Tuesday 11 March 2014

Criminal Head Of Legal Services David Michael Exposed Once Again.

Firstly thanks to all of you who have read my previous article " Carwyn Jones Hides " HERE which covers the absolutely shameful and cowardly way in which the First Minister of Wales decided to handle the perfectly legitimate , reasonable and lawful request for the Welsh Assembly Government to hold a full an thorough investigation in to the treatment of Linda Lewis and the kidnapping and child trafficking of her daughter.

Carwyn Jones your reply is not good enough and we will be in contact with you again very soon.

My special thanks on behalf of everyone involved in the campaign go to all of you who make the effort of leaving comments on articles that offer support but most importantly give YOU an opportunity of having YOUR say in what is a most despicable crime committed against an innocent mother , daughter and family by agents of Neath Port Talbot Council and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Many of you are yourselves victims of Social Services and the Unlawful Legislation put forward by cowardly and perverted politicians who temporarily have the reigns of power who operate outside of Common Law.  

It is an amazing feat that over a 100 comments were left on the previous article so keep them coming.

Remember it's not only the "Good Guys" who read what is being said on this website.

The Criminals do as well !

Speaking off criminals.

Below is a letter that David Rees AM received from the Head Of Legal Services at Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council David Michael that was forwarded onto Linda.

It is refreshing that David Rees AM has actually for an elected politician done his job properly and has not allowed himself to be distracted by smokescreens and diversions and now knows the truth behind what has happened

Linda will be back in contact with Mr Rees soon.

Our thanks also go to Councillor Steve Hunt of Seven Sisters for his continued support.

So there we have it in black and white what we have all known from day one.

" I can confirm that the papers in my possession do not indicate that the County Borough Council applied for Court Orders in The United States Of America. " 

This comes as no surprise.

And at this point I would like to thank the past efforts of former Councillor Keith Davies who in a letter we hold states to David Michael that for eight years he had been asking David Michael to supply him with the " pick up order " that the Council MUST have had before lawful extradition of Linda's daughter from America could have taken place.

For eight years David Michael deliberately and knowingly prevented a democratically elected Councillor of Neath Port Talbot Council from doing his job not just on Linda's behalf but on behalf of ALL the Council Tax payers and electorate within the borough.

This is a serious crime that David Michael has committed and is guilty of Malfeasance in Public office and I hope that Keith Davies will act on this information accordingly. 

This is not the first time that David Michael has acted without authority and outside of the law in Linda's case.

I will deal with this in depth in a later article but I am sure that the job description of a Head of Legal Services in any Local Authority does not allow them to override and ignore the findings of a Senior High Court Judge in order to influence the courts to grant an injunction on false evidence that he provided.

For anyone who has had a lobotomy or is a politician and might be thinking that Neath Port Talbot Council did not need any of the paperwork that David Michael does not have in order to do what their Social Services did let me make it clear.

All legal and lawful extraditions of British Subjects from ALL countries be they adult or child have to have involvement from the Home Office.

We have a letter from them stating that they have NO RECORD of an extradition of Linda's daughter either under her correct name OR the false name that was on the fraudulent passport.

And finally back to David Michaels letter.

For a man in his position to use such phrase as " My understanding is " and " I believe it was " as well as " Presumably she would have " in a reply to an elected member of the Welsh Assembly only confirms that in my opinion David Michaels days of deceit must be brought to a close.

This man is not fit to hold the position that he does.

The people of Neath Port Talbot deserve better.

We all do.


Anonymous said...

When will they give in.

How much longer with all this evidence against them

Anonymous said...

If they can't deliver a service to the public,they should be booted out of office,don't forget they are payed by the public to represent us.


Anonymous said...

It's about time those involved are made accountable.

I would send every MP in Parliment your blog to read.

The evidence you have posted cannot be disbuted.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I thought David Michael had been removed from NPTC.

Anonymous said...

All Roads Lead To Carwyn Jones

Anonymous said...

David Michael was caught out with the sale of Council House stock which was proven to be illegal to Neath Port Talbot Homes against the wishes of the people of the borough.

Despite this they still did it and it cost the tax payer thousands so that an illegal transfer could go ahead.


Is anything this council does legal ?

Anonymous said...

Every time I read something about this case I am astounded as to how much criminality is involved.

Surely the wheels will come off soon.

What happened to integrity in Public Office ?

Anonymous said...

so what papers does he have and has he disclosed them and did he disclose them in the proceedings. The neighbours in Swansea do not disclose papers as they would show that they supply documents to the judges behind the backs of litigants.

If he has already broken the law as stated/alleged then it is unlikely he/NPT complied with the law on disclosure. So LL would not have had access to the papers in the High Court as he states. Many woulds and indicate - too woolly for my liking.

And where was Lyn Naylor, the legal aid millionaire, if she did had access to the papers?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about letting every member of Parliment know about this case.Whether it be Wales,or London government.

It would be interesting to see who would give their support

Mary Jenkins

Anonymous said...

About time those in a position of power did something to help.Surely Linda and her family have had enough of Liars,cheats and child kidnappers.

Anonymous said...

Shows every one in authority in their own true light. this is not a pretty sight for our elected officials in Wales.

David Michael is only still in his job as it is blatantly obvious that those around him are equally as corrupt.

I would suggest this terrifies them too death but the chain of deceit , bungs , lies, illegality etc etc is a very fragile one that will inevitably break and shatter into many pieces.

Please keep going and you know you will always have our support.

Clive and Delyth

Anonymous said...

Never give up hope these criminals will be made accountable for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

A disgraced Council and Government who think they can do anything but will eventually find out that they cannot.

Time will prove this.

J D Kaft said...

David Michael and many others are mocking British law.

The same law that very soon will have them all behind bars.

Anonymous said...

This is criminal and corrupt activity on an industrial scale by David Michael and Government.

The bigger they are the harder they fall so keep going m8.

Anonymous said...

Behaviour of those involved is inexcusable.
They have a duty by Law to investigate.

Anonymous said...

It infuriated me to read Carwyn Jones lack of responce.
He has to accept responsibility.

Dai Malcolm said...

Well done to Steve Hunt from Seven Sisters.

Unless things have changed the only one to realise that there was something seriously wrong and that David Michael was a charlatan and a common misfit who was misleading the Council and the public at large.

Nice One Councillor.

Anonymous said...

This is massive

If David Michael had written this letter in 2009 he would have not been able to get the fraudulent injunction in the courts.

He has deliberately concealed the truth from everyone including the judge.

By his own hand he will now be brought to justice and jailed for a very long time.

Love it

Kevin Edwards said...

A Press Release Has Just Been Sent To All Councillors And The Editor Of The South Wales Evening Post regarding this article.

As Public Notice has been served.

Failure to act means all are

" Complicit By Default."

It is their choice.

Anonymous said...

David Michael must now face criminal charges.

Anonymous said...

Blacks LAW dictionary – 9th. edition.

Fraud = 1. A knowing misrepresentation of the truth or
concealment of a material fact to induce another to act to his or her detriment.


David Michael = Guilty Your Honour.

Marva said...

Sounds like the end is near and I truly hope so. Those people should be in jail. I tell people about this and they don't believe me so I forward it to them to see for themselves.Makes you wonder how they get around the law!

Anonymous said...

Gloucestershire Police for what they are worth are currently investigating Carmarthenshire County Council.

Why don't you prepare a file for them to investigate NPTCBC, their Councillors, Chief Executive and of course David Michael.

Could be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Gloucestershire Police for what they are worth are currently investigating Carmarthenshire County Council.

Why don't you prepare a file for them to investigate NPTCBC, their Councillors, Chief Executive and of course David Michael.

Could be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Surely the matter should be the governments responsibility.
The amount of corruption involved goes against the morals of Society.


Anonymous said...

Read everything like horror story the criminals will have to pay in the end.

Top Man

Anonymous said...

David Michael and other's are all guilty and should be made accountable.
We are living in a Country lacking in Politicians of strengh and honesty.
We could do with more people like youself and Linda, instead of the greedy politicans we seem to breed today.
We only ever see our MP when they want our vote.
good luck with campaign

Anonymous said...

Absolutely sickening what has happened to this innocent Mother and child

Anonymous said...

Is nt he also guilty of perverting the course of justice Kev ?

Anonymous said...

David Michaels actions are beyond amazement

Anonymous said...

Time for everyone to stop paying their council tax.

When youre taxes are being used for criminal activities such as this example you do not have to pay.

See what happens

Anonymous said...

The reason that I follow this case so closely is that everything that you and Linda Lewis say is always backed up by hard evidence.

Considering that the establishment have see the same it is shameful that no action has been taken yet.

A blind man can see here what happened so it amazes me that they have not acted.

Unless of course the guilty are hiding behind a paper screen that has been blown away.

All my support.


John Richard Jones said...

BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or Mad Cow Disease) affect humans as there is a human version of mad cow disease called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). CJD affects the brain and is often fatal.

There is also a political variant of Mad Cows Disease called Carwyn Jones Disease (also CJD) or Political CJD. It generally affects the integrity of ministers or politicians and brainwashes their way of thinking so that they become self-centred and motivated by greed, power and control supporting the corrupt and doing everything to whitewash their fellow wrongdoers as well as not representing the needs and rights of the victims of these wrongdoers.

Political CJD isn't as fatal but the consequences of their perverted attitudes affects the most vulnerable within society. More needs to be done to eliminate Political CJD or restricting it from entering the civilian population. It is bad enough with Carwyn Jones having it.

Anonymous said...

The Linda Lewis Case Is Wales Shame.

Anonymous said...

When is government going to step in,and stand up to this band of CRIMINALS.

Anonymous said...

I have said it before and i will say it again i would write to every member of parliment.
Because i don't believe all Government MPs are bad people.

Jenny said...

My thanks go to David Rees AM for getting the truth from David Michael which condemns him as a council official operating outside of the law.

David Rees well done

David Michael you are a crook

Anonymous said...

Hope Linda his Ok? She will get justice.

Anonymous said...

You are doing excellent work mate I'm sure everything will work out in the end.Those involved can't hide forever.
They must be made accountable one day, because the evidence is stacked against them.

Anonymous said...

I really do hope that Linda will get her closure and justice very soon.

It is obvious that the Welsh Government has played a dirty hand in all of these proceedings.

By their deeds ye shall know them.

Anonymous said...

How people could be so evil deeply concerns me.

The truth will out.

It always will.

Lawrie Driver said...

All Roads Lead To Carwyn Jones.

Senior Legal Authority in Wales when this shameful and fraudulent was being put into courts in 2009 was : -

Carwyn Jones.

Anonymous said...

The establishment are getting very afraid of what we the people are finding out about what they are doing.

The amount of people wakening up grows by the day.

Their time is short.

Our time is coming

J D Kaft said...

Big question asked in Taibach Club tonight Kevin

" Will the Evening Post still continue to protect David Michael " ?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the Campaign

Anonymous said...

When you say there need's to be an investigation.Yes I agree but there need's to be a criminal investigation i thought only the Police could do that

Anonymous said...

The Welsh Assembly Government will not comment any further = Guilty caught Red Handed

Anonymous said...

So many are catching on now Kev its amazing


Anonymous said...

I am disgusted in the lack of response from the Welsh Assembly and other Government agents.
Why don't they do their job,they seem to be Protecting the Guilty.

Anonymous said...

Good work my friend
Good honest judge is needed and all thoose involved will crumble.

Support the cause

Anonymous said...

I am not proud to say that serious problems of high level corruption occur in Wales, with leader Carwyn Jones implicated in the shocking and moving Linda Lewis case.

Terrible things have happened to this poor girl, but at least her champion, Kevin Edwards, finally obtained the courageous support necessary to blow the case open, from Assembly Member, David Rees, who deserves the support of every decent- minded person.

Keep going and ensure David Rees continues to do his job and not be intimidated by the perverts and paedophiles and child abusers that are temporarily I power

dai said...

i am appalled how npt ss has dealt with this in the first place, but when the evidence is so transparent and the likes of Carwyn cannot see beyond his nose just stinks.
i have no faith in any damn politics and especially those who squirms for the vote at election time.
absolute shame on them.

Anonymous said...

On a rather serious and bizarre note.

If anyone accused me of being a common criminal ( and I wasn't ) I would sue you Sir for every farthing in your leather pouch.

So why hasn't David Michael ?

Arrest that fowl fellah and tar and feather him in Cimla next to the chipshop

Anonymous said...

Welsh Government is riddled with corruption

Carol Blackwell said...

It is the absolute complete and utter duty of Carwyn Jones and his government to do as requested and launch the full investigation despite the truthful fact that the outcome will not look good on his Ministerial colleagues.

But it is his duty.

We await his transparency.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that this country is being run by criminals.

Anonymous said...

Danger Zone! for the Establishment

Anonymous said...

When the public at large know about the Justice 4 Linda Lewis story there will be human out-cry.

Marilyn Thomas said...

There is nothing more damaging to a mountain of lies ( this case against Linda ) than the revelation of truth ( the evidence ).

Public Interest Law demands an enquiry and demands that Linda gets the justice she deserves.

Marilyn Thomas said...

There is nothing more damaging to a mountain of lies ( this case against Linda ) than the revelation of truth ( the evidence ).

Public Interest Law demands an enquiry and demands that Linda gets the justice she deserves.

Anonymous said...

Everything against Linda that the establishment has created is a " Pack Of Lies "

Anonymous said...

Those in the Welsh Government and the Council please note.

It is disgraceful that the common man is forced to pay taxes for those that draw money from the public purse under false pretences to enjoy such wilful blindness rather than follow their public duty as per the seven principles of public life.

Shame on them all.

Anonymous said...

An incredible abuse of power here that will be their downfall

Anonymous said...

I admire the work you are doing

The wrongdoing need,s to be put right,the Welsh Assembly government just cannot continue covering -up.
Good luck


Anonymous said...

Shame on everyone who has abused the Lewis Family.
It's time for Justice Carwyn Jones you cannot ignore the evidenced do your job or,get out

Anonymous said...

There is so much Coruption it's about time either the Welsh government, or the London government started to take action against those criminals who have abused Lindaand her daughter.

Anonymous said...

With very few exceptions politicians are inherently corrupt and paedophilic in nature.

Maureen said...

Heard a woman at Morrisons saying today that they cannot be allowed to get away with this.

I said we won't

Andy Peacher said...

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Anonymous said...

You just couldn't make it up

Steven Kinnock is Labour Candidate at next election for Aberavon

He said

"Hywel Francis has been fantastic advocate for the constituency in Westminster and he leaves very big shoes to fill."

Doctor Fucking Do Little a man who took evidence from Linda and buried it.

God hep us.

Anonymous said...

The peoples republic of Wales


Anonymous said...

Heard that latest figure is over 1000 kids now being taken a month by the SS.

God bless the children.

Anonymous said...

The criminal elite in Cardiff Bay cannot find new ways to camouflage their actions of kidnapping.

They are a disgrace to us all.