Saturday 30 August 2014

Who In Their Right Mind Would Still Vote For A Party Like This ?

At last the press have finally picked up on the systematic abuse by "Paedophile Gangs" in Labour controlled Rotherham.

By all accounts this organised abuse of children has been going on for around 16 years although I personally was made aware of it over 6 years ago.

Therefore it is no coincidence that Linda Lewis has been fighting for justice as an innocent mother falsely accused for over 16 years.

So what has stopped her getting justice despite having all the evidence in her favour and the criminal cabal in Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and the Welsh Assembly Government having absolutely no proof of ANYTHING to make ANY of their actions lawful or legal.

Well quite simply as in Rotherham the spotlight in South Wales falls directly on the paedophile protecting , pro child abuse Labour Party.

A blind man can see based on the tiny amount of evidence put into the public domain in earlier articles and through the many online TV interviews and Radio Broadcasts that I have done on behalf of Linda and all of you who support Linda Lewis that serious criminal acts have been committed against Linda , her daughter and family.

Linda is a mother falsely accused. We know it and they know it.

That's why they denied Linda and her Barrister sight of vital evidence known only to them to prevent Linda from having a proper defence and fair trial in court.
As the massive amount of evidence that Linda and others have carefully obtained over the years gets collated and " forensically examined " by members of the team, more and more connections are being made and the level of this " criminal conspiracy " becomes bigger by the day.

For the record.

The main duty of elected officials is NOT to protect corrupt and criminal colleagues who they might work alongside from within their own political party.

It is too their constituents. The people who voted for them and entrusted them to represent them and their interests in the capacity that they are " privileged " to hold.

There are codes of conduct clearly laid out to that effect.

Sadly it has now become obvious that Dr Hywel Francis MP and David Rees AM are both complicit in NOT doing their jobs by representing the interests of Linda Lewis their constituent but are more concerned in protecting colleagues who's careers and liberty will be seriously on the line when the truth about what happened to Linda and her daughter by those in authority come out in full.

'No doubt they feel that in terms of their own self-interest and self-preservation and for political party reasons, it has been safer for them to cover it up than deal with it.'

And believe me the truth WILL come out..

Having known for a long time that Hywel Francis MP is a "slippery snake". Linda's one and only meeting with Hywel Francis was secretly recorded and several memory sticks are in safe keeping.

Funny isn't it that after sympathising with Linda in the meeting and asking when did she see her daughter last he then hurriedly ushered her to the door and now refuses to answer any of her emails !

An article is currently being put together by a supporter of Linda's that will look at in depth Hywel Francis active role in the criminal conspiracy against Linda soon. 

It will also be interesting to see if David Rees AM will accept an offer from Brian Gerrish of the UK Column to do an interview on his programme in the near future.

The criminally run Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and Welsh Assembly Government have consistently lied by stating on many occasions that they have been "satisfied that the local authority and other agencies have followed correct procedures etc, etc" over the kidnapping of Linda's daughter.

Strange that they cannot produce any evidence to prove this and that they could not defend themselves in court when all injunctions and restrictions held against Linda were made "void ab intio "here  (from the beginning) based on new criminal evidence.

New evidence presented to First Minister Carwyn Jones AM, Sir Derek Jones ,Hywel Francis MP and David Rees AM and John Cronin all conveniently ignored.


We all know these criminals are " up the creek without a paddle " which brings me to the role of the Labour Party's  Gwenda Thomas AM in this crime.

Gwenda Thomas is currently Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services in Wales and on her website she proudly boasts that

"She was appointed Chair of the Social Services Scrutiny Committee of West Glamorgan County Council and, following local government reorganisation, of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council – becoming the first woman to chair a major committee. "

Congratulations Gwenda !

But here is an interesting point that needs to be considered.

Being accused of going to murder yourself and your daughter in a suicide pact as Linda was is a SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCE something no one can ever take lightly.

So why was Linda Lewis never questioned or arrested by the police ?

Obviously Gwenda Thomas or anyone else did not consider these allegations important enough to take action on, or far more likely she knew they were false and fabricated from the beginning.

As her Social Services Department had already kidnapped Linda's daughter on a fraudulent passport in a false name and without any extradition paperwork and with no legal or lawful authority they were trapped.

The only way out was to fraudulently manufacture " false allegations " against Linda.

Enter them into court without Linda or her Barristers knowledge to prevent Linda and her Barrister being able to mount a proper defence and then close the door on Linda and her daughters right to a family life.

We know the part you and others have played in this terrible crime Gwenda.

Take a look again at the pleading letter from Linda's daughter above.

Can you please explain how a sick and frail 12 year old girl desperate to be returned home to her family can state that the Guardian ad Litem Carole Thomas ( any relation ??? ) and Julie Rzezniczek  have told her that she is never going home months before any custody trial regarding this child's future had even taken place ?

A criminal conspiracy against an innocent mother and child  started by and being desperately kept alive today wholly by the Labour Party in Wales.

Going back to another totally Labour Party funded criminal conspiracy of abuse against children in Rotherham .I recommend that you watch the video below and read the article by Christopher Booker here.

More politicians protesting their horror and innocence at these events when in fact they have probably all known about it for years and turned a blind eye.

It is also encouraging that ordinary people in Rotherham and throughout the country just like in South Wales have had enough of these lying , twisted bastards and are starting to fight back and are not going to take it anymore.

Our time is coming.


Anonymous said...

The Rapeocaust by Ashkenazi lead Labour. I wonder if there will be a law brought out that stope people denying it in years to come.

Dennis said...

Said as it is Kev..Briliant.

Right behind you and Linda.

Whatever it takes will be with you.

Unknown said...

Evertyone involved are simpy burying their heads in the sand or attempting to pass the buck. The truth is coming out fast and thick as truth always does.They cannot any longer hide behind a wall of deciet lies and embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Hate White People ? Vote Labour.

Love Child Abuse ? Vote Labour.

Be part of your own destruction ?

Vote Labour.

Anonymous said...

The Labour WAG has buckets of blood on its guilty hands

Anonymous said...

This kind of sick, child stealing and child abuse is an everyday occurrence in this cesspit of a country, run by rich nonce ponce psychopaths who do whatever they want to whoever they want, aided by an army of uneducated, soulless, unprincipled, useful idiots, ( Sir Dereck is the useful idiot here. Man is he in trouble ) who in their eagerness to please will do anything they are told no matter what…

And that has to change. The people will make it change.

These lying interbred pervets are on borrowed time.

Anonymous said...

Everyone be warned, NONE of your children are safe for as long as these psychopaths remain in power…
They have to go.

Anonymous said...

It's another political crime, perpetrated by Labour on the indigenous population such as "rubbing the Brits nose in diversity", when no one wanted it.

The Labour Party are arrogant corrupt parasites and I hope they're proud of what they've done.

Revenge is coming to these treasonous sick Marxist bastards.


Corruption bay would not know as they are too high on coke and viagra and greater priority towards perks from fetish antics in five star hotels.
Those that remember Rhodri Glyn Thomas giving the wrong award to the wrong person. He had been reminded on the way there of his coke and viagra party by a man on hunger strike on the steps of Corruption Bay.
Perhaps being reminded of that may have made him stumble and have that moment of madness.
Least said about the 72 year old Labour Keith Davies caught with his pants down in a plush hotel opposite Corruption Bay the better.
At least it demonstrates coke and viagra serves its purpose and does not discriminate against the elderly.

Wayne Morris said...

These snakes can only cover up for a short time. Eventually they will get caught and then they will pay for everything.

Anonymous said...

The Child-Snatcher General Gwenda Thomas has inflicted untold misery on thousands of innocent parents in Wales in her current role and as the representative of CAFCASS.

One day she will be brought to account in a big way.

Martin Smith said...

Excellent article once again.

What a waste of space the Welsh Assembly Government is .

A ridiculous soap opera containing second rate failed actors desperately trying to convince the Welsh Audience that they are great.

Having lost interest in politics many years ago you have to wonder why oh why has no opposition politician raised Linda's case Corruption Bay ?

Are all politicians protecting each other ?

By exposing the Linda Lewis case in the Senydd Wales could benefit greatly by seeing the back of Carwyn and his criminal administration.

Conservatives , Plaid Lib Dems WHERE ARE YOU

Speak out for Gods sake.

Anonymous said...

This whole episode of child kidnapping by the state and the organised crime committed gets more publicity everyday.

They all need hanging.

Marva said...

I am at a loss for words, that don't happen very often.I never realized the extent of this abuse and it makes me sick.They are sick Bastards and there is no cure so maybe dump them on a deserted Island and let them work it out.

Anonymous said...

Having lost my children makes me a bit bitter to say the least. I would like to say something to help other mothers who are waiting to get their children back.I also want to praise you for your years of great work. I am just at a loss and so happy it will be done.

Your the Best

Anonymous said...

Skin those that have done this to Linda and others alive n salt their raw legs like a frog n watch them scream.

Soulless disgusting creatures the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Lets go back to that night when Brian Gerrish was speaking at Llansamlet Social Club.
Brian Gerrish discussed widespread paedophilia and child abuse in South Wales. Also the Bridgend genocide of teenage suicides.
Outside waving their banners were the Swansea Labour Party brigade led by David Phillips former leader of Swansea Council and sian James MP.
When their rent a mob realised they were being used to support child abuse and paedophilia the rent a crowd became thin leaving the two comradskis on their own with the Policy Officers dressed in the Queen's uniform.
The Corporate Police were there to protect the Paedophile Politicians and their cohorts.
Paedophilia is accepted in Swansea but the Police presence stands as evidence to demonstrates that it is a crime to talk about it and even more of a crime to report it.

Anonymous said...

Been going on down here for a long time as you know Kevin.

Two names that glare at me - kiddie fiddler Terry Grange former Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police and good old controversial Peter Hain.

Where was that Satanic Cult located - Kidwelly, a few miles from Terry Grange's infamous residence close by in Meinciau.

Now we are really joining the dots are we not?

Not so long ago we had the Local Councillor up in arms as that Satanic ring was allegedly mentioned in the nightly Boys Buggering Club's soap broadcast on S4C "Pobol y Cwm".

Join the dots gets even more interesting.

Of course where is the Children and Education Services for Carmarthenshire located - in buildings that were once secured Wards of St Davids Mental Hospital in Carmarthen.

As you enter Building 2 for Children Services, before you stands the Old Mental Hospital's own church.

Now what goes on in there?????

With the sickos that show wilful blindness towards abuse of children in Carmarthenshire working in an old "lunatic asylum", I think the average person can draw their own conclusions of the saying "the lunatics are running the assylum".

Why have I gone cold only thinking about it?????????

You see the main lunatic asylum in Wales is the corrupt Welsh Assembly Government.

Anonymous said...

" Even more nervousness in the Welsh Government " damn right there should be.How many other children have these sick supporters of paedophilia abused over the years ? Remember Harriet Harman and PIE ! Remember Labour 25 ! The Labour Party is a paedophile party no doubt.

Samantha said...

I am still astounded to be honest this shows the level of not only deceit and corruption but also fear they have when they have to make up false reports accusations etc it just goes to show they MUST hide behind falsities.

Indeed any other way they could not do so as telling truth and being honest is simply beyond their volition mindset and agenda.

You've lost you lying cowards i cant wait for the day you get whats coming to you and as sure as apples are apples you will pay very dearly.

Sir Derecks false endorsement on Carwyns behalf is a crime, a serious crime.

Makes him a serious player who will face serious consequences in this worldwide known abuse of power.

Keep it up Kev and Linda victory is just around the corner.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Extract from Wikipedia -


In March 2011, four adults who lived in a cul-de-sac in the Welsh town of Kidwelly were convicted of multiple sex offences against children and young adults. The group led by Colin Batley was described by the media as a "satanic sex cult", a "quasi-religious sex cult" and a "paedophile cult".Members of the cult were initiated in a ceremony involving sex with an adult, and they were threatened with being killed if they did not take part in the ceremony. Some of the victims were forced into prostitution.The prosecution said they practised "free sex" and were influenced by Aleister Crowley. They dressed in hoods and read from Crowley's The Book of the Law, and some victims were made to wear inverted crosses.

Anonymous said...

This disturbing pattern of repeated lies and inactivity by the politicians suggests that they are a means of obstructing and stopping Linda's campaign.

For the abusers of her and her daughter are now clearly visible as the politicians in Cardiff Bay.

Masquerading as honest men and women who need to be brought to justice.

The public are not being fooled.

In fact I have heard it asked as NATO conference sadly is to be held in Wales next week does the responsibility fall on the Government in Wales to provide under age boys and girls for the twisted , sick , murdering parasites who will be attending ?

Perhaps a miracle will happen and a sinkhole will appear beneath the Celtic Manor sucking the Globalist Scum in to the depths of hell where they rightly belong.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely totally and utterly discusted at the criminal behavior of those that have plotted with pure lies and without independent investigation at the time to collude and plot to keep a mother and daughter separate. How is it that to date they are still separate when it is more than obvious to anyone with half a brain even that the whole thing was a fabricated lie tendered to court by absolutely liars. The credibility of every spineless politicians must now be bought into question and investigated. Enough of garbage disposal behavior by white collared criminals out to destroy families. Its time a stop was put to this JUSTICE FOR LINDA!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Neath Port Talbot Council on "News at Ten" for kidnapping Linda's daughter from America.
What goes around come's around.
Linda Will grt Justice.


Anonymous said...

It is about time the Justice 4 Linda Lewis case was exposed in the Media.

Anonymous said...

Britain fails to protect the vulnerable: disabled, elderly, and children.

Everywhere you look, the British establishment has been turning a blind eye for years, and will do nothing to change the culture.

No action is ever taken until the establishment is exposed, and the media in the UK has been assisting for years in keeping the crimes from the public.

People write in their thousands to ministers and MPs, and are lucky if they even get a reply – which is almost always a letter saying that, no matter what the problem, is it is not within their remit.

Organised crime is totally out of control as a result, and much of it is taking place FROM WITHIN THE ESTABLISHMENT ITSELF.

Someone has to put Britain in the dock at the Hague to answer to all of these serious human rights issues which are also a threat to world security: Britain conceals and encourages organised criminal activity of all kinds.

Police are working for criminals and are refusing to investigate certain types of crimes.

Who authorised this?

Not in my name.

Time to confront these cunts face to face.

I'm in are you ?

Anonymous said...

PaedoGate - Proofs of a Paedophile ring within royalty & government

Anonymous said...

Interested to see that civil servant Dereck Jones has sold his reputation and soul to back up Carwyns Criminal group of shits.

Sir Dereck shame on you . Your card is marked .

It is in the pubic interest ,no strongly in the public interest that Hywel Francis David Rees and Carwyn Jones act here no excuses.

Council Tax payers need to know that their council is corrupt totally corrupt many do know but there is nothing that our politicians can hide behind to prevent this.

Corruption is the food that politicians thrive on.

Put all the Councillors in Neath Port Talbot together and you couldn't make a brain cell.

By doing nothing based on the evidence at hand THEY BECOME CRIMINALS by burying their heads in the sand.

Stop funding these scum. Stop paying your Council Tax they only waste it anyway.

For once do your jobs properly and in the interest of those who elected and who's duty it is that you must serve.


James Walker said...

Carwyn Jones an his sick cronies are guilty of deliberately perverting the course of justice by burying Linda's new evidence.

You are all under the microscope.

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget everyone that.

Deputy leader of the Labour Party Harriet Harman, her husband Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt all had past links to the Paedophile Information Exchange.


How are they still in office ?

Karen Lloyd said...

Disgusted by the whole lot of them.

If only they knew how much in contempt they are all held in.

We all know what they have done to Linda and her daughter.

No matter how they still wish to make her suffer their cards are marked and they will suffer far more one day.

Jenna said...

The Welsh Assembly Government is irreversibly corrupt.

The organised conspiracy instigated against Linda can be seen by anyone with a brain so that excludes politicians and Civil Servants and NPT Councillors doesn't it ?

It is ludicrous and laughable as to the extent the WAG and NPT are going to cover this up but they can't it's a game over.

Carwyn Jones is a national embarrassment not fit for public office.

Keep going right behind you

Anonymous said...

I just cant wait for the day that justice is served.

It shows how weak Carwyn Jones and his mob are when they need to use a mere civil servant as their henchman.

This battle will be won and will go down in history.

Panic measures must be high in central government also known as Dinas Llandaff Lodge.

The brothers must be very concerned because this case is out and cannot be put back in.

Emma said...

The Linda Lewis tragic case is so widely known now in South Wales its a huge topic.

Wales is with you Kevin and Linda


Anonymous said...

An obscene cover up by some unbelievably wicked people. Linda Lewis a mother falsely accused as everyone with a brain knows. No matter what Carwyn Jones QC now decides to do once he's done it he should resign from office. He has known about this for years. They cannot even hide behind protecting the childs identity anymore. Do the right thing Carwyn then get out of public office with your head hanging in shame.

And take your mate Sir Dereck with you..We are onto you .

Anonymous said...

Well done all for taping the conversation with our fat and useless MP.

Police often wire up people when they are talking to criminals so glad you saw fit to do the same.


Anonymous said...

It is the man, who is clothed, who is operating under color of law, that can be sued, not the office in which he holds.

Those people who actually signed their names and destroyed a man’s life, they are liable to another man.

Anonymous said...


Rotherham and Neath Port Talbot Council disgust me they knew children were being abused and did nothing to help these innocent Children.
Shame on them in my opinion everyone in covering up these crimes should be made accountable in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in this Country should be up in arms what's happening to our Kids.

Anonymous said...

Linda will get justice Kevin she is a very strong lady i have noting but respect for her.

Anonymous said...

This cover up is bigger that the North Wales child abuse scandal but done by the same perverted people.

Anonymous said...

A SELF-STYLED ‘Paedophile Hunter’, who poses online as a youngster in order to ensnare ‘sexual predators’ up and down the country, has been told by Lancashire Constabulary that his undercover stings must stop.


Carl Peters said...

Arrest Hywel Francis a first class piece of shit and a mental case.

No to J41 closure on what authority are they even considering doing this ?

Try it and we'll block the lane with our bodies remember us the people you promised to represent.

Mahat Macoat said...

It's about time the wrong's were put right for Linda and her Family.No-one can ever deny the evidence ( unless you are a politician or David Michael ). Absolute shame and total contempt on David Rees for double crossing Linda.

Arise Sir David Rees any promotion coming for you is not for working for the people or Linda but for Carwyn and the lodge.

Maybe they will give you a bonus chicken who's throat you may slit whilst rolling your trousers up an extra inch.

It look's like he is another AM with no balls or morals.

Anonymous said...

Our time is coming Kev its unbelievable how much anger there currently is in Port Talbot.

Anonymous said...

The only real enemies of we the people are our politicians.

If Hywel Francis seriously expects to while away his retirement in Crynant without being brought to account he is very much mistaken.

Even a position in the house of frauds will not stop this.

He needs to give us answers something he never did s an MP.

Anonymous said...

If you find this story hard to believe then you need to know this -

Every 20 minutes in the UK a child is STOLEN from their parents based on nothing more than RISK "Risk of Future Emotional Harm", this again is based on someone else's (Social Worker) opinion.

No child is safe with any parent so











Anonymous said...

I feel sick just seen that cvnt Carwyn Jones shaking hand with that cvnt Obama and that cvnt Cameron on the news.


Anonymous said...

Gwenda and her cronies do of course have blood on their hands in the next door county
- they were warned before that the SS/child protection in Swansea was not fit for purpose, then they held a bogus case review into the aaron gilbert case to cover it up.
the whistleblower was never contacted by any inquiry.

Jenny said...

What have the British and the Jews got in common ?

They have both fled there homes in an attempt to flee the SS

Just like in Nazi Germany Gwenda Thomas and her satanic SS will be brought to account.

Build the gallows our time is coming.

Anonymous said...

Please anyone daft enough do not buy the Evening Post anymore.

They have played a massive part in the persecution of Linda.

As well as robbing Linda of money when they panicked to bail out the criminal twat David Michael of nptcc I was told last night in the Red Lion.

The wicked bitch Gwenda Thomas has her son in place as a journalist in the Post.

Protecting the guilty I ask ?

Also believe that wicked bitch Gwendas daughter/daughter in law works fo the SS ( Heil Gwenda ) at NPT SS !!!!

Inbreeds in child abuse protection.



HEIL CARWYN! HEIL GWENDA! Time to get new slippers you are going on holidays. The view is not very good but you will be in good care Costa Del Caswell Clinic have two beds being kept warm for you.
Underneath your beds will be strange black boxes that you can rest your teddies on. You can then take them with you to that lovely hotel in Ashworth.

You are known criminals you are both “Enablers” you have enabled these kidnappings, abuses and child trafficking to carry on.

I am sure everyone knows kidnapping is a serious offence ” life imprisonment”

Carwyn and his adopted mummy are conspiring to conceal these offences ! and perverting the Course of Justice See; Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 it is an Indictable offence !

See: R-V-Sharpe. and Stringer , 26 Cr.App.R.122. CCA; R-V- Panayiotou and Antoniades 57. Cr. App 762, CA. ( Archbold 28-1

Obstructing the course of public justice.

Ta ta both.
PS I know resources are stretched: do you want someone to come and collect you.
It will save the taxpayer a lot of money as that saved money can go and help the poor parents of stolen and abused children.

Bye bye both. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

How many more lives have been wrecked by the evil Gwendas SS and the bunch of drunken misfits in Corruption Bay ?

Anonymous said...

The corruption in the shit pit Cardiff By and the deliberate deceit and criminal negligence o Hywel Francis and Davis Rees AM is inexcusable.

Both are useless regarding the closure of J41 which nobody in PT wants but no doubt the will push through against our will.

These two idiots will of course shed many crocodile tears by the bitch Edwina Hart will get her way.

And David Rees will get promoted as thanks

Politicians wonder why we hate them.

Stupid bastards

Aubrey said...

Rotherham child abuse scandal: council chief executive to step down

Why are Steven Phillips and David Michael still in he council carrying such debt ??????

David Rees AM knows so I was told

Anonymous said...

When governments turn bad,the best people ultimately become criminals.

The people don't change; the laws do. Initiative, dissent, and exercise of one's basic rights become 'crimes' through Obscure Regulations & Technical Paperwork Violations.

Violations are Violators.

David Rees and Hywel Francis come to the front.


Anonymous said...

Neath Port Talbot Council are covering up the Linda Lewis case
just like Rotherham Council have covered up for the past 16 years.

Now Rotherham has come to light maybe there will be an opening for Linda.

keep up the good work mate


Anonymous said...

Micheal, Sharon, mark
One day Linda will get Justice
I have no! doubt about it,

Linda babe we all support you and the criminals cannot hide forever.

Anonymous said...

This is pure evil yet sadly it's true.If governments are not protecting our children then the public have a right to safe guard the welfare of our Children.

Anonymous said...

What a sack of fly-infested diarrhoea our politicians in Wales are not to mention the council.

Anonymous said...


Police in South Wales covered up over Linda's mistreatment.

Vote Labour get Paedophilia.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that, when innocent parents flee abroad with their children, social workers will stop at nothing to bring them back?

They are sick and vindictive bastards who are child abusers protected by politicians and police who enjoy abusing children themselves.

Anonymous said...

The hopelessly corrupt hate the truth.

Don't you Carwyn ?

Anonymous said...

The clues are all out there.


David Michael is a common criminal.

Anonymous said...

As Neath Port Talbot Council continues to implode there is a strong rumour going around that Steve Hunt who has supported you and Linda in the past has joined the Labour Party.

I stress it is only a rumour so be careful.



Police have been covering up for Paedophiles for years.
Top Kiddie Fiddler was former Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police Terry Grange named to allegedly be in the same Kiddie Fiddling Club as Peter Hain.
Google this pair and it makes shocking reading.
If you want a kiddie, a bit of blow, sherbert or a bit of female company just ask your local copper.
In the Amman Valley they have a delivery service.
Perks of the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Neath MP and former Cabinet Minister Peter Hain has paid tribute to his Assembly colleague Gwenda Thomas after her decision to stand down from her role as Deputy Minister of Social Services.

Speaking after the announcement he said, ‘Gwenda can be proud of having done a fantastic job, sad though it is for her to be stepping down. Gwenda worked tirelessly and passionately to improve social services taking through the ground-breaking Social Services Bill. Nobody could have done that portfolio better.’


The real truth is that

This wicked , wicked woman has caused so much pain and anguish to so many innocent children and parents over the ears that she will never be forgiven.

And Peter Hain is an idiot

Anonymous said...

The biggest criminal and " Wales most wanted" is now that perjurer Sir Dereck Jones.

The Linda Lewis fight for justice and the Rotherham paedophiles are crimes that the Labour has done all in its power to cover-up; and these are crimes that are still taking place up and down the country.

The Labour Party cannot be trusted to take action and Protect Children!

For the sake of all our children, fight back against the corrupt Labour Party that continues to sacrifice them to political correctness and the massive level of paedophiles within their own councils and party.

Anonymous said...

A sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one's goals.

Step forward Welsh Assembly Members , Members of Parliament and Social Workers.

You all fit the bill.

PT ANGRY said...

The time is seriously getting closer when we will tell or corrupt council , mp and am to fuck off.

What a waste of Space and money

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say PT ANGRY "Mad Carwyn" has a little piece of Legislation to protect him from his short walk to the Caswell Clinic. Anyone taking him to the looney bin will be committing a crime as he is protected by an Act to be a Looney in Public Office.

[quote] Mentally ill to be allowed to become MPs, serve on juries and be company directors
MPs have voted to end 'discrimination' which stops those suffering from mental illness serving in public life as a rare private members bill is backed by the House of Commons.[unquote]

Despite this Gwenda Thomas has seen the light and decided to don her slippers and take her medication leaving behind her bed at the Ivory Mad House in Cardiff Bay.
God bless, wish her well on her journey to the gates of Sodom.

Sorry your Honour I apologise for calling Carwyn "Looney" perhaps PC "Delusions of Grandeur" may be more appropriate your Honour. It is most certain he should be Sectioned and categorised by MAPPA as Level 3 your Honour as he is a threat to Society in being allowed to be in a position of Authority unable to make logical Cognitive Decisions.

Anonymous said...

Paedophilia is the glue that binds the corrupt criminal politicians and others together.

Anonymous said...

Any News on the Justice 4 Linda Lewis case.

Kevin Edwards said...

@ Anonymous 22:58 Lots and lots going on behind the scenes but not ready to report yet. Stick with us

Anonymous said...

You're still banging your drum then?

Kevin Edwards said...

Absolutely lots still going on in the background.

@Anonomous 01;21

Wayne Morris said...

So many claims and accusations have been made against these people it's clear that if they were innocent court proceedings would have been started by now. But they won't do that because all the evidence would be produced in open court and they would be proven to be guilty.

Richie.. said...

quote: A criminal conspiracy against an innocent mother and child started by and being desperately kept alive today wholly by the Labour Party in Wales.
what a shambolic bunch..
we know that the curtains are slowly closing on this long scene of injustice. we are eagerly waiting for the bricks to fall. when the information that was lovingly put through the door of Linda, then it removed the cornerstone to this evil structure that has been long covering this horrific nightmare.
it wont be long.. i am convinced.
we need you in any kind of influential position, to keep shouting from the roof tops.
I will.. and i will never stop telling people, not just of this injustice, but to tell everyone, who has known, stood bye and simply did nothing. And you know who you are.
You will be named and shamed whatever Kevin says, it will be nothing, it will be your worst nightmare.. you will be defrocked, humiliated and flogged!
we welcome all new supporters to keep up the support and fight!!
Who could ever ignore that child's scream for her mother and family, who could ever see or read those penned cry's of pain.

looking forward to whatever progress..