth pointing out the extreme and cruel mental pressure that was being inflicted on Linda's daughter at the time.

 What sort of people would stop a child from telling her family that she loves them, was still in pain and was desperate to go home and if she did they would in Linda's daughters own words " STOP CONTACT NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN ?"

The disgusting agents from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services that's who !

No ones child in South Wales can ever be considered safe.

At one point fabricated evidence was submitted into court by North Wales Police stating that Linda was going to enter into a "Suicide Pact " with her daughter. This fabricated evidence was supposedly given to them by a Miss Penny Mellor who was aware of Linda and her daughters fight for Justice.

This false evidence was entered into court without Linda having any knowledge of it's existence.

Is this one example of the way that Linda's daughter has been brainwashed and manipulated by Social Services into turning against her mother,family and friends ? 

Fabricated  Letter from the Welsh Office



Below is Penny Mellors response when informed of what she was supposed to have said.

Penny Mellor was indeed correct. In her words " Either way they are all going to get into serious trouble now because they have all lied and fabricated evidence."

Now the cover up starts to get bigger.    

Moving on.


When someone is to be extradited from an overseas country and brought back to the UK various Government Departments have to be informed and have to be involved by law.

Linda,her daughter and Linda's father legally left the UK on the 21st of January 1998. On arrival all three signed Customs Declaration forms correctly in the name Lewis.

On the 18th of February 1998 Linda's daughter was removed from her hospital bed at gunpoint and returned a few days latter under a false and fraudulent passport ( No 200523701)in the name of Edwards. This emergency passport was requested by Julie Rzezniczek.

UK Law will not allow a passport to be issued to anyone under an assumed or false name. The only name that a passport may be issued to is the name on the birth certificate.

The only name on Linda's daughters birth certificate is Lewis. 

Julie Rzezniczek supplied false and fraudulent to the Foreign Office in order to obtain an emergency passport in a false name.

 So how come Linda received the following replies ?

For Linda's daughter to have been extradited legally and correctly from America Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council  would have to have applied for and have in their possession a valid "Recovery Order or Pick Up Order."

We have proved in a Court Of Law that no document ever existed. In Cardiff Civil Court on the 28th of October 2009 the  Barrister for Neath Port Talbot Miss Sutton did enter into court "false and fraudulent evidence" in a desperate attempt to mislead Judge Seys Llewellyn.

 Being part of the cover up and an instrument of the state and a protector of the guilty Judge Seys Llewellyn ignored Miss Sutton's actions and allowed her to continue despite our correct request that Miss Sutton be arrested for "committing perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice."

During this facade 5 Councillors,myself and 4 sitting Councillors from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Cllrs John Tallamy, Andrew Tutton, Frank Little and Keith Davies were all to testify that Neath Port Talbot Council had indeed acted illegally by KIDNAPPING Linda's daughter from her hospital bed in America.

Not one of us was allowed to take the stand ! 

Several statements of witnesses ( 4 from sitting Councillors from Neath Port Talbot Council ) supporters and friends who attended this "Kangaroo Court" were sent to Judge Seys Llewellyn and Lord Igor Judge Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales in protest at what took place. No replies were ever received.My statement is printed below.

In my statement I mention that the "Spycatcher Law " was used. It is now widely acknowledged that whenever " Spycatcher " is used it is in order to protect powerful people, lackeys of Government who have acted illegally and outside of the law.

Other points to make on the above "Kangaroo Court."

At the time Linda's daughter was aged 23 an adult and was not allowed into court. Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services testified on her behalf without obtaining any written consent from Linda's daughter. This of course is illegal.


The case was in itself illegal.It was held under the guise of a Family Court and not a Civil or Criminal Court. How can the ongoing case of an adult now 23 still be held in a Family Court ?

Answer. In any other court the procedures would be available to public scrutiny such as the press etc.One thing that guilty people with lots to hide and jail sentences awaiting them would never want or allow !

Moving on again.

A botched and illegal operation. Then a deliberate attempt to murder Linda's daughter by Dr Dewi Evans department of Paediatrics at Singleton Hospital Swansea to cover it up.

In December 1996 Linda's daughter was admitted to Neath General Hospital on a referral from her GP suffering from pain in the upper abdomen.

After a week of tests Mr John Elias the Surgeon diagnosed that he was 100% certain that Linda's daughter was suffering from appendicitis.This was an incorrect diagnosis.

( Normally when someone is admitted to hospital with appendicitis they are operated on without delay.)

John Elias performed the appendectomy and removed a perfectly healthy appendix. Two days later Linda's daughter was in even worse pain and as a result of this operation contracted an abscess resulting in severe blood poisoning which nearly killed her.

As a result of this the cover up gains even more momentum !

Linda was later to find out from a member of Bro Morganwg Health Authority who if allowed into court would testify that 1- The hospital was not licensed to perform this operation and 2- The anaesthetist Mr Baso had been earlier "struck off " by the NHS in Nottingham. 3- As a result of having no license to perform this operation Bro Morganwg Health Authority had no form of insurance whatsoever.

Mr John Elias was well protected for his mistake as one of his brothers was a prominent Barrister in London based out of the inner temple.His other brother at this time was the Recorder in Swansea Court who is no other than  Mr Gerard Elias QC who was appointed on 17 November 2010 as the National Assembly for Wales Commissioner for Standards.

Below is a copy of a prescription that was given to Linda Lewis. The notes above the prescription are self explanatory.

So why was this prescription given ?

Quite simply.

If Linda had given the above prescription to her daughter she would have been dead.

Linda would then have been arrested for killing her own child and jailed.

If this had happened then there would have been no further case for the guilty to answer. They would have got away with it.

80 milligrams of Oral Morphine given to a then 10 year old child would have proved fatal as confirmed by many Doctors.

One Doctor who confirmed this and we have 5 witness statement to prove it is Dr Brian Gibbons the former Welsh Assembly Member for Aberavon but would not speak on Linda and her families behalf.

Shame on him for ignoring his duty of care to Linda,her daughter and her family as a Doctor and as an elected representative of the Welsh Assembly.



Other related articles  relevant to this appalling abuse of Justice by criminals in authority.

My thanks go out to everyone who has read this article and in particular the team who over the last few months have helped us by downloading all the evidence onto disc.

Over 3000 discs have now been sent to supporters worldwide.

Massive progress is being made in America where the American authorities were duped into allowing this kidnapping to happen.

On behalf of the team and especially Linda and her family thanks for all your support.

Please forward this article onto as many people that you know who may be interested in this appalling miscarriage of justice. and abuse of power.  


Anonymous said...

Well Done

Anonymous said...

Well done Kevin we will all stand with you both fighting this one


Dan said...

It is about time this case was exposed keep going and I am sure the public and media will respond to your blogg. keep up the good work

Sally said...

I think it is about time the media printed this story. the family concerned have been fighting a long time for justice.

well done for printing this case

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

This case needs to be exposed.

Jane said...

My heart goes out to the child and family concerned. I cannot put into words what I feel after reading your blog.

EVIL comes to mind

Nic C said...

I read the article if this is correct then All those involved should be made accountable for their illegal and crimminal actions.

Paul said...

I thought we were living in BRITAIN
I feel to upset at the moment to make any comment.

well done for helping

DAV said...

Social Services are out of control
they are payed by the public to protect children not abuse them. So are doctors, Politicians Etc.

I think you should e-mail Prime Minister David Cameron. with this case.

you have rightfully stated Councillor Edwards this case is in the public interest.

Anonymous said...

We must put a stop to the SS harvesting children from good families. The harm it does to the child is as bad as any other forms of abuse. The SS enjoy the power and the doctors are using the child protection system to cover up their mistakes. Good luck in exposing this.

Anonymous said...

Shocking, yet only the tip of a very dark and evil iceberg.
Consider the cases relating to the Social Services, childrens homes, Jersey, Heath+Harman+Hodge+Hewitt+Kelly+Hughes etc and P.I.E. plus Labour25.
Kevin, get in touch with Christopher Booker at The Telegraph. Look up some of his material on this matter.

Anonymous said...

P.I.E./Marxism Heath Janner Harman Hewitt Kelly Hughes Hodge Bliar Brown Dunblane Birmingham Islington Haringey Jersey Algarve .......

Plus -

The Booker Files -m

Others -

Have a word with Booker, Kevin

Tam said...

It is about time that those in power,should either Speak Out! or GET OUT.

WE the Public pay their wages.


Anonymous said...

One word inhumane

Marsha said...

Individuals involved will be made accountable for the evil they have inflicted on Child and family.


Anonymous said...

The People involved could never justify their Cruel Behaviour.

This is a violation of the child and family's
Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

were the west glamorgan joint child care legal service in any way involved in this? If they were then it is case closed your honour NPT SS guilty as charged.

this lewis case has at least seen the light of day - what about all the other one's that are still in the dark - concerning and shameful as this case is it's the one's we don't see which should concern us the most.

where are our erstwhile standing up for the people polticians? especially the neat ones eg hain, jenkins, thomas and further afield - they know but stay silent when they have the complete frredom of speech not enjopyed by the rest of us stuck in the family gulag. a question in the commons of assembly would open things up.

best wishes with your case

Gary G said...

Child has been abducted, and abused and the
family are blamed.British legal system - is not fit for purpose,its only a matter of time before law and order breaks down.

Taxpayers paying to keep these evil people in employment.

Anonymous said...

quote: this lewis case has at least seen the light of day - what about all the other one's that are still in the dark - concerning and shameful as this case is it's the one's we don't see which should concern us the most.

i can understand that there are many that are fighting an unsean "in the dark" injustice.
and be sure we do simpathise with your feelings.
thank you for making your self known...

i am Richard and i am not ashamed to be anonomous, i cant even think of the pain, the frustration and complete humiliation that the lewis family have had to endure..... and endure they have!
it does take someone who has large testicles to stand up for WHAT IS RITE! As Mr Edwards have said the evidence is over whelming and i have seen it for my own eyes...
I am sick of those in positions that feel that its ok to lie, mask water down ond compleatly try to blott out this shameful act...

Things have not changed and never will, people in these prominent hand shaking possitions are so narrow and dont understand or comprehend the word MERCY! they are to busy worrying about their own little and i meen SMALL little world that they dont even see or mind who they crush or twist their shoes upon...
Things will change and quicker than they expect, when their little world crashes around them. It will happen! Truth will always prevail.

i do not support any political party or movement, but what i will support is the arm of another...

from the depths of my heart
i wish you and the lewis's a speedy end to this Evil plott and an end to those who have and continue to stand apposed to truth..

Anonymous said...

waw! i couldnt have put that better my self.
what have they been doing.
i am so scared, what is this place coming too?
all the best

steve the butcher said...

I dont and have never realy understood the ethics of the bnp, so to stand under the same banner and try to make a change... go for it son!
as for this case i am gob smacked to say the least.
i know a few "hand shakers" to say the least.
and they always have the cheek to ask for a discount... as if they realy matter if they buy from me or not.
think i will spit in their sausages!

good luck

Roy said...

Regarding gagging Orders there are only three levels of Secrecy in the UK for State Secrets the 30 year Rule, the 80 year Rule, and the 100 year Rule.

Government simply don't go to such extreme lenghts to save nobodies - power broking just doesn't work like that.

There must be issues of profound National importance working here,to Kidnap a Child under a False Passport from USA is more likely to be someone of cabinet level covering up.

FRAN said...

Linda and her family are kind and honest people they would never harm any child.

Thank you Kevin for helping the family

Sorry I can't write any more feel to upset.

Rita said...

My Heart goes out to the Lewis Family, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.



Carol said...

What his their Member Parliment doing about this case he can have parlimentary privilige. Mind saying that this case should be a matter for all Government Ministers.

Well done Mr Edwards for highlighting this case.

Maureen said...

I am disgusted what they have done to Linda and her Family.

They are such a good and loving family.

Thanks Kevin for helping

Anonymous said...

I made a comment a few weeks ago,telling you to contact MP John Hemming he is the only MP
I have any respect for.

Anonymous said...

All the MP's are frightened to touch this case there are to many people involved!
Dr Rhoeman was my doctor until i found out and he is in charge of the surgery now@?
If that takes the piss, wait till i see him and i will mention it to him and how he sleeps at night is disgusting, they will answer to one person and hopefully i do believe they shall be punished accordingly for their wrongs
Take care Linda and family
Adrian x

Big Ray said...

I agree with the comment by Adrian they should all be punished.....

Diane said...

The family would'nt hurt,or harm anyone Linda's daughter N..... was well looked after.

I cannot understand how these people can call themselves HUMAN


Diane said...

Diane again if this can happen to N..... No child is SAFE.

Anonymous said...


To all those involved in this COVER-UP put your HANDS UP and give linda her daughter back.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If People of good will work together.perhaps a real change could be achieved.

Anonymous said...

Judges alway's listen to lies from Doctors, Social Services,

what must be remembered is they lie to hide their mistakes .

Anonymous said...

I did not, at any time submit any evidence to anyone that there "was a suicide pact" - this is a complete fabrication - given that I was helping the family and held in contempt of court for trying to help, why would I then jeopardise the work that had already been done. Sadly I do believe the family believe that I did this. I went to prison for my beliefs in another case, it does not make any sense at all for me to go to those lengths if I have done what is being alleged.

William john said...

Penny, why havnt you continued to support them?
Now is your chance to prove your self.
If I was accused of any miss conduct, I would work hard to clear my good name.

C Black said...

Surely someone in government will do something about this abuse.

I will let other's know about this site

Anonymous said...

Definitley a Human Rights issue.

Ceri anne said...

Human OUT-CRY these people should be ashamed what they have done to the Child .


Anonymous said...

From what I have read it looks like a medical blunder. instead of admiting mistakes they prefer to leave a child suffer they will go to any lenghth's to cover - up.

Mary said...

We said a Pray in Church on Sunbday for the Child and Family.

Donna said...

As a close friend of linda. We will never give up hope and soone enough karma will kick in and I am doing my absolute most to get this accross just posting this blog to my facebook wall and asked to take the time just to give you the support. Love you lots and lots stay strong and keep the faith xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Use the Secret!!
Let's all see the outcome of the lass meeting and coming together with her mother, and of Julie Reznezcek and theothers in jail for their crimes.
We can make it happen with our positive visualisations!!
God bless you all for your efforts.

Richard Head said...

Let's face it, if you are in any way a 'vulnerable parent' ie single, have an illness, look funny, don't agree with social services etc then you ust be mental?

I think that this case, as with the Riggs case, a mother took her child to the doctor and the doctor screwed up, and to cover the blunder, he made up an illness or claim re the mother that she was being starved(riggs case) or mother was tryning to kill her. Doctors and the courts work together-particularly if the child is itelligent and is a likeley raget for 'disposal' They are yaken on this loose evidence and then brainwashed-NPT call this their 'life story' but be in no doubt it is brainwashing-until 'tjeirformer life is a distant memory' actual quote from Neath Social Services as if it was something to be proud of.

John Hawkins said...

What about the new pretender, Natlie Davies-freimamis-? Latest member of Ja

Richard Head said...

And think about this one people-you take your child to the doctors BECAUSE YOU CARE, and then you get told that you did the damage she was taken there fore. Major experts give their opinion that you could not have caused the illness and tell SS to give them back to you, and then they dissappear. Whoops-that black hole in wales for children-Neath Port Talbot. In the Riggs case this is particularly distrubing as the mother contracted LUPUS SLE,at their birth and both her children were taken, and her only memeory was 14 types of medication in bottles to remeber her children by.
What a society we live in eh?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusted the way the family have been treated over the years these people should be held for what damage they have done family disgraceful

Steven said...

These so called people should be jailed for their cover up acts of their profession they should be jailed

Steven said...

These so called people should be jailed for their cover up acts of their profession they should be jailed

jade said...

My Granddaughter was removed from the states and dumped in the UK by Saga Insurance underwriters for barclays in 2003 with NO passport, the NHS initiated child care proceedings on trumped up NAI's claim to cover medical neglegence in the NHS. False accusations of child abuse!! Illegal entry to the UK! from another American Hospital, case is similar but different. But still illegal child trafficking by private companies, and a gross cover up for 10 years.

Barry Gowland said...

The problem(on its widest scale) began wen an 8-year-old girl was beaten to death by her parents. As a result social services got new powers. Over the following years cases arose where there had been NO abuse by parents at all! The response by the authorities to all attempts by investigative journalists to uncover what was going on was to get a court order forbidding publication
Then came Cleveland. This couldn't be covered up—not when both the local MPs got involved! Still less could Rochdale or Orkney.
The root cause—and I speak as more of a well-read layman than an expert—is the increasing intrusion of the CIVIL process in such cases. In the CRIMINAL process both sides have to be heard; the civil process only demands one side to be heard.