Saturday 16 February 2013

House Of Thieves Opens " Mental Health Clinic " For Members Of Parliament.

Rising cases of mental problems among the British MPs has forced the parliament to set up a mental health clinic for the lawmakers inside the parliamentary premises.
The £25,000-a-year plan has been approved following revelations that a rising number of MPs are seeing doctors over anxiety and depression.

This comes as the law previously ruled that any MP or top executive in a company who is under treatment for mental difficulties for over six months will automatically lose his job.

Now based on the newly-endorsed Mental Health (Discrimination) Bill, the Commons Member Estimate Committee, which is in charge of MPs’ working conditions, will fund the treatment of lawmakers with mental problems.

Meanwhile, a consultant psychiatrist will be present in the Parliamentary premises to help MPs with mental problems diagnose their condition and refer to hospitals for inpatient treatment if necessary. 

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This just proves what the educated amongst us have known for a long time that " We are being Governed by lunatics."


Anonymous said...

The saddest thing to my mind is the ignorance of the fact that the Frankfurt school works throughout all media and for decades to destroy European family homogeneity via alien immigration/ perverted ‘sex equality’ which undermines the security and confidence of resistance to its destruction.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the pressure of continually lying is getting a bit much for the perverts in power.


Anonymous said...

I agree they are lunatics

Anonymous said...

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