Thursday 27 November 2014

So How Long Will It Be Before David Michael Head Of Legal Services At NPTCBC Is Sacked And Then Arrested ?

I know it's been a while since I last posted any information on this site with regards to the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " but all is explained in the above live interview with the UK Column.

As always I would encourage anyone to listen the broadcast in full but my own, short update is at around 25 minutes into the broadcast.

Even now it is heartbreaking to see one of many letters smuggled out to Linda by her daughter pleading to be made well and to be returned home to her loving family.

As hardened as I am,I still find it sickeningly repulsive that Julie Rzezniczek along with others from Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services, Representatives of the Welsh Assembly Government and the Medical Profession could inflict such cruelty against an innocent seriously ill 12 year old child.

As many of you have pointed out it is even more repulsive that so many so called " Public Servants " today continue to cover up for these people.

The anger of many of you is rightly justified but this cannot go on forever.

We will not allow it. Linda's time is coming.

As I stated in my brief interview things are escalating on a daily basis and all of it in our favour.

So stay with us and leave  a comment of support for Linda and her family.

For those of you on facebook please consider joining " The Common Law Court Of Wales " group which was set up independently by ordinary people appalled and disgusted at what has been done to Linda and her daughter.

More when the time is right and thanks for your patience and continued support.



Anonymous said...

keep going

I note Peter Hain was willing to raise a CSA case in PArliament. I presume he is not willing to do so here.

Tellingly he is raising a question which ensures revenue is raised for the Govt - presumably to pay for MP's expenses?

In the media reports that followed it transpired the Mother[who lives in NPTcbc] in that case had stopped contact with the father and then expected him to pay more child support. This is a form of child abuse of the nature NPTcbc inflicted on Bxxxie.

It seems Peter Hain has a warped sense of values?

Anonymous said...

Keep going everyone your support amongst ordinary normal people is immense.

Every day that this is allowed to go on further condemns the political class as wicked , evil and sick.

Sadly there appears not to be one good honest politician left in office.


Jenna said...

Nice to have you back again Kevin. You are doing fantastic work and there is absolutely no doubt that this case WILL be fully exposed.

We the people have had enough. Carwyn Jones you arsewipe RESIGN NOW.

NPTCBC now has NO mandate to demand monies of any kind from its own electorate neither does its politicians have any right to remain silent any longer and tout for our votes any longer.

Message to politicians " I will not vote for you again " and a " Message to the Council " shove your Council Tax where the sun don't shine.

Councillors of NPT remember that when you keep your heads buried in the sand , your arse is in the air so don't be surprised when thousand of us plant our size 11 Doc Martens right up your corrupt arses !

This Council , Politicians and the Welsh Assembly Government are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Please everyone in NPT email you local councillors and all local politicians demand to know from them what they intend doing about this horrendous crime.

Demand a reply and do not accept no answer of your message being deleted and ignored as is now becoming common procedure for the politicians.

Also do not accept the kop out that they cannot comment on individual cases etc as that lets these child abusers escape answering.

They are Public Seervants and you are the public.

So go get them and don't take no for an answer.

J D Kaft said...


Why are you allowing yourselves to be complicit to these crimes against Linda ?

Why are you paying your Council Tax ?

Who in Neath Port Talbot has the guts to say - I am withholding my Council Tax payments until such time Linda Lewis receives justice and all those responsible for the crimes against her and her daughter and family dismissed forthwith.

I have do you ?

Anonymous said...

People do not forget that as Head of Legal Services it was David Michael who played a huge part in the transfer of OUR Council housing to a private company masquerading as Neath Port Talbot Homes.

Actions that were later deemmed ILLEGAL in court and yet OUR Council House stock has NOT been returned to us.

How big was your big brown envelope Mr Michael you arrogant twisted criminal ?

Anonymous said...

Another Labour Council abusing children.

Anonymous said...

The Welsh Government is an absolute bloody disgrace not one of them man enough to speak out and do their job.

Wales shame NOT in my name.

Keep going my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, I will apologise if this sounds like same-old-same-old but I think that it deserves repeating;
You know, I know and those who are making comments in this forum KNOW that Neath Port Talbot Council is not an ordinary local authority - it behaves like an organised crime syndicate. It is completely unaccountable and beyond of the reach of the law due to the corruption which permeates this Council also being a pervasive issue within the South Wales Police Service, CPS, Welsh Assembly Government, Parliament, etc. (I'm obviously not referring to the people who file invoices, empty bins, deliver meals on wheels or whatever, there are enough corrupt individuals in all the right places to trample all over due process and to hijack justice while we pay their lottery-winner salaries.)
What we have is an illusion of Democracy whilst what we actually have is Plutocracy.
The fact that the Welsh Assembly Government and Parliament permit this state of affairs to continue unchallenged is a shameful indictment of UK governance and would appear to demonstrate that there is cross-party collusion to ensure that the wealthy and powerful can continue to do exactly what they want when they want. multi-millionaires call themselves socialists, pat each other on the back and stuff their snouts even deeper into the trough that is replenished from our money. Why do many of the most deprived areas continue to wallow in poverty? The people who are charged with dragging them out of deprivation, (usually very well paid courtesy of £Millions in EU deprivation funding), would be out of their plum jobs if they succeeded. Follow the paper trail in the worst parts of NPT to see where the money migrates, it is a very small and select clique of the same old faces who have sabotaged the future of thousands to feather their own nests.
I have crossed swords with exactly the same people who you are fighting over different issues, (where else in the UK would you be able to effectively steal a mountain and umpteen public highways not just unchallenged but actively aided by local government?), I have watched the powers that be close ranks to protect each other.


Kimberly said...

I know it's nearly Xmas but I will believe in Santa Claus before I believe that there is any politician out there brave and honest enough to take this to the level it deserves.

Criminals like David ( Hiking Boots ) Michael and others are there for the picking if only we could find a PEOPLES POLITICIAN to do their job on behalf of Linda , her daughter and the people of Port Talbot who are crying out for justice to be done.

It's a shame because the support such a person would garner for doing the right thing would be immense and would never be forgotten.

Never mind I am sure that there is more chance of Santa coming down my chimney again than finding a politician who would do tgheir jobs properly.

The Welsh Assembly Government is an embarrassment to Wales and it's people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, Hi everyone.

It amazes me how something so cruel can eventually inspire, only by the hard work and tenacity plus the strength of all involved and effected....

As you know I have pointed a few people to this blog and I can report that the feedback was very good because it helped the people I was supporting in Rotherham, I have been a bit quiet on that front of late i am sorry to say due to personal reasons. People who are effected by the state of these things in the UK normally feel they are alone, this blog serves thousands and the work done is second to none imo so it is good to see you keeping it updated. The family must be so proud and at the same time feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. My thoughts go out to them.

All our LOVE, Fragle and family

Anonymous said...

Good work again.

The dregs of society who are placed or appointed into political positions must be aware that their time is short.

If I was a politician I would be very afraid of the coming backlash from the people.

Anonymous said...

Sceptics may say

"You can't beat the system, but the system can sure beat itself"

2014 and the system has become so patently corrupt that no 'thinking' individual can be under any illusion as to its total failure.

The system has beat itself, the veil has fallen under the sheer weight of its own corruption.

Time for change, time for honour and integrity to once again take centre stage and time for those who are stealing our children and robbing us for their own corporate gain to be severely dealt with in a very befitting manner.

Politicians are mainly scum.

Donna said...

Hi Kev

Good to see the UK Column is pushing your interview with them as well.

Lawrence said...

Intersting times ahead. This criminally decrepit council is being unravelled and exposed daily.Support for Linda and her fight is immense there is no credibility left with ANY politicians in this area I am afraid to say.

Steven Kinnock is a " Status Quo Plant " who looks upon us something that he needs to clean off his shoe.

Normally I would say God Help Port Talbot but now it is not the case.

With the Labour Party a prime supporter of pedophilia we now have to look at every single one of them and ask ourselves " Are You One ? "

They might have got away with it for years but no longer.

The people in the Ukraine has started throwing politicians into skips perhaps now we should consider doing the same.

All we would be doing is taking garbage and shit off the streets and dumping it where it belongs.

Keep going my friend and see you next week.

Anonymous said...

“It is the right of every man, in parliament or out of it, in the press or over the broadcast, to make fair comment, even outspoken comment, on matters of public interest”

Lord Denning, UK

Politicians take note !

The people are speaking out about you.

So speak out for Linda Lewis !

Anonymous said...

The truth is we’re governed by liars crooks and sexual deviants.”

For the time being

Evan said...

David Thomas

Not only should David Michael be sacked.

All those in the Council who know,or knew about the crime should be sacked.
How much longer can this cover up go on for,there is far to much evidence to be ignored. I am Ashamed of this Country.

Top Man Mr Edwards

Anonymous said...

The people running this Country are not fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...


About time Linda got the Justice she rightfully deserves. Can't wait to hear that the crimminals who have abused Linda and her daughter,are locked behind bars.

Val and Dereck said...

Twisted and warped wicked beyond human comprehension the former Welsh Assembly Government Inspector of Social Services David Johnston is now the Director of Children's Services for Buckinghamshire County Council on.

Unbelievable how this profession sicko liars are still being employed.

We'll be on the case tomorrow Bucks need to know of the debt they are incurring by employing said arsehole.

Speak soon

Anonymous said...

Heres all you need to know about Labour, The Welsh Government and Neath Port Talbot Council.

Anonymous said...

This case is disgusting and so is the cover up being perpetrated by politicians , councillors and the WAG.

The solution is this .

We have to disengage from these people. They are morally sick and corrupt.

David Michael lives in Cimla.
Hywel Francis for his crimes has a big detached house in Crynant.
Carwyn Jones has a nice house in Bridgend. David Rees lives in Cwmavon.

Time for our own peoples delegation to visit them and knock on their doors demanding action and answers for Linda.

These people need to be brought down raising 50-100 supporters as we all know will be easy.

So let's pay these criminal perverts a visit.

Anonymous said...

How much longer do they intend to cover-up

It's about time Linda Lewis got Justice.


Wayne Morris said...

So many claims and accusations have been made against these people it's clear that if they were innocent court proceedings would have been started by now. But they won't do that because all the evidence would be produced in open court and they would be proven to be guilty.

Anonymous said...

John Hemmings MP threatens to go independent over child cover ups.

He's onto you and your sick little cabal Carwyn Jones.

Anonymous said...

Wishing yourself and Linda Lewis a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

And Justice in 2015

Roy and Family

Anonymous said...

Wishing you both Happy 2015 to Linda and Kevin.

hope justice will prevail for's about time

Keep up the excellent work in 2015Kevin Edwards.


Anonymous said...

Our children are still in prison with NPT. They tried another flase hearing on us today and wanted us to drive the 500 mile round trip to NPT for nothing to be ar the end of it. Our children were 3 & 5 when they took them after we took them to a doctor for an eating disorder for our daughter. No investigation just take the children. No contact, continuous court appearances with nothing at the end, and our daughter still has an eating disorder. Our phones are hacked as are our computers and email. Sick of this and no help. And we just found that npt staff are members of adult sex sites and they have control over our kids? Enough now.

Anonymous said...


Has anyone noticed one of Lynn Naylors cronies has been appointed as a judge - Jane Scannell - former partner at Avery Naylor the "legal aid benefits claimants".

God help us - a most inappropriate appointment by the Lord Chancellor.