Friday 3 February 2012

In A Letter Smuggled By A Desperate, Sick,Twelve Year Old Child To Her Loving Mother And Family She Asks "Why Are The Social Workers So Nasty ?

The letter on the right is a handwritten,desperate plea from a "Sick and Distraught" 12 year old girl. 

That girl is Linda Lewis's daughter N*t@**@.

The exact text of the letter is printed on the left.

( We have many similar letters smuggled from N*t@**@ to her mother and family that will be published in due course. )

This is a small example of what the Welsh Assembly Government do not want you to see !

The Lewis family MP Hywel Francis and Assembly Member David Rees know what their Local Authority has done.

Member of the European Parliament Derek Vaughan a former Leader of Neath Port Talbot Council stays silent.

This is what Neath Port Talbot Social Services desperately want to hide.

This is what all 64 Councillor's who currently sit on Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council are helping to keep hidden and to cover up.

They all know what has been done.

They are all guilty and culpable in the physical and emotional abuse of N*t@**@.

They are all guilty and culpable in the persecution of an innocent mother and family.

Everything that has happened to Linda, her daughter and her family has been ILLEGAL from day one.

They all carry a huge collective guilt for which they should never be forgiven.

They only condemn themselves further everyday they stay silent.

Some very evil and sick people conspired together to kidnap Linda's daughter in 1998.

Sadly even sicker people still conspire together today to allow this crime to remain hidden.

The fight for "Justice 4 Linda Lewis " will never stop. 

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Anonymous said...

Social Services are an evil state sponsered organisation which is not fit for purpose.

Delyth said...

Every day that goes by gets us all closer to getting a result.

It is impossible for them to hide any longer.

Keep it up Kevin

Anonymous said...

I have no faith in anyone in elected office any longer.

The whole political system is run by perverts and deviants who should be in jail.

As you say some very sick people are in positions of authority.

We need to get rid of them.


Jill said...

Evil B*****ds Social workers should be protecting child not abusing them.

Anonymous said...

Look at the biography of Carwyn Jones the First Minister Kev.

What a scum bag he is..

Anonymous said...

The enemy is our politicians and the elected representatives.

Perverts among us

Anonymous said...

Child abuse need's to be challenged You are a brave man and I hope eveyone will support you in your fight for justice for the child

Social Services are payed by us the taxpayer to protect children.

Len said...

So sad what's happened to this little girl,read all the blog and evidence.

The MP in the families constituency should be also held acountable for refusing to help not fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

Thought the abuse of children ended with the Cleveland inquiry obviously
Congratulations on exposing child abuse.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Na***sha

with Love

Chris and Family

Not Forgotten