Tuesday 14 June 2011

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Having just read an article on Andrew Brons MEP's website http://bnpideas.com/?p=273 entitled "The Unity Candidate" I came across the following comment.

"If we are to have unity it must be a union of decent people. Individuals who are thuggish either physically or ideologically must be made unwelcome. Only by setting a good example will we be able to preach eg about proper punishment for crime, discipline in the schools and a moral society etc and appeal to the broad mass of decent people in this country.
We must not hand any propaganda ammunition to our left-liberal enemies such as the BBC if we can help it."

I couldn't agree more !


1 comment:

DT said...

Spot on.

But under the present leadership not achievable.

Thugs continue to thrive.

Vote Andrew Brons.