Saturday 5 December 2015

Not A Welsh Parliament But A Cesspit Of Labour Party Misrule And Corruption.

Above is a youtube recording of a radio interview that I did on Saturday the 5th of December 2015 live on Freedom Talk Radio.

At the end of this article is a transcript of a speech that was to be given by Bethan Jenkins AM in the Welsh Assembly on the 23rd of September 2015 which was cynically sabotaged at the 11th hour.

 Unfortunately certain Welsh Assembly members alleged to be First Minister Carwyn Jones.

Labour Member for Aberavon David Rees AM, Deputy Minister for Social Services and Assembly Member for Neath Gwenda Thomas along with the almost unknown Mike Hedges AM in collusion with the Presiding Officer (Speaker) Rosemary Butler AM ( All of them Labour ) fraudulently claimed that there was still an injunction on this case and managed to stop Bethan Jenkins AM from  speaking in the pleniary debate and getting justice for Linda Lewis which has been covered up by the Welsh Labour Party and others in Public Office for many years.

Here is the speech that Bethan was prevented from making by the corrupt and unaccountable Labour Party.

Short debate

Righting an historical wrong: the case of Linda Lewis

Calls for a fresh inquiry into Linda Lewis, a mother falsely accused
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Let me start this debate by making one point absolutely clear.

This is NOT a child protection issue. It may have involved a child – now a woman. But she will be kept firmly out of this short debate, and will remain anonymous.

No, this debate is about the mother, my constituent, Linda Lewis. This debate is about how she has endured a horrific, 17-year ordeal that no mother should go through, and how we – this country, Wales – owe it to her to rectify this wrong, and bring her the justice she deserves.

To do anything else would shame this nation.

As you can appreciate, this is a long case, and it begins back in 1998, when Linda’s daughter came home from school, complaining of pains in her abdomen. She began vomiting and was admitted to Singleton Hospital for a week's stay.

Doctors couldn’t find a cause and she was discharged. But a few days afterwards, she was readmitted – this time to Neath hospital where, after a week of tests, doctors decided to remove the appendix, in spite of Linda’s concerns that the pain was in a different place.

If anything, this led to greater complications and a burst wound, which required weeks of dressings. During this time, she was prescribed huge amounts of drugs, of very high dosages.

By this point, Linda was convinced the treatment her daughter was receiving was making her worse. She took her to the Royal Free Hospital in London and it was here that the family decided to fly her to America for a second opinion.

Linda flew out with her daughter and father to Florida and were in the waiting room when American police officers burst in, pointed guns at her father and took the child away.

A subsequent court hearing in Florida determined that a care order had been made in the UK, but here is where it all began to get a little strange. No one, to this day, appears to know who made that order.

It certainly didn’t come from Neath Port Talbot council. My colleague David Rees received a letter from David Michael, the local authority’s head of legal services, in December 2013. In it, Mr Michael states: “I can confirm that the papers in my possession do not indicate that the county borough council applied for court orders in the United States of America”.

Linda’s daughter was made the subject of a care order upon her return to the UK – a return journey effected without a passport, as she was included on Linda’s. And yet it wasn’t the council – the authority with direct responsibility for child welfare that initiated the request.

It wasn’t the Home Office. It wasn’t the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. I know this, because I made Freedom of Information requests to both ministries.

I also subsequently made the same request to the Attorney General’s office. The Attorney General at the time was, if you remember, also Linda’s Member of Parliament, John Morris. This FoI turned up similarly empty-handed.

So here is the first reason why Linda deserves a full and independent inquiry. Nobody – nobody at all – can say who it was that initiated the repatriation request that sent two armed police officers to a hospital in Florida.

What we do know is that a Neath Port Talbot social worker called Julie Rzeznicezek (pronounced Rez-na-check) arrived in the US with a court order from Swansea County Court, at which time Linda’s daughter had already been made the subject of a care order in Orlando, and that the pair were able to return to the UK, using an emergency passport, following a ruling made by the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Orange County.

Interestingly, when written to in 2001, that same court could not provide details of this “pick up order”.

But no one who subsequently had a hand in dealing with Linda’s case is able to answer this one very basic question – who asked for the order?

Even more disturbingly, if you can’t answer the how, then it stops the really big question: why?

Why was this child taken? And why was it so urgent that Neath Port Talbot council dispatched two social services officers to Florida to pick up the daughter from US authorities and bring her back to the UK? What set of circumstances dictated this immediate response?

Now Linda Lewis is not a lawyer. Few of us are. Or a child welfare expert. She was not acquainted with the legal system, the courts, social services or anything that concerns itself with taking a child into care. Nonetheless, she returned to the UK and immediately initiated court proceedings in order to have her daughter returned to her.

" Linda's Attorney in Florida had filed  a writ of " Habeus Corpus " but it could not be enforced as her daughter had already been illegally removed (kidnapped ) from the United States without her knowledge or Linda's parental consent. Also evidence provided by Linda's Attorney confirms that a MINIMUM of 28 US laws were broken by Julie Rzezniczek and Allison Paisley the two Social Workers from NPTCBC while in the US."

She failed, but undeterred she continued to pursue legal avenues. After some time, it became apparent to her that she was hitting a large, unidentified roadblock in her efforts.

Then she was thunderstruck to learn from the Guardian Ad Litem report made to court in the UK that a social worker had visited Linda’s home and had found a suicide note from the daughter. Furthermore, the note said her mother planned to take her away and murder her.

In the first and in none of her subsequent court hearing had Linda or her solicitor heard mention of this evidence. This in itself is bad enough, as it denied her the chance to address this very serious issue – particularly as it appeared instrumental in the granting of the care order that took her daughter away.

But even more incredibly, the social worker in question has denied, in writing, several times that she ever saw such a note. Yet its validity is still given credence, even though a judgement in 1998 recorded: “I do not find this is a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy”.

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is, according to Wikipedia: “A behaviour pattern in which a caregiver fabricates, exaggerates, or induces mental or physical health problems in those who are in their care. With deception at its core, this behaviour is an elusive, potentially lethal, and frequently misunderstood form of child abuse or medical neglect.”

So the court cleared Linda of abusing her daughter. A letter in 1999 from this Assembly to Linda said Neath Port Talbot social services’ “long term plan … is to return (your daughter) to your care”.

However, at this time, the authorities changed their tune and began to say that the daughter did not want to return home. This stands in stark contrast to her diary entries immediately following her being taken into care – seen by myself – in which she speaks frequently of missing her mother.

Another feature of this case worth further consideration or investigation is the general intransigence of any authority here in Wales to deal conclusively with this issue. I should point out that this criticism is not directed at any court or decision, but rather at the local authority, the Welsh Government and its agencies.

When I wrote to the First Minister recently to urge him to look again at this case, this was his reply:

“The records indicate that in May 2000 an Inspector from the then Social Services Inspectorate Wales visited Neath Port Talbot Social Services Department to examine records in respect of its work with the child in question. This was to ascertain whether the records were generally consistent with what would be expected of a social services department in respect of work with a child who is looked after by the local authority. For example, that there is documentary evidence that statutory reviews take place and that appropriate people are consulted. The Inspector’s examination of the records confirmed this was the case.”

All this really tells us is that they were doing their job, not whether they made the right decision. It’s a fine but important distinction.

The inspector may not have inferred that there was any controversy over the authority’s decision from its own records. After all, it was in dispute with Linda. This is perhaps reflected in the fact nothing appeared to be amiss, yet the discrepancies I have raised here are a matter of record.

Furthermore, there has been some suggestion that the police should become involved. Linda has on a number of occasions approached the police, but evidence of criminal wrongdoing – what the police look for – and getting at the truth are two different things.

And anyway, it is more usual these days for criminal proceedings to be triggered by allegations or findings made at public inquiries into historical wrongdoing. Furthermore, there are no injunctions or restrictions in place. I could have used the daughter’s name all the way through this, but chose to respect her anonymity.

Llywydd, Linda’s case is well known across Wales. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people share her disillusionment with the decision-making process, particularly when it touches on the things we hold more dear. We are committed in this institution to open and accountable governance, and we should never fear to shine lights in dark corners, even if we don’t like the things that we find.

We owe it to ourselves to hold a full and independent public inquiry into this case, because democracy must be seen to be at work. If we reply to the most basic questions with a litany of rules, protocol and techno-babble, we destroy the confidence in our democratic processes.

But, most of all, we owe it to one citizen of Wales – to Linda Lewis, a mother falsely accused.


So much for openess,honesty,transparancy and accountability within the Labour Party Welsh Government ! It doesn't exist. 


Anonymous said...


Shows the Labour Party in Wales for exactly what it is.

Delyth said...

Congratulations to Bethan Jenkins well done for being upright and honest in helping my friend Linda.

Please stick with us.

Carwyn and the others ----- Resign.

Unknown said...

Obviously these up the shit creek wannabes are crapping themselves as to who's shoulder it ll falls upon.No financial payout could absolve the shame and guilt each and everyone of those involved from the beginning.

Marva said...

Every day I pray for an end to this atrocity and yet it still goes on.Now I also pray for Bethan Jenkins for helping Linda and I can't thank her enough.I can't wait to hear it is over and Linda and her daughter are reunited.

Anonymous said...

Piss off out of Port Talbot David Rees and take the pompous peacock Kinnock with you and never return.

Karen Lloyd said...

Thank you soooo veryyyy much Bethan Jenkins

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview and excellent article.

God willing this is now coming to an end but what other dirty and underhand tricks have the Labour conmen got to keep themselves out of jail.

The department of dirty tricks and pathetic excuses at Welsh Labour HQ I belive has finally run dry.

No more excuses put these parasite on public trial and sell tickets.

And well done to Bethan Jenkins you have my respect.

Freedom Of Speech Blog said...

Bethan Jenkins well done for being a honest hard working member of the welsh assembly.

The real issue hear is covering up government or local authority abuse to all involved in this case including the nhs hospital that first saw Linda lewis and her daughter.

Why cant officials in power do the right thing come clean and admit fault do a out of court settlement and forget the lies you told Jesus says the truth will set you free.

We all forget the pain the torture the lies told to mum and daughter.

This is a little like a james bond movie Deception conspiracy lies cover ups perverting the course of justice fake passports international child trafficking with no legal justification the splitting up of a family.

I am shocked the leader of the welsh assembly denies this wasnt a cover up
justice will be done this year next year or 10 years it will be done.

DISCLAIMER: This programme is being put out under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 in the Public Interests in matters of great general public importance to stop crimes against babies, children, parents and families by public servants under the Criminal Law Act 1967.

Dereck Bowen said...

Criminal Justice Act 1988

134 Torture.

(1)A public official or person acting in an official capacity, whatever his nationality, commits the offence of torture if in theUnited Kingdom or elsewhere he intentionally inflicts severe pain or suffering on another in the performance or purported performance of his official duties.

(2)A person not falling within subsection (1) above commits the offence of torture, whatever his nationality, if—

(a)in the United Kingdom or elsewhere he intentionally inflicts severe pain or suffering on another at the instigation or with the consent or acquiescence—

(i)of a public official; or

(ii)of a person acting in an official capacity; and

(b)the official or other person is performing or purporting to perform his official duties when he instigates the commission of the offence or consents to or acquiesces in it.

(3)It is immaterial whether the pain or suffering is physical or mental and whether it is caused by an act or an omission.

(4)It shall be a defence for a person charged with an offence under this section in respect of any conduct of his to prove that he had lawful authority, justification or excuse for that conduct.

(5)For the purposes of this section “lawful authority, justification or excuse” means—

(a)in relation to pain or suffering inflicted in the United Kingdom, lawful authority, justification or excuse under the law of the part of the United Kingdom where it was inflicted;

(b)in relation to pain or suffering inflicted outside the United Kingdom—

(i)if it was inflicted by a United Kingdom official acting under the law of the United Kingdom or by a person acting in an official capacity under that law, lawful authority, justification or excuse under that law;

(ii)if it was inflicted by a United Kingdom official acting under the law of any part of the United Kingdom or by a person acting in an official capacity under such law, lawful authority, justification or excuse under the law of the part of the United Kingdom under whose law he was acting; and

(iii)in any other case, lawful authority, justification or excuse under the law of the place where it was inflicted.

(6)A person who commits the offence of torture shall be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for life.

Clear eveidence in law that Labour AM's Councillors and administrators in Neath Port Talbot Council are criminally torturing ( mentally ) Linda and her family by their actions.

All as the law states are now liable to LIFE IN PRISON.

This needs to happen without delay. Let the arrests begin.

Anonymous said...

Think about this people. If they have nothing to hide why the dirty tricks in stopping Bethan from speaking ?

The Labour administration is rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

By their actions they shall be known.

Corrupt and wicked people

Anonymous said...

Linda her daughter and family have been victims of some of the most spineless unaccountable corrupt cowards and bullies that Wales has ever known. These people need to be put out of the office without delay and exposed for what they are.

Anonymous said...

The more I read about the Justice 4 Linda Lewis Case the angrier I get,this is confirmation that it's one rule for Politicians and another for the rest of us. Why do people actually vote Labour ? We kicked them out in Scotland so Wales please do the same.

Anonymous said...

I think we're finally getting there in showing and fully exposing what corrupt and cold hearted bastards they are in power.Welsh Labour is a criminal mafia.
Thanks to Bethan Jenkins for reminding us what a politician should really be like.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope and pray that this will come to a head and the corrupt ones will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Lets all get behind Linda and her team.These politicians are criminals and need to be broght to account in full sight of the people of Wales.

Anonymous said...

Obviously this is a set up. No fair trial here my friends !
Shame on our Welsh Judicial system and Governmnet.Wales really is a wonderful place to live and the Welsh people warm & welcoming. Shame on the behaviour of a few psychopaths and criminals in Government. The Welsh people are strongly behind Linda.Thank you Bethan it will not be forgotten by many.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that Bethan Jenkins is helping Linda it's about time someone in government support linda in her flight for justice.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious isn't it. Labour in Wales is a criminal organisation unaccountable and non representative of the people.

Cerys Thomas said...

This is absolutely disgusting behaviour by these criminal swine.

Well done Bethan Jenkins your actions are not going unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Don't know much about this case,listened to radio interview shocking and discusted what the Hell!is going on in this Country.

Surely it is up to government to help the family

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing controversial about Bethan's speech. Nothing at all.

Unless of course you have a lot to hide.

Unless of course you are Welsh Labour.

Their actions in stopping a concerned AM from raising this issue condemns the Labour group in the senydd as GUILTY.

Anonymous said...

Labour Labour always bullies our universal rights

Wales York Lambeth All sound familiar The Alleged Child Abusers of the Uk.

Anonymous said...

very interesting - seems the same people come up and same defences.

A parent who warned that Swansea social services were in such a state that a child would die is now subject to a fraudulent attempt to be made bankrupt.

SSIW were informed of failings identified, councillors warned, cp services warned. SSIW visited SS in February 2005 given brush off never properly investigated, Aaron Gilbert died May 2005 then huge hullabaloo about failings in ss - too late one dead child. The simple reason was and apparently still is - the SS investigate when the police should. Gwenda evidently knew but covered up along with her Labour [and other cross party] cronies. Let's see how many are left in May at the elections.

All these cases in Wales should form part of a new historic cases enquiry into the failures and the cover ups.

Anyway we now see who the real friends of the ordinary working man & woman are, and they are not in the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

The criminality of Welsh Labour exposed at its devious and abhorrent worst.

A government is to be subject to the law, for the law makes government.

The law is not to be violated by those in government.

Justice in this matter needs to be done and needs to be done soon.

Anonymous said...

David Rees and your fellow conspiritors just who the hell do you think you are ?

Anonymous said...

If I was a person involved in this story one of the officials covering up this mess then I would be scared,very scared.We are onto you and you can't hide.

John B said...

Every day in their closed bar club they plot, they lie, they scheme and they persecute ordinary people. They do not represent us.

But the party is over as the cats out of the bag as you say and blokes like you an many others understand their play on words and desperation to protect their own worthless and scraggy hides and careers.

Also their legal/lawfull nonsense is under intense scrutiny.So today they believe they escape but for how long now ?

Rosemary Butler by her criminal acts has now appointed herself gatekeeper of the corrupt. It will not be forgotten come May 2016.

The net is closing and closing very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Their old and tired methods of underhand deceitful operation does not work anymore.Many can now see right through it.The leopard cannot change it's spots.But we can change the leopard and make sure it's spots belong to us from now on.

Keep going everyone involved and helping expose this tragedy victory is assured.

Unknown said...

Its hard to believe that its taken all these years to come across an honest politician, someone qho will not be bought off. Thank goodness tgere still people like Bethan Jernkins around.

richie said...

And it goes on and on and on.. I could thing of a few more faces to add to the picture.. and their families too. cute little coo of arseholes that hide behing their own mucky little had shake deals.. shhhhhhh say feck all or we will all get in the shit. I think it must go like that anyway!
But my vote of thanks so far is to the Bethan Team for all their help and GENUINE hard work to help get the truth out.. we await JUSTICE TO BE DONE! YES!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is reading this article must listen to Kevins interview in full. It is an absolute disgrace what the Labour Party in Wales is doing to Linda an innocent mother falsely accused. Please listen to how David Rees AM and others are deliberately breaking the law to protect the council , the WAG and themselves.

Please everyone remember exactly what the Labour Party is when the elections come next year in May.

Please Please Please do not viote for the criminal Labour Party again.

For the childrenns sake and yours !

Phil said...

Funny how Carwyn,Gwenda,David Rees and the bufoon Hedges have made no comment against your allegations.

Can I assume you have got it spot on again.

Shame on them and shame on Welsh Labour and anyone who votes for them.

See you down the club Kev.

Anonymous said...

Hedges used to be a Swansea councillor so is fully aware of the cover ups that went on there in social services [and still ongoing]. Maybe he even took an active part something he can confirm or deny. Strange how its the councillors who then move on to bigger things ie AM, MP MEP Lords - take your pick - do your corrupt acts and the world is your oyster [just put the oyster on expenses?]

Anonymous said...

Going viral of Facebook Kev.

Carwyn Jones lying through his teeth , cover up , back tracking and refusing further information , ignoring public interest law , and in breach of his oath as well as the seven principals of public office and much more.

Debbie said...

Carwyn Jones , David Rees , Rosemary Butler ,Kinnock, Labour Councillors , Judges and the kidnappers, robed conspirator, badged accomplices, and profiteering cronies laughed all the way to the bank, and will enjoy their christmas holidays in their nice homes, driving their nice cars, feeling perfectly safe to do exactly the same thing to even more innocent children, fit, loving parents, and the equally victimized taxpayers who fund it all by paying these parasites salaries and council tax.

While they feast on the best meat and gulp fine wines and gloat on their corruption the people are moving against them.

These people are abhorrent , corrupt , disgusting and lower than vermin.

Their time is short.

Justice for Linda IS coming there are so so many of us that will make this happen.

And that is a promise no matter how long it takes.

Merry Christmas to you Linda and her family and all her supporters.