Tuesday 1 May 2012

Gwenda Thomas AM a Hypocrite.

WELSH ministers must consider the rights of children and young people in all the decisions they make about new legislation, policies and changes to existing policy as of today.

A duty on ministers to have due regard to the requirements of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) has come into force backed by the Welsh Government's Children's Rights Measure.

Gwenda Thomas, the Deputy Minister for Children, visited Big Pit National Coal Museum to meet schoolchildren and talk about how their lives and rights compared to those of previous generations.

She said: "I am very proud to be involved in this historic occasion in my role as minister on the portfolio for children.

"Wales is breaking new ground on children's rights and other countries will be looking at our experiences as they look to implement the convention.

"We've come a long way since 2004 when we adopted the UNCRC with our work for children and young people."

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Questions to Gwenda Thomas.

What rights did you give to N@t@sh@ Lewis when you aided and abetted in her kidnapping from America ?

What rights did you give to N@t@sh@ when she was smuggling letters to her Mother begging to go home ?

None at all.

We have the evidence on your part in the cover up Gwenda.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable isn't it? these people have no concept of what is moral.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Thomas will not be getting my vote again, Im disgusted by this whole saga. Feel really sorry for the Lewis family.

Dan said...

What they have all done to Linda and Nat***ha is "EVIL" beyond belief.

Lets hope those involved get punished soon.

Paul said...

It's not only Gwenda Thomas who is a Hypocrite.

Look's like everyone involved in the Lewis case are Fu**ing Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

From what i have read in the Justice for Linda Lewis story,

Government should be helping the family concerned, there should be a full investigation into the way people in power have abused their position.

Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

I was first made aware of the Justice 4 Linda Lewis case
through Sovereignty Magazine.

Well done for exposing those who have Comitted Criminal act's


Anonymous said...

Gwenda Thomas should Practice what she Preaches.

Evil woman.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time Gwenda Thomas resigned.

Anonymous said...

Why? are these people voted into goverment,they do nothing to help innocent children, who are abused in care homes. i haven't heared of one goverment body reporting a child being abused.

well done for having the courage to speak out.


Anonymous said...

I pray there will be justice soon!for the Lewis Family.

kind Regards


LJK said...

Hello Kevin, well done on all this

LJK said...

Kevin as you know Susan and I are still trying to see our children- s & b, taken from their home in Essex and paced with their father in Wales, Neath to be exact. We were given a set of unworkable rules by NPT Social Services as you published, about what we could say and what not to say. We were conned into court at the last minute by NPT SS and when we got there, were subjected to hostile treatment by NPT. We were given a case with pictures of the children which had been computer edited- B had his head cut off and S had her head inside her own mouth-theese were images taken by their father recently we were told- Being given the case 'bundle' as Sue refuses to get yet another worthless legal aid lawyer- we have three-all useless. We still have not seen the children and the reputation of those involved-Lyn Naylor for example has alarmed us.

They will now not let us see the children-it has been over a year- and now in the fourth year that S has been missing, being taken under false information by Essex when she was four- B was just 2. They will not tell us if they are okay-but just say that the father has been charged with child cruelty and assault-but CSA are still taking the money and say that the children are still with him-

We are at our wits end- I was nearly arrested at the court in Neath for telling a social worker they were a disgrace. The court was a fake as there are no documents from the court for us, adn Sue as you know suffers badly from Lupus SLE-Soohie was under the doctor when she was taken for an eating disorder that her grandmother Jean, told essex SS that Sue had been starving her. No investigation-just took her when Sue asked for a second opinion at a different hospital.

We are still fighting into the fourth year-we warned them what the father was like-violent and a long criminal past and will not work-he has his own mental issues also and they still put the case with Wales to get it out of Essex-now NPT are up to their old tricks-re Lewis case.

God help our lovely children

Alyn said...

I am having/have had dealings with Mrs Thomas and her conduct in this case just serves to confirm my own thoughts about her conduct in my case regarding corruption in ABMU and the Shrievalty in West Glamorgan.