Monday 20 April 2015

" Grand Jury " Sits In South Wales.

A truly excellent day with both presentations to the " Grand Jury " having cases to answer.
My thanks to everyone who turned up.
For the record the " Grand Jury " and the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " has no association or wishes any involvement with the group known as the Common Law Court of Wales. 
For more information on the " Grand Jury" click HERE


Anonymous said...

Neath Port Talbot Council - dishonest, vindictive, criminal.

Anonymous said...

Corruption everywhere justice nowhere.This is now our time.

Anonymous said...

Well done everyone lovely to see some action at long last, hopefully grand juries will be set up in every area of OUR the peoples land, not their land. They seem to believe it's all theirs but I have never seen a bill of sale from the prime source to that effect. This land is for the use of everyone born here and we are the custodians, we failed, but now we are correcting that mistake.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news well done all.

Karen Lloyd said...

Nice to hear that David Michael the Head of Legal Services at the criminal entity of Neath Port Talbot Council is still perverting the course of justice and covering up Linda's case. Will he try and produce fraudulent documents made up in the last week or so ?

Next Grand Jury should sit entirely on that peice of Masonic Shit Carwyn Jones , the only politician to still belive that his corrupt Welsh Government have done nothing wrong.

Next one I hope you will invite me.

Love to Linda.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the battle – lies and corruption eventually crumble as they cannot withstand time and nobody can be around enough to maintain them; whereas the truth never changes and doesn’t need support.

We are beginning to see the crumbling of some of these liars who pervert the course of justice – but they cannot pervert the truth as the truth never changes, they just use lies as a side-lining element.

The truth is on our side – let’s use it to the full.

Anonymous said...

Time to arrest Carwyn Jones in the name of the people and put this arsehole out of our misery.

Carwyn Jones 100% responsible for keeping this cover up going.

Richie said...

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not being able to sit last weekend. May I just congratulate those who made the effort to hear both cases.
This is nothing to do with taking law in your own hands may i add or even seeking vigilante measure's to seek some kind of justice.
This is using the highest-level of God's - Mans given law to bring about true justice when those who use the Justice system applied by Unjust Men to uncover and bring about true deserving justice that people whole have been tried and found guilty hide behind and use this so called law to flaunt and bring about hurt to those who only seek truth and justice.
Thanks to all in my opinion that has the balls to stand out for Truth and Justice..

Anonymous said...

Corporate law, corruption everywhere for financial gain.

Only the people have power if only they knew it. We must let them know.
Well done all, keep it going.

butlincat said...

Bravo chaps! Re: S. Wales, see Maurice Kirk's site - he has a civil case going against S. Wales police - see video "Rough Justice" + more:



enough is enough? All the best!

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Port Talbot it is hard for me to express my disgust at the level of inaction and deceit that Carwyn Jones our local Assembly Member David Rees and ex MP Hywel Francis have shown to this innocent mother and her daughter.

Any normal sane , rational , compassionate human being would like to see these people strung up in public.

Let's not also forget our corrupt , Labour run adminsitration with a Head of Legal Services David Michael applying for court orders etc with no true paperwork.

A long jail sentance awaits this man and yet it is him who authorises bailliffs to call on your door if you can't feed your family and cannot pay Council Tax.

As a cover up merchant perpetrating criminal acts David Michael HAS NO AUTHORITY to continue persecuting the people of this borough.

David Rees AM HAS NO AUTHORITY to represent the people of this borough and Carwyn Jones HAS NO AUTHORITY to act on behalf of the people of Wales.

So let it be known.

Anonymous said...

Politicians and other Public Servants have been dishonouring the national and global communities of humanity by remaining silent whilst decades of child abuse and corruption have been carried out by public servants in high positions.

Politicians, Police, social services, head-teachers, priests,believe they are immune to criminal prosecutions, whilst God serving whistleblowers have been framed, kidnapped and incarcerated to hide the truth..

Humanity requires all public servants on this planet including the UK, to act with Honour at all times.

This is a demand under the 1930 bankruptcy of all countries by the League of Nations at the Geneva Convention under the Uniform Commercial Code (international law) under the Gold Standard.

Marva said...

Yeah! at last some movement. Pray this is over soon and justice is finally done.Still can't believe this has gone on this long.Time for JUSTICE.

Karen Lloyd said...

Carwyn Jones the cowardly masonic peice of shit will not take part in the Leaders debate in Wales.

AM for Bridgend ! Covers up the Bridgend Suicides as well as Linda's case!

Dregs of humanity an society.

Give him the long drop from a rope.

Anonymous said...

This below may be of assistance to Linda & others who have been through Swansea courts.

FoI Request 2011 to Swansea Social Services – made after discovery Swansea Social Services were providing documents covertly to Swansea Family Court.
This practice is not known to have stopped and with the rise in LiP’s is probably on the increase. It is simply not permitted as it breaches a right to a fair hearing and natural justice. As there are shared legal services it probably applies to Neath Port Talbot and other LA’s using Swansea Courts. You can bet Cafcass do as well. No case law for such a practice except in national security & such cases.


Where under the Family Proceedings Rules does it allow a local authority to file documents with the Court not served on the other parties?

Where under an adversarial process is it allowed for documents to be filed with the Court and not served on other parties?

As far as I am aware under decisions of the Courts any such applications to file evidence on the court yet not to serve on other parties is only allowed under specific conditions.


Your request has been dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
Firstly please accept my apologies for the time it has taken to respond to your request.
Please find the information you requested enclosed.
The Family Proceedings Rules do not prohibit disclosure of documents to the court. It is then for the court to decide if these documents need to be made available to the parties in the case.
Very exceptionally, the court will proceed to adjudicate upon a matter without full disclosure to the parties, but this is a matter for the court to determine after considering the interests of all parties concerned. There is a considerable amount of case law dealing with this issue.