Wednesday 22 January 2014

Perverts In Power.

Legend and brave brilliant child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney from a radio interview 13th January 2014.WARNING-contains SHOCKING and GRAPHIC information/allegations.

The systematic abuse of children whether through Paedophilia , Social Services or Austerity measures is being orchestrated by those elected representative who pretend to represent us.

Why are the vast majority of our elected officials not speaking out about this ?


Anonymous said...

Hitler said " Give me your children and I will change society within 10 years ".

Same applies here and it's not for our or our children's benefit.

Deeply disturbing video thanks for showing.


Anonymous said...

As Brian Gerrish has already said regarding the family courts " What if that Judge is a Pedophile. "

Go to your MP or AM and ask for help because the SS have taken your kid ?

What if your MP , AM and the SS operative are Pedophiles ?

CAFFCASS are part of the systematic abuse of children working WITH the governments who by all accounts are riddled with Pedophiles or protectors of Pedophiles.

No wonder our politicians will not speak out.

Are they protecting themselves ?

This needs a massive exposure and we need to take action against our politicians.

Anonymous said...

War criminal Tony Blair should have been arrested and put on trial long ago. It defies belief that this murderer of over 1 million Iraqis can lead a normal life and even profit from his criminal actions. He is an arrogant compulsive liar, a war criminal and religious zealot who believed he had messages from his God to attack Iraq. We all know that we were lied to about Iraq, intelligence was hand picked and manipulated to build a case for war, and the war itself was illegal, unjust, and a war of aggression. I would like to see swift action taken to wipe the 'Joker' grin off this disgusting man's face once and for all!

Same mentality in Westminster and Cardiff Bay as well.

Arrogant and useless parasite who need to be removed and placed in asylums.

Anonymous said...

Wake up folks Government is trying to kill you and your kids

Anonymous said...

I was told to get in touch with Bill Maloney but he hasn't got back to me. I have plenty of information about being a victim of child abuse but like the authorities when I needed help, nobody listens or answers.

I give up with Bill Maloney.

Unknown said...

Same here. Bill Maloney is like Tony Blair - doesn't listen or acknowledge. Treats everyone who is not one of his clique as an outcast.