Sunday 9 December 2012

Abolish The BBC

By Registered Mail
TV License Department
Bristol BS98 1TL
Complaint 521195

BBC breach of charter invalidates license fee.
Your charter states, inter alia, the BBC is to be independent, fair, impartial and report the news.

You concealed from the public the most major news event in our 3,500 year history, the illegal abolition of Britain by the Lisbon treaty on 1st January 2009 and its replacement by the EU dictatorship.

You deliberately failed to broadcast any honest documentaries on the 6 EU treaties that would have warned the public abolition was approaching, your solemn and bounden duty under your charter.

The BBC has a fifth column, 400 Common Purpose people inside, censoring out anti EU news (we have their names).

You have been complicit in the broadcasting of many of the EU's 200 Frankfurt School subversion techniques over the last 40 years, one of which is to brainwash with nonsensical irrelevant or rubbish programming instead of accurate news and honest information. You are guilty of deliberately dumbing down the populace.

You have also illegally received large sums from the EU, bribery by a foreign power, and you illegally act as the EU's agent against the British people who pay your license fee.

You also employ a wasteful bureaucracy of 27,000 when you need 2,000, spend £7 billion of our money when you need £800 million.

You extort these disgraceful sums from the public with the grossly unjust licence fee, which forces people to pay for this abysmal service when they may rather watch ITV or one of hundreds of other channels. The whole basis of the licence fee is illegal under common law.

Under British statute and common law any attempt to undermine British sovereignty is considered treason. The BBC has been deeply complicit.

The penalty for quite minor treason is either life imprisonment or to hang by the neck until dead (eg William Joyce in 1946), and this should be the fate of all your board members since 1970.

You've rubbished your charter, and forfeited any rights to extort your criminal license fee.

The concealment of the paedophillia of Jimmy Savile and others in the BBC is typically indicative of corruption.

The BBC is way beyond redemption, utterly corrupt, and needs to be closed permanently.

Your sincerely,

David Noakes

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Anonymous said...

Absoulutely true

Terry Cornell said...

Remember you DO NOT have to pay your TV License so don't do it.