Thursday 30 December 2010

Tesco statement - All fresh meat we sell is not Halal, except for lamb and chicken.

The following is an email that was recently sent by BNP Neath Port Talbot Fundholder Paul Stewart to Tesco Customer Services regarding the sale of Halal meat in their stores. Please note the response !
I want to know if TESCO is selling muslim meat called halal.

This way of killing an animal is illegal.

The House Of Commons has banned halal meat in its restaurants after MPs complained. According to Andrew Ronsindell MP, "people have the right to decide" whether to eat it or not.

My avarage weekly spend with TESCO is around £100.

If I find that you are selling this dirty meat. I will take my custom to shops that do not supprt the islam cult

Thank you
Dear Mr Stewart,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are aware of the RSPCA's concerns with regards to animals slaughtered under the Halal ritual being sufficiently stunned. We take animal welfare very seriously and that is why we audit all of our slaughter houses to ensure that the stunning process is effective and that the animal feels no pain.

We understand that there are some customers who, for religious reasons, would like to know if the meat they are eating is Halal. We are very happy to be entirely transparent about this.

All fresh meat we sell is not Halal, except for lamb and chicken and of those ranges we can absolutely assure you that if you buy British organic lamb and chicken as well as the Willow Farm and Finest Free Range lines, these will not be Halal either.

I hope you find this information helpful.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at quoting TES8869636X.

Kind Regards,

Melanie Newman

Customer Service Manager

Tesco Customer Service.

1 comment:

claire said...

omg !! ive been buying chicken from there since ...omg ....ages !!
how sad is that !! well thats the last chicken im buying there,its disgusting deluding customers into buying halal,its got to stop !!
FOR SHAME ON YOU TESCO !!!!ggggrr not happy!!