Saturday 19 October 2013

South Wales Evening Post Under Scrutiny.

Many of you are fully aware that Linda Lewis having paid the South Wales Evening Post over £1000 for two perfectly lawful adverts to appear in the Public Notice section of the paper they were taken down off the internet on the instructions of the Editor Mr Jonathan Roberts.

The two Public Notices did appear in print on the 8th of October 2013. (See below)

It is increasingly clear that Mr Roberts unlawfully bowed down to political pressure from the Tortfeaser David Michael, Head Of Legal Services, Neath Port Talbot Council or his agents in his retraction statement.

Without the courtesy of an explanation ( Jonathan Roberts or his staff would not speak to either Linda or myself or return emails) as to why this action was taken and the point blank refusal to refund the money paid in good faith by Linda and which the South Wales Evening Post happily accepted ( and entered into contract ) we have decided to act. 

Action will be taken to obtain a full refund on Linda's behalf and I personally have started proceedings against the Editor Mr Jonathan Roberts that I intend to see through to it's conclusion.

Now here's the thing !

If the South Wales Evening Post were so adamant that these notices were " not what they appeared " how come that they were accepted for publication ( For Free ) on ?

Tortfeaser David Michaels Public Notice can be viewed HERE

Tortfeaser Julie Rzezniczeks Public Notice can be viewed HERE

Tortfeaser David Johnstons Public Notice can be viewed HERE

Further proof that the mainstream media cannot be trusted as far as the truth is concerned.

At the time this " skulduggery" was taking place by chance I was doing a live interview on this subject which can be viewed HERE 

Updates as they happen.


J D Kaft said...

Stinks doesn't it.

You can smell the stench coming from SA1.

And I used to think that the pong in Port Talbot came from the steelworks.

Not so.

It's coming from the Civic Center.

Good on ya mate.

Anonymous said...

A laughable agreement made in panic by two ignoramuses

Anonymous said...

Appears that influence being such as " We Will Not Advertise With You Again " if you do not take that down. "

Can't let the world know I couldn't defend myself against my truthful accuser as my council kidnapped Linda's daughter.

Being a journalist deceit and underhand tactics came naturally.

So here we are folks. In a nutshell.

A disgrace.

Anonymous said...

You can see how the corrupt establishment works and closes ranks here.

Another 40 AM's for the Welsh Assembly don't make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

This really does show the local paper as the rotten piece of shit it really is.

It is unbelievable that they have taken Hoodwinker David Michaels word as gospel without consulting you or Linda Lewis.

Journalism at it's best in it's most truthful and honest form

Anonymous said...

Is Jonathan Roberts Common Purpose ?

Anonymous said...

The Evening Post should be accountable for their actions
in removing a public notice which and payed for,they should not have removed the notice,the public have a right to know.

Anonymous said...

The South Wales Evening Post, The Welsh Assembly Government and the Council are acting like gangsters.

One day they will all be brought down far too many people know now what they are doing.

The Axis Of Deceit.

Anonymous said...

They should never have removed the Public Notice.the paper will be in trouble for what they have done.

Anonymous said...

It's about time the National papers
Came on board.

well done Mate

Anonymous said...

The MSM is craven and corrupt to the core.

The editor has proven this a big can of worms will open here.

Good Luck.

Dereck Watson said...

What a powerful video interview and thanks for sharing.

No matter what happens that information about Neath Port Talbot Council and the criminals it employs plus the cover up orchestrated by the Welsh assembly Government is on the record and can be regurgitated and spread by all and sundry.

Plus only a desperate liar would not recognise or try to play down the power of an Affidavit.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

This is a farce.

The David Michael Circus without a Tent but Jonathan Roberts as the clown.

No refund ? No apology ? No consultation ?

FFS what is going on here ?

It's a joke

Anonymous said...

What a digrace the evening post should be supporting Linda
When are people going to take a stand? It's not us if they can throw us all in jail.
Everyone must stand together and if we all do that then perhaps they might listen.


Anonymous said...

So much for an open,honest and transparent press.

Jonathan Roberts has broken the law by retracting the Public Notice and should be removed from his position and held to account in a criminal court.

Looking into this for you.


Anonymous said...

Very disappointed by the behavior of the South Wales Newspaper.

Anonymous said...

keeping working hard and i'm sure they will crumble these evil people need to be made accountable.

Anonymous said...

keeping working hard and i'm sure they will crumble these evil people need to be made accountable.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Roberts, the coward who hides behind an un answered phone and his subordinate staff.I would call him a liar.

Biggest selling newspaper in Wales ? Indeed.

Doug said...

Hi Kevin..Like I said in a previous post you have the right to take them along the Commercial Lien route. I do not know if you are aware of this but ALL corporations were FORECLOSED on 21st December 2012 including Banks and Governments etc. That means every single person who worked for these corporations are now responsible for their OWN actions so the people working in the court including the Sheriffs etc are working as individuals and have NO corporation to back them any more. Carwyn Jones and every politician is also now responsible for their own actions or in-actions in this case and are thus ripe for Commercial Liens because they cannot rebut any truths that you put to them. You can now hit them ALL including any of these politicians and Councillors etc where it will hurt them most financially and going by what these people have been up with regard to Linda's case bankrupt them and take them for every penny they have.

Anonymous said...

Just read about this on Facebook.

Absolutely appalled and disgusted.

Anonymous said...

The question that has to be asked is this -

why did a SWEP reporter not report that police & social services in Swansea were warned there would be a child death due to their poor practice/procedures? SWEP assisted the authorities in covering up the full facts in the death of aaron gilbert - as they are doing here with this case. Gareth Gilbert could easily have a £20m claim.