Sunday 30 March 2014

[quote] I can't understand why officials and cabinet members of NPTCBC not been arrested [unquote]

The following statement was made by a listener on a popular local radio phone in show this morning and was left as a comment on my previous article.
Anonymous said...
Interesting comment on Kevin John's phone in programme this morning.
[quote] I can't understand why officials and cabinet members of NPTCBC not been arrested [unquote]

Why is that said Kevin John?

[quote] Over the £20m lost in Iceland and the Jersey Marine fire. We the taxpayers have to foot the bill for that [unquote]

So could this be a start of change against NPTCBC as Council Tax in the Authority is higher than other neighbouring Authorities to fund criminals. So are residents of NPTCBC not committing a crime if they knowingly fund criminals in public office?
None of the above surprises me as the feeling grows among many more ordinary people that those in authority who are supposedly there to represent us are nothing more than " Common Criminals " themselves.


Kevin Edwards said...

My thanks to the person who emailed me the photograph of Carwyn Jones that is in this article.

Made us all laugh.

Marva said...

Might as well laugh the law is a joke!Their excuse for taking this girl from her mother is prof of that.How come they are keeping her now at her age? She should be out on her own living like other girls her age.Sure hope they get what is coming to them soon.I pray for Linda and her daughter every day that they will be together as they belong.

Anonymous said...

It really is absolutely ridiculous how this is all being handled.

It needs sorting out now.

Anonymous said...

People are definitely waking up .

Linda's case is hot topic in pubs cafes and other places throughout Port Talbot.

You are doing good work.


Anonymous said...

A criminal cabal operating out of the Civic centre and Cardiff Bay.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring the evidence and passing the problem through lack of guts onto another person is no solution to the eternal problem of Linda's campaign for justice which is still live, getting stronger by the day despite the combined efforts of the Welsh Government and the Council involved.

Carwyn Jones is not fit for his position.

Donna said...

Off topic but the David Michael supporting anti "Justice Linda Lewis " newspaper the Evening Post falls down again.

Circulation of this gutter press rag failing and fading away always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

It really is disgusting that Carwyn continues to try to wriggle out of this.

Never have I seen a man wriggle o badly to protect his own role.

Well done to David Rees for holding firm.

Anonymous said...

There should be arrests over the Linda Lewis Scandal.
Amazing work Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I'm annoyed with Carwyn Jones he should be made to help Linda,he is payed to do a job if he can't then he should resign.


Anonymous said...

Seen the Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign on Carolines Face Book just read some of your postings disgusted that this sort of abuse is going on in Wales.

You seem like a good bloke for helping the cause.

Anonymous said...

David Rees and Carwyn Jones have a duty by Law to investigate Linda's Case.
If they fail then they should both be removed from the assembly.
Patrick M

Anonymous said...

Inquiry into Linda's case is long overdue.

Having a Welsh Assembly is a waste of time and money.

Maybe the London government might launch an investigation they did help in the Stephen Lawerence case.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

NPTCBC think! they are accountable to nobody.but they are, one day they will have to come clean over the kidnapping scandle.

Anonymous said...

With regards to the case you are working on. Why? don't Carwyn Jones do the Right thing instead of covering-up.
No-one can deny the "TRUTH
grow a pair Carwyn.

Anonymous said...


Neath Port Talbot Council could do with a good shake up.

Anonymous said...

Pray everything work's out for Linda and her daughter.
it's disgusting the amount of years this crime has been covered up,I'm sure she will get some sort of justice this year.
The First Minister Carwyn Jones should be helping to reunite Linda and her daughter.

Good luck with the Campaign fully Support Linda.


Andrew said...

The caller failed to mention the regular event of fires burning down the Afan Lido.

Funny how the crooked council keeps secret documents buried there in the basement.

Easier than shredding isn't it !

Also a damn good insurance scam.

Does our council really think we don't know what's going on here ?

Anonymous said...

A criminal regime being funded by the tax payer.

Karen Lloyd said...

Carwyn Jones has no where to go.

When David Michael was lying to the court to obtain an injunction based on fraudulent evidence David Michael submitted Carwyn Jones was the Senior Law Officer in Wales.


1 Did Carwyn Jones know about David Michaels actions if so he's in deep doo doo


2 If he didn't why isn't he putting this right then ?

Please tell us Carwyn Wales and the World are waiting for your answer .

Anonymous said...

Wish there were more men in this Country like you maybe our Children would be safe from Social Services.
Hope Linda get's Justice SOON!

Anonymous said...

No authority to act this way Carwyn

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones should act on the evidence on your blog if he can't see the criminality then he should be sacked as he is not fit for purpose.

Insider From Dinas Llandaff Lodge said...

Linda her daughter and family are victims of one of the most despicable acts that can be carried out that I the " Wheel Conspiracy " See definition below.

The Welsh Assembly Government and Ministers thereof in collusion with NPT are spokes with the main protagonist being one Gerard Elias QC who's brothers illegal operation almost killed N when he took out her healthy appendix leaving her with life threatening blood poisoning.

Take away and hide and sickeningly brainwash the child through inhumane threats there is no medical negligence claim against John Elias the surgeon.

Linda Lewis and her family's care for N saved her life.

It is Social Services and others who would have loved her dead.

These are really sick people we are up against here.

Definition partial of a wheel conspiracy.

A wheel conspiracy is a conspiracy in a which a single member (usually the ringleader) or a group engages in separate illegal dealings with two or more other member or groups, and there exists a shared criminal purpose among all the member/groups engaged in the activities. The ringleader or group which deals with other members or groups is called the hub, and the subsidiary parties that maintain individual relationship with the hub is called spokes. Such conspiracy is also known as hub-and-spoke conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

The wheel conspiracy is an exact analogy and shows the cowardice and corruption of those involved.

Carwyn Jones leads the way in this a man of no morals or metal.

Lets not forget the deliberate persecution levelled against Linda by her local newspaper the South Wales Evening Post who know the truth but choose for their own financial interests to remain silent.

This is shameless and needs to be explained.

Anonymous said...

Just shows how corrupt those politicians and councillors are

Anonymous said...

NPT has been riddled with child abuse and corruption for years.

Same Old

Louise said...

On average, one child is taken into care every 20 minutes in the UK and over 15,000 children were put up for adoption in 2013, twice as many as five years previously. However many times you read those statistics, they remain shocking.

Kids are being taking for financial reasons as it's big money for local councils.

It's Satanic in it's principle it is really that simple.

No one has the authority to interfere with family life or take your kids.

Stand up for yourselves. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Neath Port Talbot are in deep shit when Linda get's Justice,they cannot cover up forever.
Have a lot of respect for you and Linda any Mother who fights this long for her daughter deserves the peoples support.


Anonymous said...

This is a crime of extraordinary proportions and needs to come out with prosecutions.

Anonymous said...

NPTC Social worker's should be arrested for kidnapping Linda's daughter.

Good work mate.


Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones is a waste of tax payers money he does nothing to help the people of Wales.

About time he resigned If he is to scared to challenge the criminals.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get Justice and all those involed get punished.

Anonymous said...

NPT Council and Carwyn Jones are so corrupt Robert Mugabe is getting jealous.

Both need replacing.

Anonymous said...

Residents of Neath are getting lied to on a daily basis by this council and the government.

We are all sick of it

Anonymous said...

If you ever hear politicians saying " to protect the children " you can be sure they mean " we are protecting what WE ARE DOING TO CHILDREN and don't want to be caught put.

Our politicians a re a bunch of sick bastards.

Anonymous said...

You are doing a fine job my friend i know Linda will get justice.the people who run this Country could do with a good shake-up.
Children should be the number one priority.

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones is the man ultimately responsible for all that has happened to Linda and her daughter.

Carwyn Jones is a complicit idiot not fit to represent anyone.

We are cursed by having Carwyn Jones as our so called top man in Wales.

Carwyn Jones you ARE responsible for everything that has happened to Linda.

Carwyn Jones it is you and you alone who is keeping this cover up alive.

Carwyn Jones is a national disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Could certain walls be crumbling? For very sure therefore our efforts on Linda's behalf have been critical in bringing matters to tipping point.

Game over Carwyn

Delyth said...

Know you and Linda have a really busy week so jut wishing you all the luck.

This crime has to be over and those who did it made accountable.

Karen Lloyd said...

Good Luck for tomorrow all our fingers are crossed.

Lets hope David Rees is still a shining light amongst a cabal of criminal nobodies who all need to be in jail.

Anonymous said...

More illegal goings on no doubt endorsed and sponsored by the Head Of Illegal Services David Michael.

Anonymous said...

Well you just have to study this blog like I have to see how many times David Michael has deliberately and cynically obstructed everyone in the pursuit of justice.

This man is a low life parasite who should be sacked and charged by the police without a moments hesitation.

Wayne Morris said...

Nobody can get away with anything forever. Sooner or later they will get done for it.