Tuesday 5 November 2013

Email Sent To Welsh Assembly Government First Minister Carwyn Jones And Local Welsh Assembly Member David Rees

Below is a copy of an email sent today by Linda Lewis to Welsh Assembly First Minister Carwyn Jones and Local Welsh Assembly Member David Rees.

david.rees@wales.gov.uk, carwyn.jones@wales.gsi.gov.uk

Dear David Rees AM
I would like to draw your attention back to the meeting held with yourself on Monday 15th April 2013 in the presence of myself, Kevin Edwards and several supporters who remained outside the building at Morrison Road Library, Port Talbot.
During the meeting a lot of information was given to you regarding the kidnapping from my care of my daughter in 1998 by agents of Neath Port Talbot Social Services.
Over six months have passed since that meeting and despite my many requests by email and by letter I am extremely disappointed that you have failed to supply me with the basic information that I requested from you at that time.
I feel I am being deliberately stonewalled by you as no answers to my basic requests for information have been forthcoming. 
So I ask again.
1 – Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and the Welsh Assembly Government have often stated in the press, by letter and by email that a thorough investigation has been conducted regarding my case and that they are satisfied with their findings. Therefore there should be no problem with you obtaining a valid and legal “UK Generated Pick up Order “ on my behalf bearing in mind that if such a document does not exist then everything done to me in 1998 is illegal.
2 - When did this alleged thorough investigation take place? Who attended and who chaired the meeting? If such a meeting took place then obviously there will be minutes of this meeting that I would like to see and trust that you will provide me with them without delay.
For information
A - It is illegal to destroy at any point paperwork that deals directly with any extradition and B - how could a thorough investigation have taken place when I was denied the opportunity to put my side of the story forward?
This email has been bcc’d to several campaign groups and alternative media outlets in the UK and worldwide as well as The First Minister Carwyn Jones for his perusal.
I have authorised Kevin Edwards to place the following article onto my website and I give my full authority for you to reply to anyone who so wishes to contact you regarding my case as it is very much in the Public Interest.
Also please note the change in email address so that there can be no dispute that this email has been sent by me.
Mr Rees I have been advised by many people that as the information that I have requested over six months ago is still not forthcoming that I formally place you on notice and expect a full response to my request from you as per 1 and 2 above within 10 working days.
I look forward to receiving all answers and valid documentation by the end of business on Wednesday 20th  November 2013.
Yours Sincerely,
Linda Lewis


The content of the email is self evident as far as I am concerned but one does wonder if it will be replied to.

It is to be hoped that Carwyn Jones and others will not allow themselves to be so ill-informed as to suggest once again that a "thorough investigation" into The Linda Lewis  case has already been undertaken.
No investigation that could possibly be described as such has ever happened. 


Anonymous said...

Well said Linda

John Richard Jones said...

We all know about historic child abuse and I have been trying to get myself heard and believed as I was abused in the Bridgend area back in the 1970s and attempted suicide.

I am writing my autobiography where I expose what happened and I shall be naming and shaming Carwyn Jones as well as Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health board for not providing me with my medical records concerning the times I was abused in hospital.

My book is intended to be launched on 11-12-13 and is called “A Pain In The Rs” (ISBN 978-0-9926729-0-4) as it is all about the lack of respect, recognition, reward combined with abuse, betrayal and neglect while I was living in the Bridgend area. Carwyn Jones won’t answer any of my letters but I managed to get Madeleine Moon to reply as I threatened her with name and shame.

This is not a marketing ploy but action I have had to go along due to being ignored and not believed by people in senior positions of authority – but then like supports like.

Kevin Edwards said...

Thanks John

Let me know when the book is out and I'll give it a plug.


Anonymous said...

I am afraid Government can no longer sit back and do nothing.
there is enough information on your site that proves unlawful acts.

Anonymous said...

The Truth Will Set You Free

Its a shame that the Welsh Assembly Government can only operate in deceit and lies.

Delyth said...

Linda Lewis case must be the most emotive and awful case of abuse currently unresolved in the UK but it is only a matter of time before it ends.

The evidence out there only puts those involved in covering this up into shame on a daily basis.

It really is incredible.

This is a criminal unholy unethical conspiracy that needs to be resolved by those that are covering this up.

Suffer the little children.

God Bless Linda and her daughter.

Anonymous said...

All Politicians should be investigating this dreadful affair

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones must raise questions he his first Minister for Wales.

Hope you have a prompt response

Anonymous said...

If a thorough investigation has taken place. Why? have no-one been arrested.


Anonymous said...


Maureen said...

They must surely realise that as a group we are not going away.

The more they ignore us and act like common criminals the stronger and more determined we become.

Anonymous said...

Minister Carwyn Jones cannot keep on ignoring the evidence.
It's obvious you are not going to give up fighting for the Lewis Family.
It's about time the Welsh Government started to listen.
Good on you mate

Anonymous said...

“The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us.”

The Truth Will Out

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed there is far too much evidence against them so lets hope that decent thing is done by David Rees and Carwyn Jones.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

by default the gagging process has obviously had people scared to stick their neck out.I will copy the text and sent an e=mail to the address's hear in. Kevin, where are the local councilors in all this, surely you have their support? am i right in saying that they are weak and spineless or are they just looking out for them selves. surely they are for the people and not the council. That is what they signed up for?
what ones have shown support and witch ones have been mice?
Can you post a list of them and their contact details so we can hound them. You need support in all this surely and the ones that should be supportive are useless.
They don't deserve the the seat they sit upon!


Anonymous said...

cllr.o.jones@npt.gov.uk; cllr.i.w.willis@npt.gov.uk; cllr.p.j.thomas@npt.gov.uk; cllr.c.crowley@npt.gov.uk; cllr.l.h.james@npt.gov.uk; cllr.e.v.latham@npt.gov.uk; cllr.j.dinham@npt.gov.uk; cllr.t.j.sullivan@npt.gov.uk; cllr.anthonytaylor@homail.com;
cllr.anthonytaylor@npt.gov.uk; cllr.i.b.james@npt.gov.uk; cllr.denisp.keogh@btinternet.com; cllr.denisp.keogh@npt.gov.uk; francish@parliament.uk; dai.lloyd@wales.gov.uk; helen-mary.jones@wales.gov.uk; s.voisey@npt.gov.uk; cllr.a.i.tutton@npt.gov.uk;
cllr.i.rogers@npt.gov.uk; cllr.a.taylor@npt.gov.uk; cllr.s.i.mason@npt.gov.uk; juliet.hopkins@ntlworld.com; peter.richards983@ntlworld.com; john@tallamy.co.uk; cllr.i.d.williams@npt.gov.uk; mlewisfarm@aol.com; cllr.b.roblin@npt.gov.uk;
news@itvwales.com; news@timesonline.co.uk; national@guardian.co.uk; telegrapheditorial@telegraph.co.uk; news.desk@express.co.uk; exclusive@thesun.co.uk; editor@ukcolumn.org; Leader@CommonsLeader.x.gsi.gov.uk; Deputy@CommonsLeader.x.gsi.gov.uk;
westwales@bnp.org.uk; dfes.ministers@dfes.gsi.gov.uk; general.queries@justice.gsi.gov.uk; scottish.secretary@scotland.gsi.gov.uk; wales.office@walesoffice.gsi.gov.uk;

Karen Lloyd said...

You are right Kevin

Any repetition of the ludicrous phrase that a "thorough investigation" has already taken place would be transparently nonsensical and would not be advantageous to Carwyn Jones or the WAGS credit or credibility.

Anonymous said...

Welsh Assembly First Minister Carwyn Jones and Local Welsh Assembly Member David Rees.

Should do the right thing they should be a full investigation.

Anonymous said...

How stupid are they to try and keep this hidden ?

Far too many people now know about what they have done.

Anonymous said...

A full inquiry should be called for into the Linda Lewis case.

where no one of authority has the courage or decency to stand up and say that what has happened here is wrong.

What sort of people are they ?

Marilyn Bowen said...

This has always been the most appalling miscarriage of justice that I have ever come across.

It is a subject that is now fully known in Port Talbot.

My opinion of many things and many people who I used to respect or at least hold no animosity towards has changed dramatically over a short period of time.

Lets be honest here if a politician can ever be.

No one has the authority to kidnap, lie, deceive or torture an innocent child or mother like this.

The Welsh people can have little confidence these days in the probity of its unaccountable politicians or Councils if this is what they are capable of doing.

Not in my name do they continue to act in shame.

Please keep going and god bless your eventual victory over this evil.

Marva said...

Hard to find words to express how evil these people are.There is nothing worse then separating a child and their mother.I hope she is home with her family soon.No way to make up for the years of torture she has endured. I hope she is home soon and those evil people punished to the full extent of the law.I am praying for early victory.

Anonymous said...

It's about time the Welsh Assembly done the job they are payrd for by us the taxpayer.

Good Work my Friend


Anonymous said...

You are doing Brillant work
hope Linda get's Justice Soon!

Anonymous said...

By not responding they have signed their own death warrants again

Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing the Wicked and despicable cruelty enforced on the family.
The First Minister Carwyn Jones should be there to protect
and defend people from torture.

The reality is it is reprehensibly wrong what's happened and it is up to Carwyn Jones to investigate.

Anonymous said...

What Country are we living in
I'm probably wasting my breath because Politicians ignore the views of the electorate and carry on regardless

Anonymous said...

What Country are we living in
I'm probably wasting my breath because Politicians ignore the views of the electorate and carry on regardless

Anonymous said...

By staying Silent the Welsh Assembly will only Create more problems for themselves in the future.

They should do the right thing and save face,by launching a full investigation into the matter.

Big Alan

Anonymous said...

If they don't reply,then they are admitting their guilt.

Shocking state of affairs

Anonymous said...

They are in denial as to what has happened to them.

This was never to get out and they could have been seen going around as decent people kissing babies and all the shit they go through to get elected in to positions where they can forget about the people who put them there in the first place.

The whole of Port Talbot is watching many of us active as you both know.

The clock once again is ticking so they had better sort it out PDQ.

If they have had a bed year covering this up this year well 2014 is gonna be a hell of a lot worse for them with the direct action being planned.

We have the numbers and they have no excuses.

Once again the clock is ticking.

J D Kaft said...

The Council and the Welsh Government have covered this up for 16 years if they think they can keep doing so then they are all Mental Cases.

Anonymous said...

These people need to be brought to Justice, named and shamed.

How do they sleep at night.

We need answers now and without delay.


Anonymous said...

Surely the Welsh Assembly will produce these documents and prove that the Council and themselves have done nothing wrong.

I would if I had nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

Its really very simple isn't it.

Anonymous said...

When we all come forward together the rats and the snakes who did this are finished.

Anonymous said...

There can be no doubt whatsoever what has happened here as has been said very many times before by many, many people previously.

Shame on NPT Council and the Welsh Assembly.

Anonymous said...

Any reply mate

Anonymous said...

Even the Dumbest-Arse can see through the evidence shown what they have done here.

You are doing a phenomenal job.



Anonymous said...

I voted for David Rees last time and so did my family.

Should he fail to come up with the goods as requested not only will we not vote for him next time but we will actively campaign against him.

Lets hope he will do the right thing.

As for Carwyn Jones what can you say.

An embarrassment to Wales.

Anonymous said...

it is clear that the Welsh Assembly Government is a criminal organisation and that its politicians and generals are steeped in criminality along with Neath Port Talbot Council.

Anonymous said...

No reply forthcoming then they are all guilty of criminality as already stated PLUS perverting the course of justice.

I am embarrassed to be a resident of PT who have always voted Labour before.

Never again

Anonymous said...

Going to be an interesting run up to Wednesday.

Looking forward to it although I doubt if any response will be forthcoming from the kidnappers and their protectors.

Neath Port Talbot Council have nothing legal on this case.

The Welsh Assembly have nothing legal on this case.

Cover UP

Cover UP

Cover UP.

A blind man can see this.

Good work mate


Anonymous said...

The case has been exposed as the wicked scam that it is, but the Welsh Governments cover up for the local authority would not just be corrupt and incompetent, which we know already, but downright stupid and self-destructive were they to carry on in the lie that this case is anything like lawful.

They are a sinister and laughable joke.

Wales does not need these second rate clueless despicable self important nonentities.

One day Kevin they will be removed from office and tried for crimes against their own people ie. TREASON

Rebecca said...

A campaign should be started A la George Galloway to arrest and impeach Carwyn Jones.

Nobody in their right mind unless they had or will have in the future something to hide would even consider for 10 seconds employing the highly toxic and deeply discredited Mason Gerald Elias QC.

Rhodri Morgan wouldn't touch him with a bargepole Carwyn Jones couldn't wait !!!! Why ?

As Rebecca TV has pointed out over the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal a man of sinister pedigree is Mr Elias.

And so is Carwyn Jones just look at the Bridgend Suicides exposed and covered up in his back yard.

Many have said it and I reiterate it " All Roads Lead To Carwyn Jones " and wasn't it Gerald Elias brother who nearly killed Linda's daughter by the botched operation leaving her with poisoned blood and a missing healthy appendix ?

Unknown said...

Knowing Kevin as i do hes a very spiritual man and with all that's coming to light over the case its obvious to Kevin and myself that the holy spirit is guiding the path for Kev and Linda.These criminals do not have a way out and they have been living a false hope of concealment that is now coming to the fore.Kev and Linda have already won this case its simply a matter of time and spirit. V