Friday 19 April 2013

American Radio Interview Monday 15th April 2013

This is the latest radio interview that I did live on Orion Talk Radio broadcast in New York and surrounding areas on Monday 15th April 2013.

The interview starts 57 minutes on at the following link HERE and lasts about 45 minutes.With it being an American Radio Interview there are adverts in between.

What is most important is that the show has an estimated audience of 1.2 million listeners and was repeated on Friday 19th of April 2013.


Jayne said...

Brilliant work again Kevin. Well Done.

DT said...

Excellent Stuff Mate. Keep at them.

Alan said...

Very good interview all valid points made.

You're getting good at this LOL

Anonymous said...

When adoption agencies change hands for £millions, the supply of raw material must be guarranteed.

Susan Riggs said...

My partner & I received one of these Kevin. Laughable told us to contact Social Services if we had a problem!!!! Two children taken for no reason possibly? Well done for publishing their lies, keep going!