Thursday 30 June 2011

Did the South Wales Evening Post deliberately aid Neath Port Talbot Social Services and the Police in the fictitious hunt for Linda's daughter or were they cynically duped and used in this criminal act ?


I am releasing some more of the evidence into the public domain under "Public Interest Law.

Below is a list of Common Public Interest Factors that are relevant to Linda's case and the offences that have been committed by Doctors,Politicians,Social Services,Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and Judges to protect their own kind from being accountable to the law.


Below is the front page of the South Wales Evening Post dated Thursday February 12th 1998.

 The plea for information on a "so called missing child " is headlined " Health Concern as girl,11 is missing."

The following day Friday the 13th of February 1998 a similar article appeared under the headline "Police search for N******."

Remember the dates Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th of February 1998.

Below is the Lewis' families flight itinerary that they received from Lunn Poly for travelling to and from Florida in order to receive an independent diagnosis after Doctors had tried to kill Linda's daughter in this country.Please note all the names are Lewis.

As per the itinerary the family did travel from Manchester to Florida on the 21st of January 1998. In America Linda's daughter required further medical investigation and was to be admitted to Shand's Hospital on the 18th of February 1998, so the return date of 4th February 1998 was cancelled.

There is nothing untoward in this and at first it seems perfectly innocent until you read the following page of  a statement made by  Julie Reznicek of Neath Port Talbot Social Services. 

Please click on image to enlarge

In her statement Julie Reznicek clearly states.

" I had a meeting with principle officers of the local authority on the 30th January 1998 when it was agreed that Alison Paisley and myself would travel to Manchester Airport on Wednesday the 4th of February 1998 to meet the family on their arrival the next morning to serve them with a recovery order. DS Azzopardi contacted Special Branch at Manchester Airport and they said they would assist in the recovery of the child if necessary." 

Conclusive evidence that Neath Port Talbot Social Services and the Police knew the exact whereabouts of the family and their itinerary.

What they they could not have possible known is that the families return flight from Florida had been cancelled as Linda's daughter required further tests.

The elaborate smoke screen that they had created by placing "false and fraudulent appeals" pretending to be concerned about the child's welfare in the South Wales Evening Post articles of the 12th and 13th of February 1998 was now blown.

Their underhand,misleading and illegal efforts to remove Linda's daughter on arrival back in the UK under the guise of a missing child in danger was now also foiled.

Now the panic in their midst set in.

Now the plan to kidnap Linda's daughter with an illegal passport under a false name began to take shape.

Now Julie Reznicek and Alison Paisley would become " Child Kidnappers" in America instead of Manchester.


Did the South Wales Evening Post deliberately aid Neath Port Talbot Social Services and the Police in the fictitious hunt for Linda's daughter or were they cynically duped and used ?

I have emailed them this link and I await their reply.

More to follow with evidence soon.

The Lewis Family and all the supporters thank you all for reading this and the fantastic support being offered.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything that you are doing Kevin.

I await with excitement to the response to this article from the Evening Post.

I don't think you will get one they are terrified of this story but we shall see.

Love to Linda and her family.

Anonymous said...

This case need's to be exposed, can't wait to see the responce you receive from the Evening
Post. keep up the good work you are doing.

jJane said...

Put this case out Nationwide, and Worldwide,for the people to see the damning evidence.

Anonymous said...

been trying to post a comment for about an hour.

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

Needs to be put on Facebook and Twitter

DT Taibach said...

The Evening Post will NOT comment and they will NOT reply.

A friend of mine knows Paul Lewis very well and he told him that they would love to help but they can't.

If they support this kidnapping in any way then they will be served an imjunction stopping them from being a newspaper for 20 years.

Paul Lewis also described Spencer Feeney as a repulsive toe rag who is great pals with Dereck Vaughan ( Former Neath Port Talbot Council Leader), Peter Hain and others.

I personally wouln't give them the steam of my sh*t.

Just expose them Kevin.

Yes of course they knew about it they never asked the family if this missing child bollocks was true.They never ever published that even though she had been kidnapped that N was safe.

I stopped buying this repulsive rag years ago when I realised that toilet paper was cheaper.

I would urge everyone else not to touch this " Unholy Rag" ever again


Brian said...

Will be interested to read the reply you receive from evening post.

That's if the paper will reply.

Fran said...

What about the childs human right's our government help other countries regarding human rights issues.

what about this poor child and family's right's I feel so angry, send to every members in Parliment see what response you will have.

Anonymous said...

there was NO! COURT ORDER inplace preventing
Linda the Mother and John The Grandfather from taking their daughter/grandaughter out of the

N.....ha was NOT! missing CHILD

friend of the family

Thank you for helping KEVIN

Anonymous said...

Evening Post should be asking and reporting on how much this has cost the tax/ratepayer [ie us the public] and how much would it have cost to have left this family alone.

Ask any council social services why they failed in child protection or any other service they always say - lack of resources/money. No wonder if it is wasted on cover ups - it is our money our politicians should look at the watse.

if the assembly had passed this petition and law [Petition P-03_79] - see link - this case could be investigated by the children's commissioner.

John said...

Social Services must have paid a fortune in public money to execute an illegal act . I demand a full investigation.

Anonymous said...

as a member of the population of the United Kingdom. I feel ashamed of the lengths that people will go to cover their own backsides leaving a child to suffer

Anonymous said...

How can they post missing when Linda had custody of her daughter not the local authority?

Anonymous said...

I read both articles on this case dreadful,case maybe a public meeting is needed.

Rich said...

Why a press release wheh they already knew the family were in USA.

To build a smoke Screen

Anonymous said...

The truth will come out

Sam said...

Why get the press involved if Social Services Knew the whereabouts of the child
Good work

Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware of the truth in a statement that there are regular meeting between social services and elected assembly members for this area?

This may be where linda and others involved with the SS/police are dismissed as ...... [fill in the blank] or that everything has been decided by the courts.

I seem to recall that such a response was issued by NPT ie the High Court had decided that was best for the child. Perhaps someone can post what was actually said.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work in exposing this Medical Cover Up.

Anonymous said...

what the public are up against in the family court/justcie council - can you see any independent scrutiny of any sort of this crowd unelected and unaccountable - all part of the same gang, can discuss linda's or anyone else's case between themselves without anyone ever knowing,english/

as commented above by various [the public may be catching on] - where are our politicians? - we [our government and politicians] tell other countries to sort out an independent and impartial judiciary/justice system yet won't look at ours? makes you want to live in the third world - at least there is no pretence there.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the evidence and was at the recent meeting in Aberavon.

John Morris the former MP for Aberavon and at the time of the illegal kidnapping of N+~~**a was the Attorney General.

He should be ashamed of his actions and should now be shaking in his corrupt and evil boots.

His time to be exposed is coming.

Anonymous said...

Have you had a reply from the EP yet Kevin ?

Surely they have had enough time by now to reply


Rich said...

If you have not received a reply kev it is a admisson of GUILT.

Top Man


Kimberley said...

This Government should start looking into this case.

Anonymous said...

The Family should take their case to European Court of Human Rights

Anonymous said...

John Morris was a barrister - he wasn't going to spill the beans on his gowned & wigged chums. That is where part of the problem lies too many MPs, AM's et al are either lawyers married to lawyers connected through spouses/relatives to social services, magistrates and so on.

Until the public start electing maverick politicians we are going to be left with the same old story - as a candidate they say - yes we'll sort out the family courts. elected - oh it's a very sensitive issue have to take things carefully ie do nothing. Time for proper change.

Anonymous said...

John Morris is one of the most corrupt Bas*£rds ever to have represented Wales.

God may one day forgive him but I never will nor will many of us.

When this is exposed Hywel Francis MP John Moris successor will be in jail.

The legacy of corruption goes on.

Hywel give Linda the evidence back that she showed you in good faith for safe keeping and placed in your safe.

See you at your next surgery to collect it.

Sheena said...

Disgusted what's happenned to the child and mother.If the evening post don't reply iI won't be buying their paper anymore.

Diana Joyce Byrne said...

Let's all just agree the Evening Post is guilty as far as their part in this disgusting abuse of power goes.

They are guilty as charged no response is no excuse.

Shame on them

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that if the EP were innocent in their actions they would have been in a rush to disasociate themselves from this illegal kidnapping.

The fact that they are not doing so means that they cynically took part in this abuse knowingly and willingly.

Legal action should now be taken against the papers editor Spencer Feeney.

Anonymous said...

Some newspaers are mere vassals of the state - look at how alistair campbell was able to manipulate the media. Evening post probably no different.

for interest to some of you see attached link and the snippets of information of what is going on. has a summary of this case been done with a report of the unlawful acts? will one be published? This lewis case and others is what the EP should be reporting not planted information by state organs.

"official view of our children" [on left side of home webpage]

Jenny said...

I have emailed this story to relatives in Canada and America with instructions to pass on to as many as possible.

This case disgusts me.The wall of silence behind so called elected officials and press is truly astounding.

Please keep at it.

Anonymous said...

we are seeing the uncovering of a 'cosy relationship' between the Met police and NoTW/London press.

could there be something similar between EP/wales press and the authorities? makes you wonder how well tragedies in south wales have been covered up or not reported on?

Cllr Kevin Edwards said...

Anonomous above

I have asked the editor of the South Wales Evening Post Spencer Feeney on several occassions what his newspapers role was in this case.

He also has links to all the evidence that I have released.

I have had no reply from him.

Therefore the only conclusion can be reached is that YES.

The South Wales Evening Post IS part of this conspiracy and is guilty of "Perverting the Course of Justice."

If you would like to ask Mr Feeney himself his email address is



Frank said...

Aiding and abetting a criminal act by a newspaper.


Anonymous said...

No arguements yes they did.

Sick and twisted bastards.

Maureen John

Tony Veitch said...

I sent the ditor Spencer Feeney an email asking him why they did this.

I have not as yet received a reply, as a result I have not bought and Evening Post since and will not buy one again.

Two weeks should be long enough for him to reply.


Anonymous said...

The longer they stay silent the more guilty they look.


Anonymous said...

Northclife Newspapers should be informed.

They own this 2 bit rag get in contact with them and show them this article.

Spencer Feeney should then be jailed.

Even Rupert Murdoch get's it in the end.


Anonymous said...

Your Silence won't wash Mr Feeney.

What do you have to hide ?

Vardre Boy said...

I have just been told about this pretty damn disgusted to say the least.

Wouldn't buy this paper again not even to wipe my ar*e with.

Anonymous said...

Legally the South Wales Evening Post and I include the editor in this are guilty of aiding and abetting a "Criminal Conspiracy" as well as helping to pervert the course of justice.

An email campaign should be arranged where we all email him and other papers asking for his immediate arrest.

It can be done.


Anonymous said...

Spencer Feeney should be arrested and tried.

The South Wales Evening Post shut down.

Neither would be missed.

Danielle said...

It is the duty of any newspaper to challenge authority and investigate for the truth and the common good.

It is not their job to aid and protect criminals.

Anonymous said...

We both cancelled our subscritions or kept papers today.

We will not subsidise a newspaper that promotes crime and turns a blind eye.


Nathan said...

By not respoding or posting feeble excuses the likes of Hywel Francis and Spencer Feeney are doing the dirty work of the guilty like Dr Dewi Evans and Julie Reznicek.

They hope to have one aim.

To demoralise us , make us despair , give up and go away.

They are fools.

Every rebuff makes us stronger, much stronger.

Some of us have been fighting this case for nearly 13 years and have still not given up.

If it takes another 13 years well we shall do it.

Adversity is strength and in it we grow stronger.

Silence is weakeness and you get weaker.

Your time gets shorter.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock

Mark said...

As further evidence is released then it shows further collaboration by Spencer Feeney and the Post.

How sad.

Honest Lawyer said...


I have studied the evidence on the CD'S that you sent me.

Legally it is perfectly clear that the South Wales Evening Post and it's Editor Spencer Feeney have acted in a premeditated manner by aiding and abetting in the illegal removal (kidnapping)of a minor from her families care while they were perfectly legally and correctly seeking proper medical advise for her in America.

Grounds/smokescreen was implemented to make this illegal act look as legal as possible and would probably have remained undetected if good people working within the system had not forwarded the evidence onto Miss Lewis and her family.It is good to know that some people who were unwillingly dragged into this charade had a conscience.

Your next step is to report the newspaper to the Press Complaints Commission and to the owners of The South Wales Evening Post the Northcliffe Group.

Be aware that research has shown that Spencer Feeney is actually a Regional Representative on the PCC so it is essential that he has no input.

Publish all emails that you send and be sure to request that Spencer Feeney is not allowed to participate in this investigation.

No reply from either the Northcliffe Group or the PCC will confirm their guilt and so will a cover up.

The evidence is conclusive and the newspaper is in deep,deep doo doo over this and legally has no out at all.

Such a serious appeal as "Child Missing" MUST give an outcome that is satisfactory one way or the other.

They did not do this.

Next step is to take legal action directly against the South Wales Evening Post and Spencer Feeney.

There is no "Time Limit" on your way forward.

I will advise you what actions I recommend in due course.

Take Care All

Honest Lawyer said...

This is a classic example of a "wheel conspiracy" or a "chain or ladder conspiracy"?

So many rotten eggs all in one basket South Wales.

Studying the evidence last night the " Wheel " wins it.

Dewi Evans the desperate, guilty culprit.

Look forward to you putting his letters in the public domain as well as the back stabbing letters by Lyn Naylor.

Lyn Naylor was supposed to be Linda's Solicitor bought to sell her client down the river.

Illegal faxes to America to justify Dewi Evans illogical and quite frankly " barking mad " allegations and statement.

All done behind Linda's back.


Julie Reznicek and Lyn Naylor are well known on the Swansea " Lesbian Scene. " Without being homophobic which I am not, should they have ever been trusted to be involved in this case ?

Obviously they have no idea what it is like to have a child of their own.

It is beyond them.

They have no shame.

Anonymous said...

I have just received this link from a Britain First bulletin.

I am absolutely appalled by everything I have read so far. Unbelievable.

May I suggest that you contact the Press Complaints Commission.

Evelyn Bradley

Anonymous said...

How can this newspaper be allowed top get away with such an inaccuracy ?

Anonymous said...

I have just been passed your website by a friend who also lives in Spain.

I have passed it onto many of my ex-pat friends,and family.

This newspaper has a legal obligation to retract the missing child adverts and to investigate your exposure.

The only way that they will not do this is that they are involved in this conspiracy which looks ever more likely.

What they are doing is worse than that of the NOTW and could result in this newspaper being closed down, it's editor and senior journalists arrested.

Please keep going for the good of ALL our children.

Sheena Bennett


Denzil Thomas ex pat said...

I also have just been passed this link and am staggered at what used to be my local newspaper is taking part in.

As a former resident of Gowerton I will be passing on your website to my relatives and friends in Swansea.

Jack Abroad

Delyth said...

What the guilty in this dreadful cover up need to remember is this.

Truth does not fear questioning or investigation. And truth does not need laws to protect it.

The guilty do need to be fearful of investigation and need to abuse the law to protect themselves.

Be warned your time is short.

Anonymous said...


Please pass on my support to Linda Lewis and her family.

This is the most amazingly sickening thing that I have ever heard of.

I will continue to look at your website and have read all the articles on the scenario of child kidnapping.

It most certainly is the case that the Lewis family and the mother are innocent victims not to mention the poor daughter.

Please keep going it is imperative that this newspaper and it's editor is brought to account for their actions.

I would be delighted to see this newspaper closed down and exposed for what it has incorrectly reported and once again by all accounts refuses to put it right.

Marion Bates

Insider said...

This newspaper and the Editor is in the pay of the Welsh Assembly.

I know

Anonymous said...

Not another newspaper that has acted in an illegal manner.

The Northcliffe Group is in trouble here.

The Daily Mail a decent newspaper.

What would Littlejohn think ?

Why won't the editor act ?


David said...

This newspaper is involved in a crime

Denise said...

The Evening Post shows contempt for the future of a 12 year old girl.

By not retracting, investigating or condemning their wrongful part in this article they are acting like child abusers which they are.

How obvious does it have to be that they are guilty of allowing a child to be so badly abused.

They should be shut down.

The Evening Post encourages child kidnapping and child abuse. It does not stand up for innocents like the Lewis Family.

Thankfully the 3000 plus of us supporting Linda do.

If the local newspaper cannot give her a voice we will.

Anonymous said...

The Evening Post is corrupt

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time the evening post made a comment for the action they took in printing the child was missing.

The paper can't remain silent forever, even the News of the World paper had to answer in the end.

Nora Tierney said...

I have just received this link from a friend and cannot believe that a newspaper would lie to such an extent.

I am gob smacked at their part in this human tragedy.

I will be passing this website address on

Anonymous said...

There is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to bring criminal charges against The South Wales Evening Post.

Anonymous said...


You are correct.

Did the South Wales Evening Post deliberately aid Neath Port Talbot Social Services and the Police in the fictitious hunt for Linda's daughter or were they cynically duped and used in this criminal act ?

Yes they did and they all should be ashamed of themselves.


Anonymous said...

Newspaper Cover Up

Marilyn Bowen said...

This newspaper needs to be exposed then closed down.


Anonymous said...

There is no way on gods green earth that I will ever buy this newspaper ever again.

Ethel Kinghorn

Mark Douglas said...

Makes a mockery of fair and constructive journalism.

It does not exist within the South Wales Evening Post.

Anonymous said...

I have forwarded this article onto several pressure groups who deal with the press and have asked them to take immediate action.

Mrs Jean Macareavey

Anonymous said...

I think this appalling.

I have forwarded it onto other ex pats living in Andalucia.

Good Luck keep going

Meryl Thomas

Anonymous said...

Medical abuse also happens here in Sweden and children are taken into care.

Paedophilia is also a problem. Sick scum are in government and in positions of authority closely protected.

We are making progress.

Do not be surprised if the people involved in covering this up have connections to paedophilia as an underlying issue.

Jenny W

Anonymous said...

Just received this link from a friend and I will be forwarding on.

This is the most obvious example of press deception that I have ever come across.

They know that they released false information but will not put it right.

I look forward to studying your website in depth Councillor Edwards.

Theresa Thompson


Anonymous said...

A newspaper that acts like this should not be allowed to publish anything.

It should be closed down as I am sure it will not be missed.

Greetings from America said...

Progress is being made across the pond.

Info sent usual way.

Anonymous said...

I have emailed this link to 475 facebook friends worldwide.

You keep fighting you will win.


Anonymous said...

This newspaper is "sullied and tainted" beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

Hello Councillor Edwards

I have just received this link.

What the hell is going on here ?

Congratulations to you in your brave and worthy fight please keep going.

I will be forwarding this onto my own personal contacts.

There is a lot of excellent information on your website so I will take my time to read and comment further as I go along.

My Best Wishes to you and the Lewis family.

Laura Paul

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

these same social services are tearing many families apart,it is almost unbelievable how they befriend young vunerable pregnant mums believing that they are being guided at proper parenting,they secretly put together false information,saying that drugs are involved or,that the mum is mentally incapable of bringing a new baby many of these cases,no one to help,while the babies are put out & adopted,courts solicitors,judges all together ,all to help social services meet their targets,i know is happening to my family,our nightmare has beautiful new great grandson has beeb prACTICALLY RIPPED FROM MY POOR GRANDAUGHTERS ARMS,she is now suicidal and our family is in shatters,

Anonymous said...

For harming the little ones they'll know eternal he'll those who live by man's laws shall be judged by the Lord God and jess christ