Friday 11 July 2014

Carwyn Jones No Longer Hides !

Today Linda received a letter from the Cabinet Division at the Welsh Assembly Government.

The contents of the letter ( above ) are self explanatory.

This follows on from a meeting that Linda and myself had with David Rees AM and his representative John Cronin over two weeks ago.

During the meeting irrefutable evidence was presented to David Rees and John Cronin proving that all actions taken by the Welsh Assembly Government Inspectorate Of Social Services and Neath Port Talbot Council against Linda and her daughter have been based on fraud, the withholding of evidence and false allegations to name but a few.

A lot of things were discussed including the willingness of many of us to perform perfectly lawful  "Citizens Arrests" against those in public office still commanding huge salaries when they should actually be in jail for what they have conspired to do to Linda. 

We will now temporarily put this on hold.

It was encouraging that both David and John were in full agreement as to what was presented to them and as John said " The Truth Always Outs " in the end.

So at last we seem to have got through in our efforts to get a response from Carwyn Jones regarding the truth about the Linda Lewis case.

It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that 3 registered letters were sent to Carwyn Jones at his Home , Bridgend and Welsh Assembly Government addresses per chance containing the same new evidence and irrefutable proof ?

So now we sit and wait a reply from the Welsh Assembly Government Cabinet Division who have absolutely nothing at all to hide behind anymore by the 1st of August 2014.

As I have said before we have the final piece of the jigsaw The Guardian Ad Litems report issued by Carole Thomas.

This document has been forensically analysed and as Linda said earlier is "dynamite " for future legal action. My thanks to those who have put all the pieces of this 60+ page document together and also joined the dots.

So as I have said before on previous radio interviews " The Cats Out of the Bag " and " The Jacks Out Of The Box " and they're not going back in.

And we as a team are going no where until Linda , her daughter and family get the justice they rightly deserve.

Let's hope that at last the Welsh Assembly Government will do the right thing and come clean.

Anything less will be seen as a serious criminal act (again ). 

Thanks for your support.



Marva said...

This is the Best news I have heard in a long time.I hope this will expedite the return of Linda's daughter.Good work Kevin & Linda your persistence has paid off at last.

Anonymous said...

If Carwyn Jones tries any shit he's finished

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

We are getting closer to the guards that guard Carwyn's Junta jackboot guards.
It is time for Act of Attainder / Pains and Penalties Bill to come back to light.
If the highest subject in the realm can be deprived of his rank and title—can be divorced, dethroned and debased by an act of arbitrary power, in the form of a Bill of Pains and Penalties—the constitutional liberty of the Kingdom of Oppressed Wales will be shaken to its very base; the rights of the nation will be only a scattered wreck; and this once free people, like the meanest of slaves, must submit to the lash of an insolent domination.

Anonymous said...

As has been said many times ALL ROADS LEAD TO CARWYN JONES.

Lets see what pathetic attempt he will make to keep this cover up going or will he ?

Wales and the World know what hs gone on here.

We ain't stupid Carwyn

Unknown said...

The truth has surfaced and so Carwyn Jones who is a QC (QC - I know what that means as a suitable description) cannot hide from the truth now.

I hope he holds his head in shame for trying to avoid the truth.

Karen Lloyd said...

Brilliant news and thanks for email Kevin.

Headline is wrong though it should read Carwyn Jones can no longer hide.

This has always been the case but the corrupt Labour Government have done everything to keep this most sickening crime buried.

Let's hope they now give up the ghost.


Anonymous said...

An obscene cover up by some unbelievably wicked people.

Linda Lewis a mother falsely accused as everyone with a brain knows.

No matter what Carwyn Jones QC now decides to do once he's done it he should resign from office.

He has known about this for years.

They cannot even hide behind protecting the childs identity anymore.

Do the right thing Carwyn then get out of public office with your head hanging in shame.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely delighted.

Please God let this be the end.

Anonymous said...

Good News Kevin Let's hope that Carwyn will resolve this Cover-Up once and for all.

Linda will hopefully get the Justice she rightfully deserves.

Well done for helping Linda.

Anonymous said...

I really do hope that it is now all over for Linda but as usual the politicians councillors doctors etc who have tortured this innocent woman for many years are not like us.

I air on the side of caution Kev as those of us who are fully awake know the wickedness of those in government.

But more awaken every day and once your awake you stay awake. You don't go back to sleep.

With you all the way and love to Linda.


Anonymous said...

A full public enquiry needs to be held without a moments delay.

Delyth said...

Much discussion been going on and it is without doubt in all our opinions that if the right thing is not done now after so long then it is inevitable that the integrity of the office of First Minister and the First Minister himself will be brought into question.

The worst crime a public servant can commit is to fail to serve the public for whom he works.

Fingers Crossed. No surrender

Anonymous said...

Surely they cannot hide any longer ?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see by all accounts David Rees hanging in there supporting Linda.

Let's just hope he stays that way and for the price of a small promotion allows himself to be sullied into silence.

Overall so far we should be supportive of our AM and endorse his actions but that will quickly change if he lets Linda and Port Talbot down.

Marilyn Bowen said...

They appeared to be ignoring the service of such in the hopes it will go away?

It won't

Why are they so cruel?

Anonymous said...

Keep going m8

You are there now

Unknown said...

Its all coming together now just as expected keep it up ya getting there .

Cerys said...

With very few exceptions 99% of the electorate realise that our politicians are corrupt, dishonest and completely untrustworthy.

Much more important is a wider breakdown of trust in those who govern us.

Once trust is lost, a naive cynicism sets in.

Anyone in authority is automatically disbelieved...(and) government becomes impossible."

The disbelief that many have here is the length of time that Linda has cynically been made to suffer by Carwyn Jones and others.

This now has too stop and full disclosure a maxim for all.

This is a must.

Imagine the disbelief of the electorate if considering ALL the evidence in Linda's favour Carwyn Jones and his merry band of halfwits concoct another means of ignoring the truth and condemn Linda once again.

Now that would be interesting

Anonymous said...

This sort of open deceit and dishonesty by the Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot Council has to end.

Politicians are complicit in the abuse of the nation's children by child abusers both in government and in state run children's homes.

People are onto this now in droves.

Anonymous said...

After 17 years Linda is forced to wait another 2 weeks.

Not a problem as long as the correct decision is made this time.

No where to bury your heads any longer.

The truth is out there

Anonymous said...

Those that have done this to Linda are not human.

J D Kaft said...

How can those that have done this to Linda actually consider themselves to have any right at all to pull money from the public purse and class themselves as public servants ?

Anonymous said...

There is no way on earth now that they can get out of this.

Anonymous said...

The noose on these perverts is tightening.

The North Wales Child Abuse cover up leads directly to Cardiff Bay.

Anonymous said...

It will b very interesting after todays non stop info re paedophiles if at last and with much shame to see if Carwyn Jones will now do the right thing for Linda and everyone who supports her.

Hope he does

Anonymous said...

I like so many now realise that the guise of child protection is not that but is child persecution.

Children are being taken from loving families to be abused in a system of depravity and Satanism.

I like many others simply do not trust any politician any longer.

It is a scary feeling that the abuse of children and the known agenda of paedophilia amongst our politician I find myself looking at them asking myself " Is he one ? Is she one ? "

How much do they want to harm my children ?

I know that I am not alone.

Politicians are being looked at in a completely different way than ever before.

They only have themselves to blame

The abuse of Linda Lewis and her daughter for such a long period only confirms this.

What type of politicians have been denying her justice for so long ?

Child abusers ? Paedophiles ?

Certainly not the type of people with the interests of the family unit at heart.

So many now talking about the dregs that govern us things will never be the same for them.

And that is such a good thing for us.

I pray that at last the right thing is now done for Linda.

God Bless


Rebecca said...

I’m under no doubt that it isn’t just the credibility of Carwyn Jones and his Welsh Labour Party that’s been harmed by this horrendous persecution and injustice against Linda.

The reputation of Welsh politicians, NPT Council , NPT Councillors as a whole has taken a huge knock in the past few months which will affect Councillors and politicians of all parties as well as the integrity of the Local Authority and the Asylum in Cardiff Bay.

It is madness that Linda is still fighting and Carwyn and his lackeys in NPT are still dodging bullets and trying to hide.

This is inexcusable and needs resolving.

Having read the letter I was fizzing to start with that Carwyns office had the bloody temerity to ask Linda to wait considering what they have done to her.

But the providing they admit their guilt it is a short time to wait after such a long time of battling away.

We are all watching

Anonymous said...

Hope it's going to be over soon.

We are more powerful than we know

They are fearing the day when we all realise it.



Martina said...

Let's be honest here.

The Powers That Be didn’t ‘merely’ turn a blind eye to the kidnapping and abuse of Linda's daughter they actively covered it up.

And for the time being continue to do so.

But with the torrent of evidence now pouring out in Linda's favour now in Carwyn Jones possession we can only assume that at last the WAG will do the right thing and resolve this issue without delay.

It is difficult to see where Carwyns Junta will go from here.

The evidence of this crime is overwhelming and beyond dispute as it has been for many years.

A discredited regime is an understatement.

Nothing is for sure but hopefully David Rees will not be pressurised by the Junta and will hold firm and fight Linda's case as her AM come what may.

We watch and wait with baited breath.

Anonymous said...

It has been abundantly clear for a long time that the entire Welsh Assembly Government, Neath Port Talbot Council and the controlled media have concealed and protected a massive criminal conspiracy at the rotten heart of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Never to be forgotten what they have all done to Linda and her daughter.

June said...

No matter what Carwyn Jones decides ( although he will be foolish to try and deny the evidence )we need to keep hammering away though, because as numerous bogus removals of children for money from perfectly good families shows, they are still trying to shore up the dam.

We have to stop them and we will, not least because the ruined lives of so many innocent children and families deserve nothing more than Justice.

This is a fight that we are winning against the perverts who steal and abuse children.

Look forward too hearing some good news for Linda.

Ann said...

Comment made last night In the Red Lion.

" The Labour Partys manifesto will now be known as the paedophile charter "

Oh so true.

Anonymous said...

Well it gets worse.

Lord Tonypandy ex Labour MP and speaker of the House aka George Thomas being investigated for historic child abuse claims.


DO NOT under any circumstances trust politicians or Social Workers.

Anonymous said...

A spokesman for South Wales police confirmed: "We are investigating allegations of a sexual assault involving the late George Thomas, which is reported to have occurred in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly long overdue that this case was resolved

No more nonsense from Government please.

Anonymous said...

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.
- Abraham Lincoln

Will Carwyn Jones remain a coward we ask ?

Anonymous said...

It's been a really tough long road for Linda against these parasites.

Let it now be over.

Louise said...

Hope the WAG come clean.

Crawyn must realise that the WAG cannot investigate the WAG anymore.

They've done that too long and its laughable.

Come clean Carwyn your fully exposed now

Ian said...

Hope Linda gets the result she deserves .

No more bullshit from the child abusers in Cardiff Bay and the local council

Enough is enough

Anonymous said...

The Last Days of The Big Lie are hopefully coming to an end.

Criminal scumbags the lot of them.

Justice for Linda NOW

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to getting to hear some good news very soon.

Keep fighting

You've won

Anonymous said...

The dishonesty and deceit levelled against Linda has sickened so many people.

This must now be brought to an end.

Anonymous said...

In Britain, it has increasingly become the case that the State has taken power away from families in relation to the rights of their children.

The state , social services , politicians and other all lie to satisfy their undying lust for destroying families and children.

This is obscene as the Linda Lewis case has proven time after time.

Time for the right out come now from the Welsh Assembly denying their actions in collusion with the council is a foolish and futile exercise.

Looking forward to justice foe Linda

Anonymous said...

Message to Carwyn Jones.

" Silence is NOT justice it is an admission of your governments guilt. "

Time to resign as First Minister.

Rhodri W said...

Until we the people come together and bring back our communities and start to support each other, there is not a hope in hell of helping the children who are being taken and abused by the system that states “In a child’s best interest”

It is "we the people" who must learn to build our own communities , come together build play areas for the children, organise coffee mornings to support each other, learn to become our own voice and by doing so then we the nation can become one voice to be listened to.

The perverts and paedophiles in Cardiff Bay and Westminster do not listen , but they will.

We the people are wising up everyday to the systematic and terrifying abuse being placed on innocent families and children by the perverts who govern us.

There Is a severe sickness amongst those who conspire to remove and abuse children from their families.

There is no justification for this and there is no excuse.

I will be in Coventry this Saturday and the battalions being formed throughout South Wales to arrest these perverts who think they are but are NOT above the law is imminent.

We are ready to protect our children.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for you to publish the response from Carwyn Jones

If he does not help Linda then i think his postion as First Minister need's to be questioned.

Cery Thomas

Anonymous said...

Carwyn cannot ignore vital evidence

neither can the government,the evidence speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

The Welsh Assembly turned out to be jobs for the boyos and is rotten to the core.

Rob said...

This is quite a surreal place for all of us to be in.

Topic of conversation in the Sker last night was that an innocent mother falsely accused by criminals is asked to wait so that the same criminals can make a statement as to what they are going to do about it.

That is the insanity that Linda and others have had to face for many years

So they that are guilty of a heinous crime now pass judgement on an innocent mother and daughter who they have persecuted, maliciously for 17 years or so.

So who will prosecute the criminals in the end or will they get away scott free ?

Why is David Michael still employed by the council ?

Same scenario isn't it a criminal threatening the innocent residents of Port Talbot for Council Tax arrears when he should be in jail !

How can all of this be allowed to continue ?

Cover up for the boys.

NPTC nthe Wag is a bloody disgrace

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest the criminal scum in Cardiff Bay don't give a shit about the people they represent ( allegedly )as long as they can persecute innocent parents and steal children to balance the books of failing local authorities then that's fine by them.

A clear out of these dregs of society is desperately needed.

Marilyn said...

So many of us are sick and tired of the plastic perverted politicians spouting out plastic perverted lies to we the public.

They are deliberately destroying families and taking children to BE ABUSED by their own system.

We have common criminals dictating policy to good honest people without any come back

But that is changing.

Their time is short.

Common Law Courts are coming as well as peace officers to south wales to deal with these people and to bring them to account once and for all.

They can then justify to innocent parents in a common law court exactly why they stole their kids for no reason other than money and their own perversions !

Anonymous said...

there are a few problems which have developed over the last 10 - 20 years

we do not have an independent and impartial judiciary - swansea family courts/judges take their instructions from the local SS.

we do not have MP's. Look at the now revealed attempst of Geoffrey Dickens to get the paedophile politicos etc brought to book with his dossier which went missing - compare that with the shower Hywel Francis MP who has done the opposite [he is not alone in being a shower of course].

We now have council officers/civil servants more concerned with grabbing a share of the council tax revenue/income tax than doing their jobs.

will the last one to leave the UK turn the lights out? why should we run when it is they who should be hounded to do their jobs and hand back the money?

better to be free in a foreign land than a slave in your own country.

Anonymous said...

Strange turn of events

Harriet Harman wanted to make all this legal as well as reducing the age of consent to 10 and making incest legal.

Anonymous said...

This cannot be allowed to continue any longer.

This is criminal.

Linda is innocent and the evidence proves it

Anonymous said...

To the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

No mother should be falsely accused !

No child should be removed from their loving famiies.

No paedophiles or politicians or SS should be allowed to get away with this.

These psychopathic idiots beware.

Our time is coming.

Enough is enough

Anonymous said...

Linda her daughter and family have been victims of some of the most spineless unaccountable corrupt cowards and bullies that Wales has ever known.

These people need to be put out of OUR misery without delay and exposed for what they are.


Dereck said...

Interesting topic brought up last night seen on an obscure blog that cannot be recalled.

Perverter of justice against Linda the dreadful Minister of Everything Redwina Hart is no longer allowed to do live interviews.

All her interviews must be recorded so they can be edited when it becomes obvious that she knows F=all about F=all.

A sad state of affairs considering the many letters from her defending the WAG and NPTCBC over the kidnapping of Linda's daughter.

Corrupt Bitch

Edwina Hart doesn’t give live interviews – because she’s just a ventriloquist’s dummy. But maybe no more a dummy than those who think the kidnapping of Linda's daughter is good for Wales Or those who can’t see what’s being done to this country.

We see ! We know what they are !

Looking forward to Carwyns squirming reply.

How much more before they give up and admit their guilt.

With you to the end m8

Mason said...

Any news yet from the Masonic Lodge in Dinas Llandaff ?

Has Brother Gerard Elias told Brother Carwyn what to say yet.

Bet when it comes it will be bullshit again.

Wayne Morris said...

It can't be soon enough

Anonymous said...

Good point Mason.
But Has Blood Brother Gerard Elias turned to his other Blood Brother Elias at the top of the Justice tree in the City to protect not only Carwyn but the third blood brother Elias bored by the same mother. He was party to carrying out the unlawful operation on Linda's daughter?
Then with his hands involved in the same unlawful medical butchery on a child you have the Angel of Death Brother Carmarthen Town Councillor Dewi Evans.

Anonymous said...

Rotherham is a Labour Party stronghold.

It's only become a tragic failing and mistake since it became public knowledge.

Until then it is standard practice of SS to have children abused by paedophiles.

There is NO care in the SS system only organised , sponsored child abuse.