Tuesday 28 February 2012

Councillor Peter Richards Of The Labour Party. Baglan Ward Neath Port Talbot County Council. A Protector Of Child Abusers Within His Own Council..

Below is the second email sent to Councillor Richards by a long standing supporter of the Lewis family sent out of frustration.

He has deliberately refused to reply to the first email.

You can see Cllr Richards position within this discredited Council it has already been highlighted by our friend. 

Councillor Richards is not a man to be trusted.  

At the last Council Election up until the close of voting he was a candidate for the Ratepayers of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council. 

As soon as the polls closed he betrayed the electorate of Baglan Ward as did his fellow Ratepayer Candidate Mrs Juliet Hopkins and defected to the Labour Party.


Ratepayers Councillors defected  and 

Election Uproar

But there is more.

If defecting is not bad enough he did it for money !

He became a Head of a Scrutiny Committee at the bequest of the then Leader of Neath Port Talbot Council the corrupt  Derek Vaughan now a Member of the European Parliament  at a salary allegedly in the region of £20,000 a year !

Below is the second email sent to Councillor Richards by a supporter of the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign."

Just like other Councillor's in Neath Port Talbot his arrogance in not responding unfortunately is common practice.

Here it is.

Original email  e
From:T*** V***** (t****v*****@hotmail.co.uk)
Sent:16 February 2012 14:39:06
Second  email
From:T*** V***** (t***v*****@hotmail.co.uk)
Sent:28 February 2012 21:00:15
Resent as I do not believe ignorance is a valid reason not to reply.

Dear Peter Denis Richards

Well what a leaflet that was.

Myself and others are amazed to find out that you are Scrutiny Chairman Children Young People and Education  as well as Scrutiny Chairman Children's Sub Committee.

I also note that you have three children and grandchildren. No doubt you flout your " family values, family man " image as a way of hoping to be re elected this May. 

My question to you is a very simple one taking into account the offices that you hold within this rotten and corrupt Council.

Why have you ignored the evidence presented to you by Councillor Kevin Edwards who has broken a "Super Injunction" proving that Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services removed a 12year old girl from a sick bed in America illegally and without proper extradition documentation and with  a false passport.

This is known as the crime of " Kidnapping."

Should you be unaware of Councillor Kevin Edwards blogspot but I am sure you are not then this is it www.cllrkevinedwards.blogspot.com

Today is a particularly sad day for us as it is N@t*sh@'s birthday and as myself, my wife and our family have stood with Linda Lewis from the beginning.

Fourteen years ago this Saturday N@t*sh@ was taken from her sick bed in America by the evil Julie Rzezniczek at gunpoint, returned to Britain on a fake passport and has never been returned to her family.

I do not need to elaborate further and ask that you reply to this email with your intentions to end this crime and bring the guilty from within your Council to account.

Should you refuse to reply to this email as seems to  be the case as standard by your Councillor's then perhaps a small delegation of the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign" should contact you at home for a meeting with you to discuss this issue further.

I would not consider it unreasonable to expect your reply before the weekend is over.

I trust you feel the same.

T***  V****  


Should you feel the need to contact Councillor Richards his email address is  


Please let him know what you think of him.

Politely of course.

I hope you do.



Anonymous said...

Good man Kev!


Anonymous said...


There is no time out for the crime of kidnapping


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get the Councillor's exposed leaflets out throughout NPT

That will shock em

Dai T

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Comment
stating that there is no time limit on kidnapping.They cannot expect to get away with the crimes they have committed.

Shame on them.


Anonymous said...

I live in the Baglan Ward Peter Richard's will NOT!be getting my vote.

Anonymous said...


Won't be getting my vote

The council should clean up it's act,and stop corruption.

Anonymous said...

Who payed the money for the Council to Kidnap the Child.

Did the Council pay themselves or, did we the RATE PAYER pay for their crime.I would like to know who payed.

Alan James

Anonymous said...

People of Port Talbot should
wake up, and stop voting for labour. The coruption within the council is deep seated because fool's keep voting for them.

Anonymous said...

People of Port Talbot should
wake up, and stop voting for labour. The coruption within the council is deep seated because fool's keep voting for them.

Joe said...

I will be telling Peter Richards exactly what i think of him,and the rest of the Councillor's.

Baglan Residance

Anonymous said...


We thought we'd heard it all about the Council, lowlife scum kidnapping innocent children.

Good Man keep exposing the scum

Anonymous said...


We thought we'd heard it all about the Council, lowlife scum kidnapping innocent children.

Good Man keep exposing the scum

TV said...

Jill is not standing this time.

She knows she will not get in.

The Labour Party according to the leaflet will be fielding 3 candidates of their own so there will be an election.

I will do everything to stop these perverts getting in.

Their silence is not a defense as has been stated earlier or was it ignorance.

Lets not forget John Tallamy of the Ratepayers a cowardly little shit let's be honest.

Didn't he support Linda until the going got tough ?

I will do everything I can to stop these perverts being elected to DO to someone else what they have DONE to Linda.

Just wait and see I hope they arrest me.

Anonymous said...

Into perspective.

He does not or will not deny that Rzezniczek is evil.

Therefore she must be as the vast majority of us already know.

End of debate well done Kev and others.

Anonymous said...

Kev Linda has the evidence and i know she will get justice,hopefully soon.

they have all remained silent for far to long just goes to show what Cowards we got in Council.

well done mate for breaking code of silence.


Anonymous said...

Any reply from Peter Richazds.

Dan said...

Excellent work Councillor Edwards

Anonymous said...

I have lived in baglan all my life and i can assure you the people of baglan do not support the labour party.

good wishes


desperate said...

hello Kevin hope you can help!

We have fallen foul of the aforementioned NPT Social Services and Lyn Naylor and co. Our two lovely children were taken by an authority in Essex for no reason, our daughter was under a doctor for an eating disorder caused by her maternal grandmother. She had been trying for years to wrest the children from my partner, S. Despite being under a paediatrition, the grandmother reported starvation as I stopped her seeing the children due to her mistreatment and abuse of their mother s, my partner.The children have a father who lives in Neath, and after a lengthy case in Essex he was given custody despite a record of assault and abuse, no job and a criminal record, being called a 'psycopath' by an assessing doctor.

S my partner has lupus SLE and APS (hughes syndrome) and brought the two children up in his absence for three years very well-I met her in 2007. I was impressed with the way she handled two young children who were happy and carefree, and very intelligent.

The father was found not guilty of ABH on the blame on her illness saying that her broken collarbone was caused by a fall. S is an ex met police employee of some 16 years.

The case was passed to NPT as this is where he lives-they did not want it and made it apparent-but had to cover tge supervison order by Essex courts order.

Recently, we got a call from NPT social services saying he had been arrested for child cuelty and charged. They asked us to come to the court urgently which we did-we live in Spain simply on her pension, and a little job I do-moving there away from the harrasment from the paternal grandmother and her second husband.

We got to the court and found it deserted except for us. Lyn naylor it turns out is the CAFCASS solicitor. I am an ex army warrant officer and to both s and I, all this stinks, we were treated like dirt after spending £800 to get there in a hurry to be ignored. NO COURT DOCS, NO NAMES, NO JUDGES DETAILS....

Our children have been gone for three years and they are trying to con us into getting local solicitors from the local panel-a money making scam

Anonymous said...

We too have fell foul right now of this authoritythey have had our children transferred to them from Essex, to a violent father who has now beaten them and been arrested. All we want is our kids back, taken on false information by a relative, who is a paedophile, along with her second husband(the first comitted suicide) The court is bogus and we are terrifiedmy partner is disabled with LUPUS SLE but was a perfect mother. The country has gone insane-now we read this! Horrified-our kids have been gone three years to end up in this Local Authority- lovely.