Saturday 6 June 2015

At Last ! There Is One Honest Politician In The Welsh Assembly Government.

For once I am going to be very brief and let the video do the talking.

My sincere thanks to Bethan Jenkins AM the Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly Member for South Wales West for being brave enough to take on Linda's case and in recognising the extent of the orchestrated criminal activity that has taken place against Linda an innocent mother falsely accused.

My thanks also go to Duncan Higgitt and Philippa Richards who are members of Bethans team as well as Bethan herself for the compassion, humanity and understanding shown to us all during our meetings. It is so easy for people to attack our elected politicians (and quite rightly so) for their self-serving and corrupt actions that it is only fair that when we come across a politician such as Bethan that we recognise that her motivation for being in politics is for all the right reasons.

It's a shame that there are not more politicians in Public Office like Bethan Jenkins.

Labour Welsh Assembly Members and Labour Councillors in Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council bow your heads in shame.

Bethan starts her interview 37 minutes into the above video and it lasts about 30 minutes.


Freedom Of Speech Blog said...

The Linda Lewis case is a very sad case where mum is still seeking justice for the lies told all those years ago by social workers council staff in neath port talbot authority and ignored by welsh assembly members.

Our heart felt thanks to Bethan Jenkins the Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly Member for South Wales West who is trying to get the justice this case deserves.

What every one has forgotton is these south wales officials have ruined a family and a loving mum to daughter bond.

People against forced adoptions hope betham jenkins will make this a test case so all children can be returned home or the truth be told in each and every case.

Anonymous said...

Well thats the lying piece of shit Carwyn Jones finished. Well done Bethan go ge em.. Massive respect.Vote Plaid next year don't waste your vote on David Rees he useless and corrupt in Port Talbot.

Wayne Morris said...

Linda will eventually get the justice that her and her family deserve. Evil people can only get away with things for so long. Eventually evil people will be brought to justice and their time is coming.

Anonymous said...

Bethan Jenkins you are a gem. Thank you from all of us who are with Linda..Can you now ask if Carwyn Jones can be impeached. He's a disaster for Wales. Thanks Again


Anonymous said...

Briliant news lets hope the end is near

Anonymous said...

wish we had a politician like this in harlow would make it worth voting. very very very rare to have an honest politician,do they exist,??????? please tell me someone.

Anonymous said...

You have to think that this was under a Labour council and a Labour Government with cover ups going all the way to the top, yet Labour gets voted in time and time again in Neath.

Bethan is a breath of fresh air in this area, but until Labour gets voted out and the people in social services arrested, there will never be justice.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Bethan on this. Exciting news hope all gos wll and that further progress will be made.

Jenny said...

So how are Carwyn Jones and David Michael going to get out of this now ? When will David Michael be sacked and arrested ? Chief Executive of Neath and Port Talbot Council knows about David Michaels criminal behaviour why hasnt he done anything about it ? David Rees AM a massive disappointment and a thourough let down and inescusable in his behaviour to Linda by ignoring crimes wll he now do the right thing and resign ?

Time will tell BUT we Linda's friends and supporters will never forget.

Chris said...

It's so heart-warming to hear Bethan speak about Linda's case in this way.

I really feel that her involvement will turn out to have been a pivotal moment when we all look back in a few months time when Linda is reunited with her daughter and those responsible for these unforgivable acts have been brought to justice.

Keep up the good work Kevin, Linda's time is fast approaching.

Anonymous said...

jKustMJust back from a break... Seen it and excited about whats starting to snowball again... Well done Bethan Jenkins

Marva said...

Best news I have heard yet! Can't wait to hear that Linda is reunited with her daughter.There is nothing worse than losing a child and especially when there is no need for it. I hope those responsible will be locked up in solitary confinement forever so they have lots of time to think about what they have done and can't abuse any more children.Bless all those responsible for bringing this to a close.

Dereck said...

Well done Bethan for accepting the fact that your own Government meaning the Welsh Labour Party and Neath Council are corrupt and not fit for purpose.

Please do not allow yourself to be bullied by the criminals who want this kept hidden.

Too many of us know and we are right behind you.

Anonymous said...

Cruel and vile people running neath and port Talbot nobody cares if it's not them . But one day it could them . So support justice for Linda Lewis campaign

Maureen said...

As a local resident I have always found Bethan Jenkins a kind and caring AM with a personal drive to help the people of the area.

We need many more like Bethan who once you have met her you appreciate exactly what an elected politician can be.

She always works with our interests at heart and is a credit to her party.

We are lucky to have her representing us.

Please stick at this Bethan for all our sakes.

Anonymous said...

Well well well David Michael is up to his old tricks again.

Smarmy Criminal should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Are we finally somewhere near seeing the Mafia Dons who control the organised crime syndicate that is NPTCBC being deposed?

Bethan it's wonderful to see your support and your enthusiasm for this issue. You really are going to be treading on establishment toes at every level, (including inside WAG), I can already hear knives being sharpened so WATCH YOUR BACK!!

Proud to have voted Plaid!

CW - Dulais Valley

Anonymous said...

Yes but she does need to ask a question about or relevant to this case in the Chamber for her words or work to be of any use. Unless the mainstream media start reporting this will not get addressed by Carwyn Jones et al - even then there is no guarantee there will not still be a cover up. [see death of Robbie Powell & Aaron Gilbert.]

She also needs to raise the questions regarding other social services in her constituency.

But at least one is now willing to appear on camera and say something about it. Just needs a few of the other 59 AM's and 40 MP's to start doing something as well?

Maybe the failures around Jimmy Savile etc etc is starting to wake them up?

Anonymous said...

This is excellent news and many thatnks to Bethan. Let's be honest this is a dirty Labour cover up and has been for years.

Thanks to you and others the extent of the many crimes committed are known to the masses.

Everyday Carwyn Jones keeps this cover up going to protect his shameless mates and party members from jail the more he buries himself.

This man is finished.

Finally Bethan Jenkins is one switched on person.

Correct Bethan ...No informal chats with South Wales Police. They are corrupt and have a lot to answer for. They are criminally involved in all that has happened to Linda and her daughter.

Exciting times ahead God Willing and great to hear such good news that has not only restored my faith in politics but in humanity itself.

Peace and Love.


Anonymous said...

Very refreshing to hear Bethan Jenkins speak on Linda's behalf. Well spoken and articulate with an excellent grasp of the facts.

Please for all our sakes in South Wales keep getting the right answers as you are askig the right questions.

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones is now once again exposed as hopelessly corrupt and unaccountable.

Thank you Bethan Jenkins

Tanya said...

Nice too see Bethan has been reselected for next years Welsh Assembly Elections for South Wales West..

She deserves our full support.

Kevin Edwards said...

Hi Tanya

Yes I saw that it's excellent news for the people in our area.

Bethan Jenkins is an example of what elected politicians should be.

She has my support.

Anonymous said...

Labour Councillors in NPT are a waste of time so are the useless Assembly Members.

Good on Bethan Jenkins.

Shame on David Rees AM another useless party clone no heart no feeling just riddled with the cancer of Labour Party corruption.

Help Linda vote Plaid. Free Port Talbot vote Plaid.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe Bethan Jenkins can dust of the Petion 079 to the petitions committee for giving powers to the Children's Commissioner re the family courts. There was reference to another case in Swansea. Had the Bxxie Lewis case been known about the facts/evidence could have been included.

Maybe she can resurrect it?

Robert said...

Bethan Jenkins puts the Labour Party and soon to be defunct Liberal AM's to shame by doing this for Linda.

We all know whats gone on here and it sickens me to the pit of my stomach what David Rees and his cowardice have done to this innocent mother.

I hope he gets elected out of office and spends the rest of his life in shame.

As for Hywel Francis and his and his wifes fat salary. I hope he sees the inside of jail very soon.

So well done Bethan . Thank you.