Tuesday 1 October 2013

Two More Commercial Liens Successful. Two More Criminals Unable To Defend Themselves. Guilty As Accused.

Today the 30 day period Lawfully allowing a right to rebut Linda Lewis' sworn Affidavit expired.

Julie Rzezniczek ( pictured above ) Head of Improvement , Peoples Service , Herefordshire Council at address 168 Rhyddings Terrace , Swansea SA2 0DP could not rebut the truthful actions of wrongdoing (torts) that Linda Lewis accused her of through the courts.

As with David Michael we now have "Summary Judgement" against her in law.

Therefore Linda is now Lawfully able to seize goods and assets that belong to Julie Rzezniczek, up to the amount of the Commercial Lien which is £20,000,000 (Twenty Million Pounds Sterling).

The same applies to David Johnston ( pictured above ) Head of Social Work Practice at Isle Of Wight Council at address 200 Ravenswood Avenue , Ipswich , Suffolk IP3 9TR.

Linda is now Lawfully able to seize goods and assets that belong to David Johnston, up to the amount of the Commercial Lien which is £20,000,000 (Twenty Million Pounds Sterling).

Public Notices have now been issued to

All agencies who may have a financial interest in the named above and to individuals and organisations that Linda will be requesting to place this information on Public Display and Record.


In depth articles highlighting each of the three individuals part in the kidnapping and on going cover up of Linda's daughter and what they were accused of and could not re butt will be published soon.



A Friend said...


A man in Florida filed Commercial Liens against nine IRS agents and was later taken to court by the IRS agents’ wives. The wives tried unsuccessfully to remove the liens, because their credit cards had stopped working. The liens had compromised their credit rating, and they couldn’t go shopping except with cash. Imagine the distress that the IRS agents themselves had to endure from their wives on account of these liens! Evidently, the liens hit the agents where they lived, in a way that other actions at law could not do.

Kevin Edwards said...

Should it be deemed necessary this will be done.A member of the team has already prepared the documentation.

The Councillors who are assisting this cover up are just as culpable as the ones that did the kidnapping.

So are members of the Welsh Assembly Government AM's who are complicit in this crime.

Thanks for the information you provided above.


Anonymous said...

Just heard your news update on Kev Bulls radio show.

Brilliant Job Mate.

Thumbs Up !


Anonymous said...

Just read the blog posts/articles - fantastic - the blame for the criminal and immoral behaviour/actions, wrong doing, incompetence and fraud etc needs to go back to the rightful owners so they have the opportunity to make ammends. If they ignore the offer then logic and lawful protocol suggest they agree and by default take the liabilty. Good work. There are a lot more people looking at the possible use of the Lien Process now

Anonymous said...

Good work Kevin Linda deserves every penny off these criminals


Anonymous said...

So happy to see action is being taken against the Child Kidnapper.

Anonymous said...

They cannot and will not! get away with the lies they have said about Linda and Her daughter.

Excellent work Kevin they should all bow their heads in shame.


Anonymous said...

A criminal conspiracy working on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government

Anonymous said...


Windy said...

Good stuff Kev!

Anonymous said...

£20m can never be seen as a proper compensation for the lost childhood and the years as a parent.

whether or not this is freemen nonsense it is nevertheless a way to put this case in the public domain - not only because of what has happened but to prevent such evil peddlars from doing it again.

If other victims now do the same then this may have more effect than any Councillor/AM/MP pressure [or lack of].

It does have the efficiency of making them taking the victim to court where they have no certainty of knowledge of the outcome - unlike in the family courts they usually frequent.

Good for you and Linda and best wishes in your pursuit of justice.