Wednesday 29 April 2015

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and Carwyn Jones. Corrupt From "Head to Toe."

Just a short 15 minute update from yesterdays UK Column News .
Glad to say that things are moving forward with many more people coming onboard on a daily basis.

Having not been involved in politics for many years and with a General Election coming up "your vote is your choice".
Whilst not endorsing any political party in my interview it is only fair that the excellent work being carried out on Linda's behalf by Duncan Higgitt who is standing in Aberavon and Bethan Jenkins AM needs to be recognised.
Westminister needs more honest people who are prepared to represent their constituents at grass roots level in order to return democracy to the people.

So if you live in the Aberavon Constituency and are one of the thousands who know about and support the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " please consider voting for Duncan Higgitt on May 7th.


Karen Lloyd said...

Good News.

Let's just hope they have the guts and integrity to see it through to the end and not just until the election.

Would be lovely to visit Carwyn Jones in prison.

Can't wait


Anonymous said...

Nice one.

Time for people in Port Talbot to stop paying their council tax and funding a criminal regime who are closing down facilities needed by the people that are also owned by the people.

A select few are making a lot of money at the Council Tax payers expense no doubt ( allegedly ) for sure.

richie 😎 said...

Having met and sat with Duncan, all I can say is that he is a man with integrity. Bethan is a woman with balls forgive the pun.. I hope that there could be more like them. But gladly they have made their voices known in the Justice for Linda case. I will be looking forward one day to see both of them along side Linda with their hands held high... You have done it Linda.. It's ended, all have been brought to justice.. Now that will be a sight to see.
I am left to just say a BIG thank you to them both.
I hope the votes come your direction 😁
Thanks again to all that continue in supporting Linda and the family.

Anonymous said...

Yes well done and thank you to Mr Higgitt and Bethan Jenkins.

I am from the Sandfields and am happy to lend Mr Higgitt my vote.

Anonymous said...

Excellent development.
As I've repeatedly stated; I believe that Neath Port Talbot Council is corrupt from tip to toe.
I also believe that the criminals within this organised crime syndicate are protected by the Welsh Assembly Government, (or in particular the WAG Labour Mafia) & the other leading local organised crime syndicate - The South Wales Police Force.
I am following this eagerly & hope that this can be taken to it's ultimate conclusion - seeing a couple of dozen of these crooks behind bars.
I have massive admiration for your determination & integrity. Keep up the fight!

CW - Dulais Valley

Anonymous said...

This whole rotten cover up against an innocent mother is all unravelling now.

God forbid that these monsters are allowed to stay in office any longer.

South Wales Police are nothing more than a bunch of corrupt thuggish gansters who make the cosa nostra look like the seven dwarfs.

Neath Port Talbot Council ??? Corrupt and totally rotten. Where has all our money gone ? How many are on the take ?

Labour Councillors and politicians ? What sort of lowlife scum are you ? Get out , stay out and don't come back.

Anonymous said...

I thought it should be pointed out that you make reference to "The Common Criminal David Michael". I feel this is grossly unfair; I've heard he's quite refined.

"Justice delayed is justice denied" - William Ewart Gladstone

CW - Dulais Valley

Anonymous said...

For your information Kevin.

On 13 April 2015, the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 came into force. It is a significant piece of legislation in that it now makes corrupt or improper exercise of police powers and privileges an indictable offence, carrying with it the penalty of a fine, a term of imprisonment not exceeding 14 years or both for those who transgress.
What is concerning is that many police officers are unaware of and, certainly, appear to have received no training in Section 26 of the Act, the provision that address police corruption and improper exercise of powers, and when informed of it, their reaction is one of shock.
We are going through difficult and testing times and we need to have Section 26 in our personal armoury to address and defeat police corruption, malpractice and misconduct. Because if we do not, the corruption and improper exercise of police powers and privileges will continue and reach the point where it gets out of control. We must not let that happen, for our own sakes and those of generations to come.…/enacted

I'm sure you are aware of this but just in case.

Great job again.


Anonymous said...

The truth about the Labour Party

Marlilyn said...

Brilliant video my friend and congratulations.

Well done to Duncan Higgitt and bethan Jenkins. Much credit also to Steve Hunt the lone honest Councillor in that cesspit of corruption.

Good luck for your forthcoming actions and here's to the decimation of the Labour Party now and forever.

I'm voting Higgitt.

Chris said...

I think it should be recognised at this stage that Bethan Jenkins and Duncan Higgitt have shown a willingness to help bring this tragic case to a satisfactory conclusion.

So many before them have chosen for whatever reason to ignore Linda's right to justice, and I am optimistic that in Bethan and Duncan we have two individuals who will show others what being in public office should really be about.

Thank you Bethan and Duncan for your help so far.

PT Resident said...

Good point made by Chris.

Let's see if Plaid Cymru will see this through rightly to it's conclusion or will they be found out to be " all in it together ".

The proof of the pudding is in it's eating as they say so let's be hopeful and wait to see if they back down and protect Carwyns Criminal Cabal and NPTCBC or give the people of Wales as well as Linda the justice we all deserve.

I hope PLaid are different and not part of the establishment that so many now loathe.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" -

when is Bethan Jenkins going to ask a question about this case in the Assembly?

Anonymous said...

Best news I had for a long time.

Keep it up . Nearly there .

Shame on the Council and Carwyn Jones .

Maureen said...

I have just seen your video on FB. I am so sorry for the mother.

I take your advice and will now be voting for Plaid in Aberavon.

Don't give up this could happen to anyone under the present regime.

Jenna said...

Just received Duncans leaflet in Baglan and spoke to cavassers.

Used to vote Labour this time its going to be Plaid.

Pleasure to meet two lovely ladies with sensible answers.

Anonymous said...

Excellent update and good luck to your campaign.

Anonymous said...

It's about time Linda got Justice she rightfully deserves.

Keep up the good work because I'm sure it won;t be much longer before those who have abused their position in public Office will be made accountable for their actions.

C Evans

Anonymous said...

So I see that dirty David Michael is up too his old criminal tricks again.

How much longer can he remain in the employ of NPTCBC ?

In the name of justice and common decency he has to be arrested and kicked out of the council.

Katy said...

This dreadful and dispicable cover up can not go much longer. Too many people know and have seen the evidence. The truth always outs.

Love to you and Linda