Sunday 3 March 2013

More Child Stealing By The State.Childrens Social Services Are A Criminal Organisation.

How a mother fell 100ft down Cheddar Gorge Cliffs and, instead of being left alone to recover from her accident, NAZI Social Services saw it as yet another chance to steal another child to be placed into 'care', in a clear attempt to line their pockets!

This woman has been up against it all... perjury, threatened with prison and, laughably, even assessed by a 'child' psychologist (all at the public's expense), which, when she questioned, was then given an adult psychologist, even though the child psychologist had done an assessment in the full knowledge that he was not qualified to do so but kept the money nonetheless!

She has randomly had her 'contact sessions' stopped with her son for the most bizarre reasons: for one, giving her son reassurance by telling him the truth that she had not given him away but that it was Social Services who took him!

Social Services are the ones that are emotionally harming children!

It is time for people to come together and stand up against this corruption and exploitation of the innocent.

One Day,One Day Soon They Will Be Brought To Account.


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Please Sign the Petition Below

You are Invited to the following as a guest or as a speaker.

The Child Protection and the future of our families Conference.

Maggie tuttle and Andy Peacher

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Andy 07827731060

The Olde Barn Hotel
Toll Bar Road, Marston, NG32 2HT Grantham
Wednesday 4th of september 9 am to 6 pm.

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Andy Peacher 0782 773 1060

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WORLD MEDIA HELP Stop Children Being Abused.
Parents Carers Grandparents. British Muslim Polish French Jews Christian Children being stolen then abused.
Inverness to Plymouth Glasgow to Swansea and Aberdeen to London.

Britain s Road Blockade for justice July 24th 10am London M25

Meet up 1 South Mimms Services
meet up 2 M1 toddington services


Dear Sir,Madam, Andy Peacher 07827731060 EVIDENCE HERE
Please read the link of the Paedophiles yet again. The paedophiles in the UK have been protected for more then a century and unless the families in this country put a stop to the paedophiles it will continue just as the police the governments Prime Ministers all knew all about Jimmy Savil, I was told about Jimmy Savil 30 years ago but was told because Savil and one other raises millions of pounds for the top charities nothing will be told until they are dead, HERE LIES THE TRUTH MONEY AND POWER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE KIDS BEING STOLEN SOLD AND ABUSED IN EVERY WAY OR CHILD ABUSERS BROUGHT TO ACCOUNT,
Until such time families and the Nation all come together march or do some thing then do not ever complain try putting your legs were your mouth is and march on the M25 Blockade on the 24th July 2014 if not book your free seat at the conference on the 25th July in London with many top quest speakers if not then sit with your computers on face book and complain and do remember every second of the day a kid is being abused. DO SOME THING. We have to be the voice for the children they are the SILENT WITNESSES.
Maggie Tuttle


Britain s Abused Kids Needs You ?

This little girl Below is asking for help WHY should a child have to beg adults for help we the families should be in our thousands on the 24th July 2014 at the M25 Blockade to support all of the children "screaming to be heard" who are "the silent witnesses" in the care system we have 10.000 kids running away from abuse of the system are they running back home NO because many kids in care are told my the system YOUR families do not want you and I Maggie Tuttle know this to be true after interviewing in the early hours of the mornings the homeless kids living on the streets of London begging and for many who are picked up and trafficked prostituted murdered their little bodies sold for science pedophiles abusing them. Only we the Nation and families who have lost children can put a stop to the abuse and to the multibillion pound Child industry which states ahhaha "IN A CHILD'S BEST INTEREST" I hope to see you all on the 24th July 2014.


Freedom Of Speech Blog said...

The Conferences in helping children in the uk and to rescue them from sexual exploitation Forced Adoptions and international child trafficking.

Andy Peacher
01444 390270

The Children around the world are still screaming to be heard.

The Venue

New Lanark Mill Hotel Mill No.1

New Lanark Mills
South Lanarkshire
ML11 9DB

Child Protection @ The Future Of Our Families Conference

10 AM TO 6PM. May 5th 2016 Lanark Glasgow.

Scotland’s Polling Day


Calling all Professionals Care Leavers Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Parents Of Fostered or adoptive Children and Sra Victims.

Hi, I am looking for Guest Speakers around the world to be a speaker at the Glasgow conference We would love to meet you all or you can connect via Skype add me freedomtalkradio1.

This may be the first Global conference Ever Let us all work together in Child Protection parents carers and professionals that's ever taken place in Scotland and linking up with speakers worldwide.
Lets Smash the Cover ups in the abuse of children.

I am arranging another successful conference in the fight to arrange awareness and publicize peoples stories and these important issues around child protection.
My thanks go out to people who attended previous conferences.

Would you like to be a guest speaker ? We need professionals who can tell the parents the difficulties in child protection and the role of the professional.

We need mums and dads who have children taken in to care and also care leavers and children who have been abused now adult survivors please come forward if you have been a victim of satanic ritual abuse please speak out .