Saturday 19 May 2012

Someone Must Be Shitting Themselves !

Having just returned home from a short time away I was amused to find that a recent article that I had published had been removed from this site by the owners of blogger and the following message inserted in it's place.

Blogger Blog takedown notification

Post Unavailable

In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed this post. If you wish, you can read more about the request at
The article in question referred  to the new business enterprise being undertaken by one Julie Rzezniczek the disgraced former Head of Children's Services of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and kidnapper of Linda's daughter N@t@sh@.

Obviously someone is upset at the article that was read by hundreds of people worldwide and attracted 23 comments.

Obviously someone may think that I have breached Miss Rzezniczek's rights by posting details of her new business venture, her place of business, her email address and her contact telephone number on this blog even though it is freely available to anyone who wishes to do a simple " GOOGLE SEARCH." 

So someone thinks that Julie Rzezniczek has rights ! 

Well my question to Julie Rzezniczek is this.

What rights did you ever give to Linda or N@t@sh@ ?

Please read again the following letter ( one of many ) that N@t@sh@ smuggled out to her mother while you were keeping her as a prisoner against her will at the tender age of 12 years old.

Could you also explain to myself as you can clearly see at the bottom of the letter that N@t@sh@ clearly deeply distraught writes.

" Julie Rzezniczek and the Guardian have told me I'm never coming please mam Can I come home I love you loads and nan and Grandad."

I would also like to point out to you Miss Rzezniczek that at the time that this letter was smuggled out and received NO DATES had ever been set for any sort of court hearing to decide the outcome of N@t@sh@'s custody and future placement !



The answer is simple.

Everything about this case is unlawful and illegal and you have played the prime role in the kidnapping and abuse of this child and the continued cover up.

One day you will be in jail. 


Anonymous said...

Good man Kev I don't need to say keep up the good work as I know you will anyway.

You the Man!


Dan said...

The only reason the article was removed.Because You have hit a nerve by telling the the truth.

Well done Mate.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a disgrace to think! Rzencheck is still aloud to work with vunerable Child.

It is blatent by the Childs letter she did not listen to her wishes and views. "Bully Tatics" definiteley a human Rights issue.

Without People like yourself exposing those who abuse their power.The public would'nt have a clue what's going on.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show how scared they must be to have the post removed.

Good Luck keep going.

Anonymous said...

Julie Rzezniczek should be made accountable for her actions.

I bet she is more than shitting herself.I admire the way you have fought for the Child and Family.

Anonymous said...

There is something Sinister going on.

!. Why ask for the article to be taken down.

2.Who has been affected by the article.

The only reason why the article was ceased, because the "guilty" did not want the truth out.

Sam said...

Julie Rzezniczek should be on Trial.I'm sure the family will get Justice when there are people like you fighting for them.

Anonymous said...

I find it disturbing that your article was removed from your blog

what about Freedom of Speech.

Anonymous said...

The government should hold a Public inquiry into the way Julie Rzezniczek has abused her position.

You have given me some inspiration,knowing there are still men in this Country.

Anonymous said...

Can;t understand how this women is still working with Children

surley she should be Stopped!


Anonymous said...

I agree with one of the comments Julie Rzezniczek is guilty! and she dosen't want anyone to know what she has done to the poor Child.

Anonymous said...

I hope Julie Rzezniczek goes to Jail for kidnapping a innocent kid.

what i want to know why haven't she been arrested.

And how many more kids have suffered abuse by this woman.


Anonymous said...

The only reason the Post was taken down was to protect Julie Rzezniczek from the crimes she's comitted.

At least Kevin got the balls to expose her for what she's done.

keep going mate
excellent work

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe this woman is still working, she should be look up
i read the child's letter evil witch.

Top Man

Anonymous said...

Don't worry what goes around come's around.


Anonymous said...

Are these people above the Law.

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt sympathy for the child read her letter,don't know what i would do if it was my child.Surley heads should roll for the way this child suffered.

These people who are paid to protect our children.


Anonymous said...

I will speak to Linda and suggest a poster campaign

You have published some of the evidence,which proves the scale of corruption.

Anonymous said...

the link does not seem to show who made the request or the specific reasons - maybe if its there and not obvious perhaps you can cut and paste onto this page - do you or anyone know who asked and the reason??

otherwise anyone can secretly write to a blog host and ask them to restrict anything - which is not freedom of speech?

Jen said...

Don't they understand this case is NOT! going to STOP! until someone is made accountable.

Good Work Kevin

Sam said...

What a Fantastic Job you are doing on the Linda Lewis Story

Well Done and Good Luck

Anonymous said...

This need,s to go World Wide

Excellent Job

Anonymous said...

What an earth is going on why? is this person working with children is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment this should go Worldwide.

All the Best Kevin


Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment this should go Worldwide.

All the Best Kevin


Anonymous said...

I must say you have handled the Justice For Linda Lewis case with professinalism and dignity.


Val said...

I spoke to the Grandmother, and she told me about your blog,and that you were fighting for justice for Linda and her Grandaughter, she also told me about the hard work you have done. Thank you

The family are decent respectable people this should never have occured.

It's Frightening what these so called professinals will do to cover-up their crimes.


Kevin Edwards said...

Thanks Val

What we are up against here is some deranged, twisted and extremely sick individuals.

Their time is getting shorter by the day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kev
Where and when is the next Britain First meeting?

Kevin Edwards said...

There will be a meeting in the next couple of months. Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Dreadful I'm amazed no-one has been proscuted.

Anonymous said...

KEV all my blogs have been removed. Did you know this?

Larry Keehan