Wednesday 24 October 2012

Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know.Paedophiles In Parliament? Well I Never.

You can find out a lot more about other political paedophiles,sickos and child abusers by clicking HERE

Labour 25 although now closer to Labour 40 click  HERE

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and former Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman click HERE

Expenses greedy Swansea East MP Sian James and her lynch mob would rather shout abuse than find out why children are committing suicide in South Wales click HERE

The list goes on.

With very few exceptions it is becoming clearer by the day that we are being governed and ruled over by self serving dregs of humanity with no interest in the people that they are paid to represent or protect.

Their day will come.

" Justice 4 Linda Lewis "


Anonymous said...

Labour Party paedophile Lord Greville Janner was also a QC.

You are correct about the judiciary being riddled with them as well being corrupt.

How many QC's involved in Linda's case ?

Quite a few I would guess.


Anonymous said...

Doing nothing as they have consistently done in Linda's case is now no longer an option.

Keep it going Kev


Anonymous said...

Is there Paedophiles involved in linda's case

Anonymous said...

din't a judge in swansea circuit have his rent boy sitting in court with him until he was found out?

Anonymous said...

Governed by scum.

Bring back the Guillotine for these perverts.Now


Anonymous said...

Google greville janner, he complained to Google and five results are taken down.
He's getting apprehensive.