Monday 12 May 2014

Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign - Press Release - Update All Contacts

 Hi All
Just a brief update as I know many of you are eagerly awaiting news that this wicked and evil criminal conspiracy may well be drawing to an end.
For over 16 years an innocent mother and daughter have been sickeningly kept apart based on fabricated lies invented by the then Welsh Assembly Government Inspector Of Social Services David Johnston.
Evidence that until recently remained hidden from Linda Lewis and even the well known QC who represented her in court.

The question has to be asked how could Linda ever defend herself when neither she or her legal representatives ever had knowledge of this.
Let me make this abundantly clear once again.
At no time did Linda ever say or state in a letter that she was going to kill herself and her daughter in a "suicide pact ."
Those in authority have conspired against Linda and the Legal System that is designed to make all equal under it has let her down extremely badly.
Not to mention the many breaches of Linda's " Human Rights " which have been callously denied her.
Which  is good that we now have the right man on Linda's side.

Dr Hywel Francis, Linda's MP who is also the Chair of the Joint Committee of Human Rights.
It was encouraging to find out from Dr Francis that he had no knowledge of the libellous accusations previously hidden from Linda and appeared to be genuinely mortified when told as he had dealt with Linda several years ago regarding her case.
So Linda,her QC and now her MP had no idea of the fraudulent " suicide pact " letter !
Dr Francis was presented with new evidence at this meeting which confirms this crime on which he is duty bound to act.
Dr Francis asked for about a week to look into things further which is encouraging but as yet we have had no reply but I am sure we will receive some positive news very soon.
I would like to point out that as support for the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " escalates that my previous article
Is the most commented on in the websites history.
We are also awaiting a reply from David Rees AM who has promised us a meeting with First Minister Carwyn Jones to discuss this terrible crime committed by the Welsh Assembly Government and others.
Once again we will wait and hope to hear from David Rees  before the end of the week.

Special thanks also to two long time supporters of the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " who gave talks last week to well attended audiences in Lancashire and the North East of England. Thank you girls.
So more news and updates as they come in.
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Finally a comment left by Balancingthescales sums everything up.
" Just so the Welsh MPs are under no illusions.. This travesty is confined to Wales but the substance of the case been known in UK circles for many years. People have been waiting with baited breath for this moment to arrive so.any failure to act appropriately is not going to be tolerated."

Update ...Live Radio Interview this Saturday 17th May at 1700 GMT.. Click Here for details


Jenny said...

If Hywel Francis doesn't act now then he is guilty of covering up for criminal acts and is part of this conspiracy

Same applies to David Rees.

I would push them without delay for action.

Now is our time.

Connor said...

Politics and politicians are all about corruption and the old boys network.

If Hywel Francs does not take the lead on this and build on the excellent work and integrity undertaken by Mr Rees then we know he has lied on several counts.

Let's hope that David Rees continues to fight for Linda and keeps his reputation intact by doing the right thing.

I have a long built up distrust of politicians.

Self serving egotists not fit for purpose.

But we will see

Anonymous said...


Hope Linda and her daughter get the Justice they rightfully deserve.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust anyone in authority the only time you see any of them is when they want our vote.
Nevertheless i hope Linda's MP will do the right thing by putting the wrong's right.

Anonymous said...

Tracey Morgan

Thank's for keeping us updated Kevin.
So happy for Linda about time she got justice.

Anonymous said...

God help those involved when this is exposed through the media.

Anonymous said...

What i cannot understand where have Hywel Francis Mp been for year's have Linda told him before about her case.


Anonymous said...


God’s fury will be unleashed on the scum who are behind the abuse inflicted on Linda and her daughter.

Anonymous said...

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good Men to Do Nothing.” well done to everyone suporting Linda.

Cerys said...

Port Talbot is united behind Linda.

Hywel Francis has done nothing for the area and has been an absentee MP.

So lets give the man a bit more time to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

The World knows.

So help Linda Mr Frances

Sheena John said...

Failure to act considering the above will only go further to prove the contempt politicians hold for the electorate who they are paid to represent

We are ready as you know Kevin to make these characters lives very uncomfortable should we need to.

Let's hope the general consensus is wrong and that the right thing will be done here for Linda and her daughter.

Disappointed that David Rees has not continued to shine but then again tomorrow is another day.

Is there a paedophilic puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes stopping them from doing their jobs ?

Wouldn't surprise me

Anonymous said...

Will the right thing be done or will they protect themselves ?

Anonymous said...

For once do your job Hywel.

You have been given new evidence so you must act upon it.

It is your job

No more Blah Blah Fishcakes please.

Sort it out and restore Linda and her daughters human rights without delay.

This case is now your top priority.

Port Talbot is united behind Linda.

Anonymous said...

It is ludicrous that this obvious injustice has been allowed to go on for so long.

Laughable even at the pathetic attempts to ignore it.

The truth is there for all to see.

Are the criminals of this crime being protected by the Privy Council per chance ?

Delyth said...

Stop perverting the course of democracy and justice Hywel and do your job.

New evidence.

Over to you and start helping David Rees free this family from their pain.

Anonymous said...

Ann Marie
I congratulate You for having worked so hard in exposing this dreadful case.I'm sure that you will get justice for the family.

Anonymous said...

Hywel Frances taken him a long time to act, but a least he has come up trumpts in the end.

Anonymous said...

The Government must get a grip on the cost to the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

An investigation should be launched in respect of serious criminal actions towards Linda and N and cannot be undermined by Hywel Francis or others

Karen Lloyd said...

Positive action in support of Linda might go some little way towards counteracting persuasive evidence that some people in Wales are beyond the reach of the law and that our politicians are fundamentally crooked and warped.

It worries me that David Rees seems to have gone quiet !!!

Let's hope he has no sold out and continues to carry the moral fibre that he appeared to have so far.

Anonymous said...

It's about time the National Press printed the Story.


Anonymous said...

To much evidence to be ignored there need's to be a totaly independent inquiry.


Anonymous said...

Desperately looking forward to seeing what positive action is to be taken by Hywel Francis.

This lot need to be locked up.


Anonymous said...

A deep sinister crime committed by some really sick people

Marilyn said...

Hywel Francis

You have been provided with all the expert witness documents pertaining to this case that you need.

Please Act

Anonymous said...

The people are united behind Linda and will never forget this.

How many lie detector test machines would need to be installed in Port Talbot so that the cretinous guilty could be tested.

The truth is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Please don't let us down Hywel.

We are counting on you to prove your honesty and integrity and your commitment to Linda and her poor daughter.

Watching closely.

Anonymous said...

Those that cover up for the guilty in this case become by their ignorance even more guilty than the ones who abused Linda's daughter and ruined a whole families life.

There is no excuse for child abuse.

There is no excuse for protecting the guilty.

There simply is no excuse as to how this has been allowed to happen.

Anonymous said...

WTF is the criminal David Michael earning ?????????????????

for a fecking Director of Environment ( Smaller Bins Manager )

Salary: £98,745 - £108,618 PER ANNUM

The worlds gone mad mun

Anonymous said...

Well that was interesting a Party Political Broadcast by the Socialist Labour Party.

Is that the party that Hywel Francis represents or is it the paedophile party of Harriet Harman ?

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous breakthrough!

Time for the truth to be totally and publicly unveiled !

Delyth said...

This disturbing pattern of repeated lies and inactivity by the politicians suggests that they are a means of obstructing and stopping Linda's campaign for the abusers of her and her daughter to be brought to justice.

The public are not being fooled by this.

The People said...

We demand justice in this matter Hywel

Robert said...

Child Protection is one of the very urgent and challenging issues of our times, whether protecting children from sexual exploitation and sex trafficking or protecting them from sexual abuse or the satanic hand of Social Services by getting law enforcement agencies to perform their duties diligently and professionally to protect children and apprehend their abusers.

Admire you Kevin for keeping going m8.

Linda's case is too big to hide any longer.

Anonymous said...

All eyes are firmly focused on Hywel Francis..

Anonymous said...

There is no way that this can go away.

The cover up merchants look more ridiculous every day.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to all
Good luck with your campaign

Anonymous said...

People need to wake up Child Stealing by the state is out of control.

Anonymous said...

About time the MP helped

Nicky said...

I wonder what dastardly plan these scumballs might now be concocting to save their own worthless necks.

We wait with baited breath yet again for another good giggle.

They know it's over and the group will not be going away.

Anonymous said...

We all demand Justice 4 Linda Lewis !

Enuff Is Enuff said...

Just heard Carwyn Jones on ITV news about the state of the health service in Wales.

You could tell he was lying , his lips were moving.

Another Carwyn Cover Up.

Hold onto your hat another " Bullshit Storm" is heading our way

Debbie said...

Good luck with the interview tonight.

Will be listening

Anonymous said...

Just been told about interview.

Take no prisoners Kev I know you won't.

Go get em.

With you all the way


Anonymous said...

Linda is Luck to have a MP who his Chairman on Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

Need's to be aired in the National Press.

Good work Mate


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to tonight's show.

Have passed it on.


Gary Burton said...

It is in the pubic interest ,no strongly in the public interest that Hywel Francis David Rees and Carwyn Jones act here no excuses.

Council Tax payers need to know that their council is corrupt many do know but there is nothing that our politicians can hide behind to prevent this.

By doing nothing based on the evidence at hand THEY BECOME CRIMINALS by burying their heads in the sand.

For once do your jobs properly and in the interest of those who elected and who's duty it is that you must serve.

Gary said...

Brilliant interview let me have the link mate when its up.

Delyth said...

Well done tonight.

Great that so many people chipped in .

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Having had a quiet moments reflection, it occurred to me that there is an election next week.
Could this be a dose of recovery in the pandemic "selective amnesia" that is spreading through those in politics and public life.

Was Derek Vaughan not up to his waist in covering all this over in respect of Linda.

Those that will assist him with his "selective amnesia" he can now safely say as he slithers away.
"Hywel" is dealing with it!
Is Dr Francis really being heartfelt here or seen the light from years in the darkness? Or is he taking the heat off Derek Vaughan who would have by know read the minutes of the last European Petitions Committee.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant interview

Good Luck