Wednesday 8 February 2012

Well That Was Interesting.

Earlier today I received a knock on the door from a very enthusiastic,but rather strange Labour Party Activist campaigning for the forthcoming  Council Elections in May.

Having made it clear in a very polite manner and to the activists utter disbelief that I was not a Labour Supporter I asked her some questions.

Can you tell me please why your MP Sian James was present along with a mob of about 30 people shouting obscenities at a meeting that took place somewhere near here. (The Brian Gerrish Talk)

"Oh that meeting. Sian was not there shouting she was only there to protest and make a speech. It was after all a meeting of an extreme - right wing Nazi group that has broken away from the BNP."

Do you know that Sian James is covering up for child abuse. Do you know about the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign ?"

"Sian wouldn't do that and no I don't." (So I gave her a card.)

How can you support a party that is rife with paedophiles.Have you heard of  LABOUR 25 ? I told her.

"That is slanderous." 

Do you know that before Harriet Harman became an MP she was a solicitor for the Paedophile Information Exchange and campaigned for there to be no Sexual Age of Consent and that Incest should be made legal.

" That is awful that is really slanderous " she replies.

No it's not says I .It's all in the public domain. Look at my blogspot or Google it yourself.

"I'll have you know in my job we do everything we can to stop paedophilia."

So what job do you do then I asked ?

"Social Worker."

She then left.

Sorry Uta you will not be getting my vote.     


Tony said...

This is classic Kevin

There are so many people out there that don't realise exactly what they are voting for and the scum that they elect.

This poor Labour person must have had one hell of a shock.

Even if she does see the evidence she will probably dismiss it and continue to see children abused never to speak out.

Anonymous said...

Labour won't be getting my vote, they are all a waste of time.

they want our vote and do nothing but line their pockets with our money.

Leon said...

No matter what evidence is presented to this woman no doubt she will still work for the Paedophile Party as if nothing has happened.

Sian James who knows about child abuse will continue to let children be abused.

As long as she gets her big fat salary and expenses she isn't bothered.

And useful idiots will continue canvassing for the Labour Party in spite of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Another one who ignores evidence.

Social Worker !

More child abuse at her hands.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned idiots.....FYI

Zahid Raja

Anonymous said...

Good way of touting for trade. A member of the SS canvassing for her masters.
Lock your children up - there is a Labour Brown Shirt about working for the SS.
Dangerous combination, no child is safe!!