Wednesday 21 August 2013

" Angel On Our Shoulder. " More Documents Received This Time From "The Highest Authority "

Just a brief note to say thank you to everyone still hanging in there.

A lack of postings does not mean a lack of action far from it.

A hell of a lot is going on with the help of a hell of  a lot of people.

I have said it before that my UK Column interview  here  proves that " Justice 4 Linda Lewis " has been achieved.

Linda is vindicated from all the lies  perpetrated by Neath Port Talbot Council against her. Lies damn lies.

A" Mad Dog With Rabies " can see what Neath Port Talbot Social Services have exactly been up to.

I am led to believe that Linda's Welsh Assembly Member  David Rees has now confirmed that he has at last watched the UK Column video and yet he remains neutral.

He has also seen the pertinent evidence regarding The Head Of Legal Services David Michael having submitted " False and Fraudulent Evidence " to the courts to gain an injunction or shall we call it a " Gagging Order " to stop the truth coming out and from what I believe wants to see the full documents as snippets will not suffice.

No problem.

We will send David Rees the full documentation in the next few days we have nothing to hide.

But one very pertinent point that I will make to Mr Rees publicly right now is this.

You will get full disclosure for one reason and one reason only.

That if a very brave and honest person had NOT had the integrity to send us these documents see this link Mr Rees here then Linda would never have known what the criminal David Michael and his cronies were up to.

We now have received a large document from " The Highest Authority " working on our behalf.

This lengthy document has been hidden from Linda for many years.

It was also hidden from her Barrister.

It was never meant to be seen.

It was deliberately manipulated by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and it's agents.

It is the statement from a supposedly independent " Guardian Ad Litem " Carol Thomas.

It is another of many documents proving this evil and wicked conspiracy against an innocent Mother , Child and Family.

This is the most powerful of all.


" What is done in the dark will be shown up in the light. "


Anonymous said...

Good stuff mate

land shark-Mike Hunt's Dog said...

Very well done Kevin-the mighty will fall due to their own lies.
One thing that everyone should know. The SS are not like you and I-they do not have friends who have BBQ's or little quiz night' down the pub. These, and I do not wish to sound dramatic here. are soulless dross, who cannot mix with others and therefore seek a career of power over the narmal classes into which they do not fit. The are empty shallow people and other that those who have blown the whistle on these people. only associate with their own kind. I stood outside NPT offices one day recently watching them go in and out-you can tell the child takers-the soulless stren faces, norammly grossly overweight and grubby looking-theyhave no future and they know. All they have is that power. Low intelligence allows them to repeat statements parrot fashion. I think we will in the end take that power away from them and reduce the amount of ugly shallow people on the streets of NPT. I found the NORMAL people in the town very nice and friendly-just like some of the Germans in WW2 who genuinely knew nothing about the camp down the road.

Let's take their power Kevin and return the Town to the pretty little place it is without the name being associated with that illegal thuggery.

Mike Hunt said...

Apologies for all errors in the last message but I have flu at the mo' and fingers won't work-but you get the drift. Didn't want you mistaking my bad spelling and ignorance for that of a social worker or at least head of Legal Department at NPT!

God bless all!

Anonymous said...

" Evil always tries to wear out the Saints."

Their evil is exposed and they are finished apart from a load of bollocks and bluster.

Keep going my friend.

Total Respect

Port Talbot Digger said...

Well it really is very simple.

If Davis Rees has seen the video then he will realise that his Council are guilty of a most despicable crime against the Lewis family.

There can be no argument against this.

Failure to act now by David Rees simply implicates him in this crime and criminal cover up.

It's not brain surgery is just common sense.

It's his choice.

Port Talbot Digger said...

If David Rees has seen the video then very simply he will realise that a serious crime has been committed here by his own Council.

Failure to act makes himself part of a dirty,deep and dark criminal conspiracy.

It is that simple as to which road he wants to take.

The truth road or the criminal road with his mates.

Mike Hunt aka Washungton Post said...

Yes well know what it is Digger, so do all the pole of this country. It's criminal is what it is and I take your point and well put. I hope all at NPT have seen the video and taken it on board as to their future-god help any of them that get custodial sentences as there as there are some very nasty types inside who will not take their garbage as 'saviors of little children' and may have suffered at their hands and will give them what's coming!

I hate to play Devil's advocate here, but as we all know, the syle of their job dictates that they are all the well known ostrich-burying their heads in the sand. They will not want to look at the video and take it from me, it won't even get a mention in the staff newsletter and read over a designer sandwich at lunchtime.Especially as staffing levels are so low and they are in the middle of a recruitment drive!

Therefore the first little surprise is when the Grim Reaper comes calling (aka Kevin) with some plain clothed police officers and announces their early retirement

Anonymous said...

Is David Rees blind or stupid ?

Or has he been got too and threatened with his job ?

An obvious blatant crime is being covered up here.

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones.

Anonymous said...

David Rees-'If I ignore it,it will go away?'

Not this time, sunshine.

Anonymous said...

This case is a disgrace, but it seems there are very similar people in many council's social services. In our case staff were lying to us, a manager knew her staff were twisting what we were saying to make us sound bad, yet she backed up her staff any time we tried to complain about individual social workers. She even lied herself, when one social worker changed her lies to more lies and it was obvious something was wrong there, but rather than do the right thing, she backed her up again.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

They have all lied about Linda their lies will come back to haunt them, because the truth is one thing but when the evidence back's up the truth, they are all in deep s**t.

Good work my friend

Anonymous said...

Just a few pointers Kev.

The lowest level of scum are the ones that pull the strings.

They are the parasitical lowlifes who's sole aim is abuse of power entrusted to them for a short while.

This conspiracy has dragged a load of these creeps out of the dark and into plain public view.

They cannot now override this situation that they find themselves in.

They are a cowardly defeated powerless and gutless group of sicko's too shit scared to face up to their fate that awaits them.

A fate they cannot avoid.

Exposure is not what they want because to act in criminal ways it has to be hidden and remain hidden.

The Guardian Ad Litems statement proves that.

Hidden from everyone apart from themselves.Hidden to lie.Hidden to deceive.Hidden to pervert the course of justice.

Not anymore.

They now have no escape from us we are too many.

I genuinely fell that the end could be near for Linda her daughter and her family but it will be the end on OUR TERMS, not theirs.

As usual great job



Is David Rees fucking thick ?

Kevin Edwards said...

It's no coincidence that the ones in authority here who say that no crimes have been committed are the ones that have committed the crimes themselves.

You just couldn't make it up.


Anonymous said...

"I'm amazed this has not! been resolved,surely someone has got to say enough is enough.

There is to much evidence that cannot be ignored.


Anonymous said...

Well done

Anonymous said...

Surley David Rees got to investigate

Dereck Watson said...

Keep going mate.

This Commercial Lien business can be used against Social Workers who have taken children on false pretenses and lies.

My sister is looking into it.

Anonymous said...

It's about time David Rees and the welsh assembley Government sorted this out.