Saturday 8 December 2012

Massive vote of no confidence in Esther Rantzen

NAPAC, the National Association for People Abused in Childhood has removed Esther Rantzen from its list of patrons.

Few in the world of abuse victims have been taken in by her gushy, teary performances recently on TV in relation to the Savile revelations, evidently. The main complaint is that she blocked her ears to complaints about Savile’s behaviour.

Yes, and she repeatedly blocked her ears to pleas from Hollie’s supporters to get behind her campaign for justice and against organised paedophilia till finally we gave up.

It is not hard to guess the reason for Esther’s squeamishness on the subject of Hollie when you consider that it was in Aberdeen that the first Child Line call centre was established 25 years ago, in collaboration with a locally-based member of the legal profession well known to this campaign.

I trust the students of a certain college in Oxford will pick up this latest tidbit of information in relation to She Who Cannot Be Named who is at present their principal.

PS As regards another well-known national figure over whom suspicion also currently hovers, Robert wrote this morning:

Re. Max Clifford – I`m not sure if Anne will remember this, but after the BBC pulled out in 2009, I was keen to get someone else to pick up the gauntlet. I contacted Clifford`s office, giving brief details of the case and the BBC`s conduct. I also stated that I would not accept any payment for my cooperation, but had no objection to Max Clifford making money on it, just wanting the case to be brought out into the open.

After not hearing anything for three weeks, I spoke to his P.A., who told me that Clifford had looked at the case but would not take it, quote “because it was too hot to handle”.
It makes you wonder now, doesn`t it?

It would certainly account for the massive resources that the State have poured into keeping this case quiet, or that the Hollie Greig case is now classified as ‘restricted’ within Grampian Police and files are only accessable by 1 senior officer, the 1 million pounds of taxpayers money spent to silence Robert Green since 2010 in Scotland, nearly the same amount spent by Shropshire Council/West Mercia Police to harrass and bully Hollie & Anne Greig and keep them tied up in the secret courts.

God only knows how much public money has been spent to pay off/warn off journalists and editors and lets not forget the array of disinformation sites that have sprung up in the past year which our investigations indicate are being run by serving Police Officers from Manchester, and last but not least the interference of the HDJ website and email by the Police and the MoD.

Yes, I would say that the Hollie Greig story is too hot to handle. Who or what needs this kind of protection from a Down’s Syndrome woman?

Original Article at Hollie Demands Justice

Now Here's the thing !

Esther Rantzen was asked to help over the kidnapping of Linda's daughter at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America . She refused .

Max Clifford was asked to do the same his PR stated that it was " too much of a hot potato."

Sound familiar ?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for supporting Hollie and Robert Green by posting this article.

Anonymous said...

Tried to rejuvinate the cause but somebody at NPT obviously disagrees