Monday 18 November 2013

Letter Received From Welsh Assembly Member David Rees And A Veiled Threat.

A letter arrived at Linda's house last Friday from Welsh Assembly Member David Rees in response to the email sent to him and The First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones on the 5th of November 2013.
The article covering this and the contents of that email can be viewed HERE
As in previous articles there is no need to publish Mr Rees letter but Linda has authorised me to publish her reply to Mr Rees in which Carwyn Jones has been copied in.
Below is Linda's email. Click read more to continue. 

Dear Mr Rees
Thank you for your letter dated 13 November 2013 in response to my email of 5 November 2013.
With regard to point 1 that you raised I take note.
Regarding point 2 I would like to clarify a few points with you.
The " UK Generated Pick Up Order " is not as you suggest a legal order issued in some US States and is not granted in a State as an urgent order for the return of a child.
A "UK Generated Pick Up Order " literally means a " Pick Up Order " that had to be generated in the UK by a Judge in a UK Court. Neath Port Talbot Council have consistently refused to provide this to many people over the years.
Granted if such a document was ever issued then it is possible that a copy would be held by the American Federal Court that the local authority dealt with in America.
But I would like to make it abundantly clear to you that Judge Michael T Evans in a court transcript that we hold makes it impossible for any such document to ever have legally existed.
Therefore this is a clear case of kidnapping as I was in America with my daughter and family at the time without any restrictions and completely legally.

Any document that Neath Port Talbot Council attempt to produce now or have used at anytime in the past is obviously fraudulent and illegal.
A long time ago to satisfy my own curiosity the court in America was contacted and asked to supply the relevant paperwork including any " UK Generated Pick Up Order " or " Recovery Order ."

The reply that was received was that " No such documentation that you have requested can be located."
Further proof that no UK generated pick up order was ever issued.
I am sure that you will agree that any extradition that would take place from America would have to have been legally processed through an American Federal Court as it is the only court that has jurisdiction to deal with extradition.
For your information documented evidence proves that the court Julie Rzezniczek the agent of Neath Port Talbot Social Services dealt with in America was a " Juvenile Court " with no powers of extradition whatsoever.
Documented evidence also proves that a minimum of 28 US laws were broken by Miss Rzezniczek at this time.
Nothing that Neath Port Talbot Council have ever done by kidnapping my daughter from my care in America can ever be classed as Legal.
Moving onto point 3
In order to assist you with details regarding the " thorough investigation" allegedly made into my case may I suggest that you make contact with Edwina Hart AM or Jane Hutt AM as I have letters from them stating that a " thorough investigation " had taken place.

I am sure that they will be more than happy to assist you in order to save time and red tape.
With reference to point 4 nothing has changed regarding the first part so please pursue on my behalf as initially requested.
With regards to your final paragraph unless you can provide me with hard evidence in law refuting my point that " No injunction can be taken out to cover up for criminal acts " then I and my thousand of supporters do not recognise any injunction that is there to purely protect the guilty that illegally kidnapped my daughter.
Do I detect a veiled threat from you when you state "courts within the UK will  appropriately and correctly apply the law if that junction is breeched ?

Then so be it.

If only the courts did indeed " appropriately and correctly apply the law " then I and my worldwide team of supporters would still not be fighting a criminal cabal and I and my daughter would a long time ago have received justice and those guilty of kidnapping my daughter rightfully imprisoned.
The local Liberal Democrats issued a statement in 2011 after they had witnessed and were refused the opportunity to testify on my behalf along with three other Councillors in a farcical court case that operated outside of the law when they said.
Statement about a child

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats make the following response to the recent press release.
It was established at a court hearing in Cardiff that an unauthorised act of removal of a minor took place in the United States, and that Councillor Keith Davies was unreasonably denied access to relevant files by officers of Neath Port Talbot county borough. Liberal Democrat members of the council made it clear that we dissociated ourselves from the council's actions then and subsequently.
So there you have it. Former Councillors Keith Davies and Frank Little unable to accept the court ruling where perjury was committed by Neath Port Talbot Council and their barrister witnessed by many and allowed to stand by Judge Seys-Llewellyn.
There is no reason for my campaign to go back into court for there is no injunction to answer too.
I and others now feel it is the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly Government to launch a thorough investigation which would include myself and members of my team without delay.
Let us not forget the role of and the fabricated evidence invented by Mr David Johnston who was the Welsh Assembly Government Inspector of Social Services at the time.
Once again Mr Rees thank you for your efforts.
A copy of this email has also been sent to the First Minister Carwyn Jones.
I have authorised Kevin Edwards to place this email under Public Interest Law onto my website and I put you on notice and respectfully request a reply by close of business on Wednesday 4December 2013.
Yours Sincerely,
Linda Suzanne Lewis

Well said Linda.

Obviously in my opinion the " Veiled Threat " made only further proves the desperation that they now find themselves.

Having held a meeting with some of the team this weekend we are all in agreement that as a group or as individuals we would all happily go to prison should the need arise if that were the case in support of this campaign.

The positive publicity that this would generate would be massive so not one of us will lose any sleep over the threat.

This case is fully exposed in the public domain and it would appear that only if you are a politician or part of the criminal Neath Port Talbot Council can you fail ( or are too scared ) to admit that a massive crime has been committed here against an innocent child, mother and family.

" You can always kill a lie but you can never kill the truth."


For those of you who do not know about David Johnston as mentioned in Linda's email you can read how he falsified evidence and entered it into a hearing without Linda's knowledge in order to influence the courts by clicking HERE

At no time did Linda Lewis ever write any form of letter saying that she was going to kill herself or her daughter.

This just shows how wicked and deceitful these people really are. 


Anonymous said...


So now I get it.

They are exposed as guilty criminals so David Rees remedy is to threaten an innocent mother who has suffered far more than any mother ever should and a brave man like yourself who fights for truth and justice regardless of the cost.

This is absolutely unbelievable.

God am I angry feel like going down to Water Street and ripping their heads off.

What a coward you are David Rees.


Richie said...

I like many others feel a complete waste of public money has been wasted and used for this disgraceful act. It is about time that a public demonstration is now and should be done with out delay. Kev, set up a paypal account to fund this motion. I will be the first, not just to fund this, but will be a front liner. Please, if any is up for this, get hold of kev personally or put a yey here.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a strange reaction when guilty people get trapped behind their own lies that the only reaction they appear to have left is to threaten the ones that they have victimised, persecuted and wronged in the first place.

Delyth said...

They know what they have done and are trapped like rabbits in headlights.

Using the courts or should I say corrupt courts to make up judgements that benefit the council is their only way out.

As a long time supporter of Linda as discussed this weekend we will NOT be taking their option to get stitched up again.

So threaten whatever you like David Rees we as a people will not let you get away with this.

Anything you do we will come back stronger.

Anonymous said...

Protecting fellow brethren at whatever consequences to others come to mind here.
Shooting at will against an innocent mother seems to be the only option to criminals caught in the searchlights.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely disgraceful statement by a now wholly discredited politician in Port Talbot.

Keep going my friend and tell Linda not too worry so many people like myself support you

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems the Rats are getting nervous, they havent seen nothing yet. They have had their fun with us for the past 15 years, now it is our time..


Karen Lloyd said...

More scheming and deception behind the scenes in Cardiff Bay.


Anonymous said...

The more they duck and dive in attempting to hide their corruption the more exposed they become.

The questions that Linda have asked are fair and need to b answered.

Very disappointed with Bully Boy Rees superior and condescending pompous " I am superior attitude."

He should be ashamed

Anonymous said...

David Rees must be a complete idiot to even think of going down the road of threats.

Linda is right the injunction is invalid and criminal designed to protect certain individuals who in my opinion should hang for what they have done.

What an embarrassment this is for the second rate wannabee politicians in Cardiff.

This man was elected on a promise of helping his constituents and doing the moral upright decent thing.

Threatening an innocent mother is a disgrace it didn't take him long to become as corrupt as the rest of them.

A family of lost votes here next time.

Hang your head in shame.

Cerys said...

Personally I would advice Linda to put the threatening letter onto this website for all to see.

Anonymous said...

It was Hitler who coined the phrase "In a child's best interest" with his SS murdering the children and families.

There are Nazis in the judiciary and the Welsh Government as well so it would appear.

J D Kaft said...

This scandal gets more ludicrous by the day

Anonymous said...

Nothing now is hidden Kev apart from what we have not yet disclosed.

Feel sorry for David Rees in a way as I feel and so do the guys in the club that Carwyn Jones is the one pulling his strings.

Lets wait and see what sort of metal Mr Rees is made of ?

All the best


John Maclean said...

Yes indeed and of course Carwyn Jones is also in possession of and is totally aware that Neath Port Talbot Council and the Welsh Assembly Government Social Services Inspector withheld crucial, fabricated and fraudulent evidence from Linda Lewis and her Legal Team.

Deliberately manufactured to support Neath Port Talbot Social Services in their illegal removal of Linda's daughter from her care in America.

That is what thy are failing spectacularly to hide.

Digger said...

If David Rees has seen the videos on the UK Column and listened to the American Radio interviews then very simply he will realise that a serious crime has been committed here by his own being covered up by Cardiff Bay.

Failure to act makes himself part of a dirty,deep and dark criminal conspiracy.

Simply which road does he want to take ?

The truth road or the criminal road ?

Your choice Mr Rees, your choice.

Anonymous said...

Time for all of them to back down from their lies

Anonymous said...

The only reason that this has dragged on for so long is that they are guilty.

This is a massive cover up always has been it is a national disgrace for Wales.

Anonymous said...

The evidence is out there for all to see,The Welsh Government like other's are wishing this case would go away.
They have alway's used the injunction to cover-up like you have said "No! injunction"can cover up a crime.

Well done my friend we need people like you to expose what's happening in our Country.

Anonymous said...

There should be a full inquiry into the case.If they can't do their job then they should be removed from office.


Anonymous said...

Someone has to do, something the family must be going through hell
So proud of the way you have handled the case.


Anonymous said...

David Rees know's the truth it's about time those involved should sit around table and resolve the situation.

It scares me to think that no-one in Government want's to get involved.

Such a mess i pray the mother and child will get justice.

Anonymous said...

Good will alway's prevail over Evil.

Can't stay Silent forever.

Anonymous said...

David Rees should be ashamed of himself by threatening Linda don't he think she's been through enough.
instead of threats he should be helping Linda.


Anonymous said...

What does David Rees know about suffering.
It's a case of I'm all right Jack and stuff the poor.

Alice Moore said...

Fifteen years of cover-ups, lies and now threats. It`s a disgrace. Good luck to the campaign for justice, Linda and her family.

Anonymous said...

What i have difficulty with, there is substantial evidence.
Yet? the Government continues to do nothing.
Surely they should expose the guilty, and try to prevent this sort of abuse happening again.

Anonymous said...

David Rees should not be making threats to Linda he should make them to those who have done wrong

Linda should report David Rees to the Police.

Marva said...

It is hard to believe that this has gone on so many years with no Justice at all.I pray for swift justice and Linda's daughter returns home.Those involved in this mess should be punished.I pray it will be over soon and the family together.

JIM D said...

I am finding it difficult these days to put this in to words, many of us who have supported Linda for many years now and seen the trail of slug Goo that has been exposed are time passes. I find it difficult to believe that in the year 2013 we have come to this. JFK is a reality of cover up and deceit. Poor people, innocent have been delt the bad hand have to be recipients of internal beurocracy and closed door hand shackers. Mr Rees, I congratulate you on being another arsehole in this injustice.
Sadly you know how to sit in water St and make judgement, what you don't do is what your paid for. Another waste of time and taxpayers purses. You have been put on notice! Good luck selling your house. Tell your wife to make good use of her credit cards now as your time will be up soon I hear.
All I say to conclude, what a mess!
Our thoughts are always with Linda.
There are more for you than against you

Dai jinx said...

This is the country we live in.
I wondered if we were still in the dark ages.
Good luck, I will follow this.

Anonymous said...

How stupid are they.

My advise to the Welsh Assembly is NO MORE.

This case is not going away and will eventually bring you aall down

Anonymous said...

Anyone who cant see that this cover up is being orchestrated by Insane People with Insane Objectives are themselves by definition " Insane "

Keep going for truth and justice.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that David Rees has failed to take action against the authorities.He should have launched a full investigation


Anonymous said...

As everyday passes the Welsh Assembly shows itself even further in the gutter of truth and morality.

People are beginning to realise this.

God bless this righteous battle.

Maureen said...

Wow stop the music please.

Who's the criminals here ?

Linda and her supporters or Neath Port Talbot Council and the Welsh Government ?

Anonymous said...

It infuriates me, to think that a Government agent can ignore valid evidence.

Donna said...

And I quote from Linda

"It was established at a court hearing in Cardiff that an unauthorised act of removal of a minor took place in the United States, and that Councillor Keith Davies was unreasonably denied access to relevant files by officers of Neath Port Talbot county borough. Liberal Democrat members of the council made it clear that we dissociated ourselves from the council's actions then and subsequently."

So even the cowardly Lib Dems recognised that this court case was a complete and utter farce.

Anthony Seys-Llewellyn should be jailed.

Anonymous said...

Will never be able to see Carwyn Jones in a positive light anymore.

Anonymous said...

Having followed this case when a leaflet was put through my door a few month ago I am feeling angrier by the day as to what is happening here.

Where are these completely useless Councillors ? afraid to speak out in case their wards disappear due to budget cuts ?

I find it embarrassing that this has happened to Linda Lewis by people who live in an area in which I used to be so proud to belong to.

She has my full support and respect. I will keep watching and hope that the right thing will be done.


Anonymous said...

This level of deviant perversion and corruption and cruelty to a child and mother could only manifest by the Council Social Services with the Welsh Assembly aiding and abetting and turning a blind eye to those with evil in their hearts,

Remember Labour 25 and growing

Decent, normal, good people are not allowed into politics anymore.

Karen Lloyd said...

Have you thought about contacting The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

The abuse of children is high on their agenda and they deal in Common Law and have established Common Law Courts.

The Linda Lewis tragedy fits in exactly with what they are doing and who they wish to put on trial.

Their website is

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

This case needs to be heard in a criminal court with a jury of 12 with NPT and the WAG on trial.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what the Government think's of the public.
They are not! fit for purpose,
The sooner people of this Country wake up the better off we will be.

Anonymous said...

There should be alarm call to every parent.

Can't believe this is still Continuing.

I would explore different avenue.


Anonymous said...

It is blatant that this is a cover up

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Linda
These people are Criminals
One day she will get the justice she rightfully deserves.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with this case Linda and yourself would be opening a huge can of worms.

The establishment don't want themselves exposed.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the Welsh Government are acting Unlawful and deceitful.

They have a duty to the Public to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the map on your website Mr Edwards it was interesting to see on this a worldwide flag display.

Philadelphia , Swansea , Simi Valley , Port Talbot all in at the same time.

Good work

Rebecca TV said...

All Roads Lead To Carwyn Jones.

All Roads Lead To Dinas Powis.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Violation of Linda's Human Rights?

Bunch of Cowards

Anonymous said...

People should be outraged with the Welsh assembly,if i refused to serve anyone in my job i would have the sack.

Anonymous said...

Keep going this is out for all too see and cannot be hidden any longer.


Anonymous said...

Are our politicians there to implement and work for public service or public disgrace.

Sheena said...

You are experiencing the same resistance from corrupt politicians In Wales as Robert Green is from the corrupt Scottish Government over the Hollie Greig case.

Doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out that there is an agenda here in which the abuse of children is high on the list.

I have emailed your website onto all my contacts .

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I still find it difficult to get my head around the mentality of the people who have persecuted this family and are still allowing it to continue.

Anonymous said...

It should be pointed out to David Rees that the order obtained in the manner it was obtained is a nullity - it has no legal force - no judge can enforce it withiout committing treason.

In addition wasn't it Lord Denning who said something like - any order obtained by fraud cannot be allowed to stand - full quote is available in the recent Petrodel Resources Judgement from the Supreme Court [of the UK].

A thorough investigation where Jane Hutt is involved will make sure that her failure will be covered up - just as in the Aaron Gilbert case.

The injunction order must either be regular, irregular or voidable to be enforceable - it is neither of these as it is a nullity ie can be ignored.Anyone who tries to enforce it must overcome this hurdle.

Finally did you know that the AM's in the area regularly meet social services officers from swansea Neath etc to discuss how things are going? An AM let this slip out recently.

steve said...

I was asked by a good friend if I knew about the linda lewies case, I said I knew about it and as I work close with ss I am presumed gagged, well gag no more. I will ring you kevin, I have much to tell. I could even give you info on the inside. AM wont like it mind. seems to me they deserve what is coming to them.
you will know who I am when I ring. you will be quite surprised.
I will help you to bring this kkk down.

Kevin Edwards said...

Judicial Abhorrence to Fraud

The effect of fraud is expressed with a masterly stroke by Lord Denning LJ in Lazarus Estates Limited v. Beasley

“No judgment of court, no order of a Minister, can be allowed to stand if it has been obtained by fraud. Fraud unravels everything.”

And the Welsh Assembly Government know this.

Kevin said...

Hi Linda and Kevin,

Have you been on Freedom Talk Radio yet? Your daughter deserves a voice and so do you! These mental health hospitals need to be shut down as they are prisons for bullied victims. They are used to shut people up!

Denise Robertson is on You Tube re Forced Adoption for Profit and speaks out about Social Services. They tried to get her sacked from her TV Job because she tried to help two parents. They were victims of the state child care system. Social Services put the mother in a mental health hospital to keep an eye on her and her baby, because they believed she would not make a very good mother as she was brought up in care. Funny that, are they saying that state care is no good! Of course they knew she would crack under such circumstances as a mental health hospital is no place for a baby and mother. Even the mentally ill deserve better.

I hope you and your daughter will be reunited soon. As this is illegal!

Anonymous said...

Linda and Kevin,

I wish you luck. Your child has suffered enough and it is time for justice for all children. The Tax Payer must take control and end this abuse on children and families.

Anonymous said...

I have followed this case with great interest and concern, but also sympathy for all involved as I am a huge activist myself for Social Justice. However, knowing David Rees personally as my local AM and insight knowledge and personal dealings with him and his staff at Cardiff Bay and Water Street there is no way David Rees would speak or write in a threatening manner as it is not in his natural make up. David is very much a great example of what our local politicians should be. Nasty threatening personal attacks above towards David, unfair when letter not shared. David is very honest & transparent and would not cover anything up regardless who they are if it is wrong.

Kevin Edwards said...

Anonomous@23 November 2013 01:44

I certainly hope that your optimistic comments regarding the standing of David Rees AM are indeed correct.

Time will tell.

Many people have followed this case for years and some have been with Linda from the beginning and the injustice , lies , deceit and downright wickedness instigated by Neath Port Talbot Council and the Welsh Assembly against an innocent mother daughter and family has got thousands of people from all over very angry.

Until the Welsh Assembly Government admits its part in this crime and instructs the courts to issue arrest warrants against the likes of David Johnston , Juie Rzezniczek, Lyne Naylor , David Michael , Steve Phillips and others then justice will never be seen to be done.

I sincerely hope that David Rees is indeed the upright man that you say he is and will seek the path of truth and justice and will not allow himself to be influenced by others within the criminal Welsh Assembly.

Please remember that Linda and her supporters have a large selection of letters from assembly members over the years that have happily supported this crime.

Let's see what David Rees is made of.

On a personal level if he does help expose this crime then his own standing would rocket and I believe that should he continue along the same lines in the future then he will go a long way.

Let's wait and see.


Anonymous said...

All Roads Lead To Carwyn Jones.

Nothing has happened yet to change my mind.

PT Council Watcher said...

Injunction, What Injunction ?

Head of Legal Services for Neath Port Talbot Council elevated himself above the authority of a High Court judge in conspiring to influence it.

Munchausen, What Munchausen David Michael ?

Anonymous said...

Hywel Francis is standing down in the next election.
Is he suffering from Rectum Twitchianus or is he joining the Hain Family Enterprise - The Severn Barrage.
Perhaps David Rees and Carwyn Jones will folow. I am sure Mr and Mrs Hain will find a place for them on the Severn Barrage Payroll.

Kevin Edwards said...

Of course, this site is primarily dedicated to the Linda Lewis case, but we are dealing with an utterly corrupt and dishonest regime that includes Hywel Francis as Linda's MP.

As far as this cover up goes having spoken to Linda and other supporters over many years the only contribution Hywel Francis ever made was to take information/evidence given to him by Linda and a colleague and putting it in his safe for so called " safekeeping."

It has never seen the light of day since.

Obviously Linda had pre-empted this and many photocopies were taken in advance.

It has been a massive case of absolute amazement, astonishment and amusement that he was chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights considering that he knew full well that Linda and her daughters Human Rights had been breached in every conceivable way.

It is my and many others opinion that he is a complete waste of time and an embarrassment to the office that he held.

Judith said...

Well one thing that cannot be disputed by the support being shown on here is " don't ignore us anymore " in the hope it will go away?

It won't for a long as it takes we will fight and we will get stronger.

We will get justice for Linda and her daughter.

Watcher said...

David Johnston's wicked story re the suicide letter incriminates the Welsh Assembly Government 100% .

Question has to be asked if someone threatens to kill another human being then surely they should be arrested especially if it was in the form of a letter.

Where is the letter then Welsh Assembly Government ?

Edwina Hart , Jane Hutt can you help Mr Rees please ?

Anonymous said...

If an injunction is obtained or contested with the help of untrue evidence, then the person who swore the affidavit or signed the statement could be charged with the criminal offence of perjury'

The onus on those who are privy to misinformation to correct any incorrect information in an injunction is ongoing.

Anonymous said...

All it will take is one good man.

Let's hope David Rees is the one.

Fingers Crossed.

Anonymous said...

They can't keep the lid on this any longer.

Well Done Kev


Jenny said...

If David Rees is indeed an incorruptible honest individual as stated by a poster on an earlier comment then he can only be seen to come out on Linda's side there is no other logical result that can happen based on the evidence.

But as the evidence and files getter bigger he will have to get past the sinister Carwyn Jones and the likes of Edwina Hart Jan Hutt and the dreadful Gwenda Thomas.

This will be Davis Rees biggest test.

Does he buckle to protect these colleagues who should be in jail ( it is only postponing the inevitable because jail is where they belong and will be one day ) or does he stand firm and come out for truth and justice ?

I hope he remains steadfast and honest as a shining light.

Time will tell

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kevin is spot on - this is Carwyn Jones watch and 'sins of the past' regardless, the vile crime committed against Linda ,her daughter and other children especially in Bridgend by this seemingly 'untouchable' corrupt Council and Welsh Government are now his responsibility to resolve by expediting an untainted internal and police investigation.

No more delay please.

The evidence speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Surely all those responsible for covering up should either resign or be sacked.

Anonymous said...

Don't really believe anyone in government would want inquiry.
you would be opening a can of worms.

Linda and her family don't deserve to be treated this way they are good people.

We all support Linda


Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones need's to do the right thing and start by investigating Neath Port Talbot Council.
It's obvious you are not going away.well done for sticking with this case.

Anonymous said...

Please keep going.

As a group we fully intend to have our say and to expose the rotten underbelly of the local political clique in Neath Port Talbot who have had it their own way for far too long and the same goes for the criminals In the Welsh Assembly Government who allow this to happen.

The world is watching. .

Anonymous said...

All decent people who really do believe in fairness, democracy and justice are watching with baited breath.

Anonymous said...

It's about time the press highlighted the case.

Not only in this Country This should go international Worldwide.


Anonymous said...

If they do impeach Carwyn Jones for Bridgend and Linda Lewis theyll simply replace him with someone just as bad.

J D Kaft said...

Hi Kevin I don't know if you are aware but Robert Green is being interviewed by Sonia Poulton on The People`s Voice this Thursday, the 28th November. The programme begins at 17.15hrs.

As both you and Roberts paths with the Hollie Greig Paedophile cover up are exposing corrupt politician in Wales and Scotland thought you might want to know if you didn't know already.

Looking forward to hearing you on there soon.

Anonymous said...

I pray that the torture and torment that Linda and her family have been through for so long thanks to the wickedness of so many public officials is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

British Politicians are supposedly have been voted into parliament to look after the interests of the British people.

Anonymous said...

There is a need for a full inquiry into this dreadful situation,they have no right to destroy,and ruin peoples lives if the Welsh government can't do the work they are paid for then i suggest they should all resign.

Luke Andrews

Anonymous said...

Government's take us all for fool's but not for much longer.

Anonymous said...

I watched Robert Greens interview Kev and just like you he's got them by the balls.

Two cast iron cases and for Alex Salmond in Scotland and Carwyn Jones in Wales to let them continue well quite frankly they'd be nuts.



Anonymous said...

Nothing regarding what happened to Linda ha followed due process so let due process start at last and lets start arresting those in power who are guilty on all accounts

Anonymous said...

Truth is the Mother of Justice. Justice is the Protection of Rights and the Punishment of Wrongs. Freedom is Everyone's God-given Birthright. Democracy is the Sovereignty of the People.

NOBODY should escape punishment for what they have done to Linda.

Anonymous said...

A full thorough open and honest investigation should take place immediately with all evidence that Neath Port Talbot Council and the Welsh Assembly Government CLAIM to have made public.

Anonymous said...

An interesting week ahead lets hope this Mr Rees is an honest Assembly Member.

Surely one will come along.


Emily said...

Well this is the week.

Lets hope there is some long overdue good news from David Rees.

Fingers Crossed for Justice

Anonymous said...

Hope everything work's out for Linda and her daughter.

Kevin You are a inspiration to all keep up with the good work you are doing.


Anonymous said...

When a Christian priest abuses child, he goes against his religion.

When Social Workers protected by a Marxist Welsh Assembly Government and an un accountable Local Authority do,they follow their ideology to its sick conclusion with smiles on their faces.

How many child abusers are there in power ?


Rebecca TV said...

Any further deceit against Linda will now be firmly placed at the door of Carwyn Jones.

We are all wise to this

Anonymous said...

Yes Public Momentum is very much with you.

Let's pray for a speedy conclusion ( not that 15 years is speedy ) this time.

The Public know what has gone here even through their general apathy.

All eyes are on them.

Anonymous said...

Please God now let this be over

Anonymous said...

Welsh Assembly Government

As Charlie Rich sang " nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors "

Well thanks to your efforts and those of others we do now.

Good Luck hope you get your reply later today.

Anonymous said...

Is this crime still going to be covered up by the criminals involved ?

Anonymous said...

Any reply yet m8 ?


Anonymous said...

What's happening have they done anything to help.I hope so.

Rebecca TV said...

As we thought looks like Carwyn and Gerard in the Dinas Lodge might be perverting the course of justice again.

No surprise.

Anonymous said...

Any news or does the cover up continue ?