Saturday 17 September 2011

Britain First promotes the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign."

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On behalf of myself and the thousands of people who support the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign"  I would like to thank everyone involved  in Britain First for their support in promoting and backing this blatant miscarriage of justice against an innocent mother,daughter and family by prominent " lowlifes " in authority, who's misuse of power can only be described as " despicably evil" in it's nature.

Many prominent individuals who masquerade as decent, honourable, Christian members of society have been given the evidence and choose instead to do nothing.

They will be " named and shamed " at a later date.

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."


Anonymous said...

Great news for Linda and her family.

Its nice to finally support an organisation that puts its money where its mouth is.

As you know politicians of all political persuasions are helping to cover up this crime.

So well done Britain First.

Maureen PT

Anonymous said...

Things are looking better by the day.

Anonymous said...

You have given tremendous support to Linda and the Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign, shame the liars and they are not Christians my friend! Christians would help someone that asks for help, Linda has asked these shameless oxygen robbing rats

Take care

Auntie Corruption

Anonymous said...

Moving forward at a good,healthy pace.


Anonymous said...

Great work Kev please let us know when your going to be in a town handing out the new leaflets we will pop along and see you there ok

Anonymous said...

I think it is fantastic that Britain First has given you incredible support in Linda's fight.

You have put up with a lot but have remained steadfast.

I look forward to our next meeting.


Anonymous said...

With all that is wrong in this country you might just be the right choice.

A clean and sensible organisation offering hope.

Ann P

Anonymous said...

Linda,her family and their supporters thank Britain First for all their help.

Men and women of principles.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news for the thousands of supporters of the Lewis family.


Anonymous said...

Well done to you all.

Anonymous said...

It is fantastic that an organisation such as Britain First is supporting such a worthy cause.

Laura Paul

Anonymous said...

Well done Britain First for supporting Justice 4 Linda Lewis

no other political party seem's to be supporting the case.

It could be my Child nice to know Britain First is fighting corruption.