Saturday 17 May 2014

Explosive Interview With Freedom Talk Radio Saturday 17th May 2014

What has happened to Linda,her daughter and family simply cannot be covered up any longer.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Stuff.

You are correct if Hywel Francis do not act on what is before them they become part of the crime and brand themselves without dispute child kidnappers, child traffickers and child abusers which fits in exactly with the standard of politician we have in this country.

I tip my hat to you Sir.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Stuff.

You are correct if Hywel Francis do not act on what is before them they become part of the crime and brand themselves without dispute child kidnappers, child traffickers and child abusers which fits in exactly with the standard of politician we have in this country.

I tip my hat to you Sir.


Anonymous said...

Excellent work.

Something now must be done.

Huw Thomas said...

Hywel Francis has a complete nerve telling Linda to sort this out herself.

What the f@ck is he there for.

It is unheard of that an innocent victim be asked to sort out a crime committed against her.

It is the perpetrators of the crime ie The Welsh Assembly Government to wipe the slate clean and do the right thing.

David Rees AM please take note !!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely 100%

It is up to them to sort this out and NOT Linda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

So just do it Francis

Anonymous said...

As one commentator said this is " Bigger Than Cleveland."

And he comes from Sunderland

Anonymous said...

Brilliant performance Sir.

They must now act


Anonymous said...

Let's hope both politicians involved in this case now act in a responsible manner and do not display the general cowardice and disrespect for the democratic process and the electorate and many, many supporters by desperately trying to keep in place this terrible horrendous crime.

Their only defence against an innocent family blown apart by this evil act was to try and cut us off from the truth and deliberately denying us access to it.

Not any more.

The truth is well and truly out now and cannot be reversed.

I am ashamed of my Government in Wales absolutely disgusted by the conduct of those in it who have ignored the many pleas over the years protesting at the innocence of Linda.

Human Rights? What Human Rights has Linda and N ever had over this ?

Cynically, deliberately and callously taken away from them and hidden from public view by some wicked people with a lot to hide and a lot to be ashamed of.

Let justice be done.

Carwyn Jones and the rest of the corrupters you have no where to hide and too many of us who will not let go.

This vile and vicious travesty is an embarrassment to all who serve in Public Office.

I do and this was not done in my name.

For that reason I shall remain anonymous but vocal in Linda's fight for justice.

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview

Thank you for the clear and precise rendition of events!

Our thoughts continue to focus on Linda's speedy return of her family life and the prosecution of those behind this injustice.

Human Rights need to be restored here.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the invite Kev my friend i enjoyed every moment .Hate hearing my oen voice however truth is truth and is all that matters.Im happy to be a part of the show be it a one off or otherwise i just wish others would see it for what it is and get onboard but ill leave the spirit to enlighten them if so? I mahy not have all the dates times etc but i both understand and know when scripture is voiced also when truth volition and accurate knowledge is about and to that end i just know deep in my bones there are better things to come both for you linda hopefully myself and the radio show.Kepp planting seeds of truth Kev im at your side as and when i can be .

Anonymous said...

Without question Carwyn Jones and Linda's local politicians must now have the conviction of making the correct and right decisions and forcing this tragic issue to an end.

Totally transparency is a prerequisite here.

You cannot cover up the cover up.

We the people demand nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Has Hywel Francis ever spoken in the House of Commons ?

Well now is the time.

His involvement with Human Rights makes him the ideal candidate to bring this up at PMQ's .

Looking forward to it on behalf of everyone involved in Linda's case.

Anonymous said...

Every thing going on here is yet another indication of the Welsh authorities’ unjust attempts to con the Welsh People as to exactly what its government is up to without our knowledge.

For as long as possible they have been doing this and we were not aware.

Thanks to Linda and her supporters we are now.

Tim Rogers work and others on the Bridgend Suicides needed WAG intervention with an injunction to cover up why young people are losing their lives in Carwyn Jones' constituency of Bridgend.

We are no longer fooled and we are now wise.

All roads lead to our corrupt and dishonest politicians.

Look no further.

Anonymous said...

Public Interest Law overrides everything here.

Don't let them worm their way out of it.

If Carwyn Jones will not meet you then he holds up a massive flag for the whole of the world to see emblazoned with

" I an guilty of a cover up. I am guilty of child abuse. I am guilty of the persecution of an innocent mother. I don't give a shit ! "


Sophie said...

Excellent interview and you are absolutely spot on in pointing out the wickedness of those involved in Linda's suffering.

Suffice to say those that refuse to put it right can be correctly labelled as even more wicked than those that started this horrendous action.

God Bless You Both

Anonymous said...

Politicians who refuse to act on new evidence firstly then become part of the crime by doing so but are also guilty of obstructing the course of justice and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Hywel and David you are on dangerous ground.

Don't cover up for Carwyn and the others.

Anonymous said...

They are scum balls.

Dewi Evans attempted murder, someone arrest this psychopath.

80 mgs of oral morphine for a 12 year old sick girl kill her the jail the mother. !!

Why is this man still on the streets ?

Dereck Bowen said...

Hi Kevin

Fantastic work,

David Rees and Caryn Jones have to abide by almost the same code of conduct as Hywel Francis

(a) Selflessness: Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends.

Public Interest once again.

The Public definitely need full disclosure on the Linda Lewis case.

Let me know when we hit the streets .

Anonymous said...

Once again

Surely even the most criminal politician wouldn't try to worm his way out of this.

No more passing the buck please.

Anonymous said...

Remember Politicians

This is not about child care

This is now criminal and needs to be dealt with in a criminal court.

Ignore this and you yourselves become criminals.

Hywel Francis much respect to your father who I admired but you appear to be a spineless useless cowardly twat.

Grow some and for once speak in the commons before you take your ill gotten pension for doing fuck all for Port Talbot.

Anonymous said...

You carry Port Talbot with you.

Kevin Edwards for Prime Minister for the sake of our future and our children.

Brilliant Stuff

Anonymous said...

Linda we all support you love don't worry the truth is out know, so everyone can see the evil that has been done to you and your daughter.
You are a very brave Lady.

My heart goes out to you and your daughter.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you kevin they have lost,but don't know how to save face.

Anonymous said...

Shame on those who represent Wales and have acted in Wales.

I am Welsh and disassociate myself from my Governments criminal acts

Carwyn Jones please resign.

Get out go now

Anonymous said...

Shame on those who represent Wales and have acted in Wales.

I am Welsh and disassociate myself from my Governments criminal acts

Carwyn Jones please resign.

Get out go now

Anonymous said...

Dr Dewi Evans Wales Dr Shipman

Rot In hell.

A Lawyer said...

This is a criminal offence Kevin get them to recognise this as such.

x onerate Linda said...

The damage that these people are doing to the innocent is unbelievable.

Let it be known that it is known in Port Talbot what our Council has done.

David Rees Hywel Francis Carwyn Jones a question to you please

Why are you covering up for this crime and why will you not act ?

Anonymous said...

Justice will prevail Kevin they have NO! where to go my friend.

keep up the pressure

Anonymous said...

The Welsh Government will have to put the wrong's right.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this is no longer a child care case or is it civil.

This is a criminal matter where the WAG needs to cleanse itself of the scum that is attached to it and arrests need to be made and criminal charges laid against many people.

Failure to act and take appropriate action by elected officials is itself criminal.

Dare I say it, but it is true that is it the agenda of Carwyn Jones and other elected officials to attempt a whitewash and to cover up for the crimes his mates have committed against Linda.

This is not good enough and not acceptable.

Keep the pressure on them Linda is innocent falsely accused and the guilty must act to clear the decks and prosecute in the public interest the criminals such a Rezmiczek , Evans , Davis Johnston , David Michael and others.

So get on with it Carwyn

Maureen said...

Failure to act correctly by Hywel Francis and Carwyn Jones will only confirm that both of them are part of this evil committed against Linda and N.

No matter what Francis might say by nature he is a "slippery sod" but now appears to be a rabbit caught in the headlights.

David Rees by all accounts appears to be doing his best and I hope that any undue and unfair pressure that might be exerted on him by the criminals looking to save their own skin plays no part in his fight for Linda.

David Rees has been complemented by many and is certainly not a snake like character like Francis who sheds a layer of skin to suit the position he is in.

Bigger than Cleveland absolutely the longer this is drawn out the more guilty they look.

Right behind you all the way

John said...

These are criminal offences Kevin get them to recognise this as such

Anonymous said...

The fallout from the political storm about to brew will bring down the criminal Welsh Government.

Anonymous said...

Awesome video !

Anonymous said...

Would it be worth phoning Carwyn Jones office every day to ask what is happening to honesty and transparency in government ?


Marva said...

What can we do to hurry up this process? All this news is so good but the waiting is not, you have done an excellent job as have Linda and her family and deserve after all these years to be rewarded with a Victory. Now!

Marva said...

I commend you Kevin for all these years of dedication to this case. You deserve a medal and I know you have the praise of everyone that knows about this case. So glad it is almost over.....

Anonymous said...

Unless I am mistaken the fact that there has been no reply from Hywel Francis I can assume that he is going to keep covering up and protecting the child abusers.

But !

His duty should be to Linda

Anonymous said...

I now you won't but.

"Don't give up!"

None of us will

Anonymous said...


Don't know if you've seen this yet.


Posted on May 21, 2014 by Belinda

from a Perth-based supporter 3 pm

Robert just called, Crown office lost their appeal, he is being released now.


Kevin Edwards said...

Thanks mate just seen it


Delyth said...

Justice (of sorts ) is winning through.

The tide is now turning.

Keep at all of you

Anonymous said...

Will be really happy when its all been sorted now.

"Step Forward Without Fear” Kevin as you have always done.

Desperation is theirs , victory is ours.

Anonymous said...

Shame on our Welsh Judicial system and Governmnet.

Wales really is a wonderful place to live and the Welsh people warm & welcoming.

Please don’t judge the Welsh by the behaviour of a few psychopaths in Government.

The Welsh people are strongly behind Linda and so is the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

It's been said many time before

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones

Anonymous said...

Amazing interview Kevin
It's about time the Welsh government realized you are not!going away.

Good work mate

Anonymous said...

Like a deck of cards they are falling.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for the family
what Country are we living in
To abuse a family in this way

No humanity left in this Country.

Anonymous said...

These People think they are above the Law and they are not they will be made accountable and Linda will get justice

Anonymous said...

Hywel Francis and Carwyn Jones are obstructing the curse of justice

Satanic paedophilic supporting scum both of them


Anonymous said...

Surely they can,t cover this crime any longer.

It,s a Scandal

Anonymous said...

Those who have abused Linda and her daughter are EVIL PEOPLE
They need to be STOPPED.
Before they do this to some other innocent families.

Anonymous said...

Are those who are covering up and/or turning a blind eye any different to those characters who failed to do anything about the likes of Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall and other such abusers.

It may have been 10 years + but the wrongdoers should still be pursued- I say carry on with what you are doing and if Francis, Jones et al do nothing then the question must be asked of them

- "are you covering up any abuse by characters living in wales in the same manner that J Saville was "helped"??

Anonymous said...

Excellent I hope things start moving in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear it's all at last coming to an end for the family.

Brilliant interview

Anonymous said...

The clock is ticking .It would be very foolish to underestimate public knowledge of this case and the obvious anger.

Anonymous said...

It's time the GUILTY got PUNISHED for their CRIMES.
Look forward to seeing you on NEWS at TEN.
You are a credit to all those who are fighting for justice.

Anonymous said...

Linda told me about the suicide Lies

It's all over Kevin

I'm so happy that Linda has the support from yourself,and her MP.

Anonymous said...

Pure Evil.
Who's Child is Next!
Parents need to Wake -Up
You have my full Support

Steel Worker

Anonymous said...

Utterly Criminal time to take action against the Criminals

Anonymous said...

Barry Taylor

Heard Radio Interview

It is outrageous what the hell is going on.

Anonymous said...

This case could have and should have, been over year's ago

The Media should take some of the blamefor no t printing the story .

Anonymous said...

Sound's so unreal,but sadly it's true. More People need to know

Top man

Augustine said...

This has been a long and difficult race for Linda


She is winning and the finish line is in sight.

Carwyn Jones is a despicable piece of shit by the way.

Removing him from office should be the Welsh peoples first concern.

I hope you can go some way to doing so .

Anonymous said...


This should be a wake up call to every Parent in this Country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is the responsibility of our government to sort this mess outIt seem's the Lewis Family have been abused by the whole rotten system that was set -up to protect the people of this Country.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear there is an ending to this dreadful story.

Anonymous said...

Going to say under"Public Interest Law." this is F**k**g

Anonymous said...

These parasites are going down !

Anonymous said...

Hywel Francis do something .

You have done nothing for Port Talbot so make a start before you leave in disgrace.


Anonymous said...

If Hywel Francis continues to protect the criminals in the council in his back yard we should arrest him for being criminally complacent himself.

Anonymous said...

Connections are being made, world-wide, linking the elite to all forms of abuse. It seems they just can’t stop themselves. Paradoxically for them, they are not as bright as they so smugly like to believe. There’s only one direction as far as they’re concerned & their greed will be their undoing.

Delyth said...

what constitutes a thorough investigation by the welsh government ?

have you found out yet Kev ?

Anonymous said...

I Hope it's all over soon Councillor Edwards for the family.

Well done Mate for sticking with the case.

Stephen Evans
Big Mac

Anonymous said...

I hear the ticking clock but no sound of any activity. A misunderstanding on my part perhaps?