Saturday 9 July 2011

The South Wales Evening Post must have knowingly " conspired to pervert the course of justice."

The following comment was sent to my blogspot this morning.

Anonymous said...


we are seeing the uncovering of a 'cosy relationship' between the Met police and NoTW/London press.

could there be something similar between EP/wales press and the authorities? makes you wonder how well tragedies in south wales have been covered up or not reported on?


Cllr Kevin Edwards said.....

Anonymous above
I have asked the editor of the South Wales Evening Post Spencer Feeney on several occasions what his newspapers role was in this case.
He also has links to all the evidence that I have released.
I have had no reply from him.
Therefore the only conclusion can be reached is YES.
The South Wales Evening Post IS part of this conspiracy and is guilty of "Perverting the Course of Justice."
If you would like to ask Mr Feeney himself his email is




.9 July 2011 11:06



Anonymous said...

A local paper. You've got to be kidding.

Spencer Feeney is obviously common purpose.

Terry said...

Confirmation that the press are controlled by the state.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I remember reading in the Evening Post that the child was Missing. But I cannot remember reading the child was found.

Port Talbot

Good Work Mr Edwards

Honest Lawyer said...


I have studied the evidence on the CD'S that you sent me.

Legally it is perfectly clear that the South Wales Evening Post and it's Editor Spencer Feeney have acted in a premeditated manner by aiding and abetting in the illegal removal (kidnapping)of a minor from her families care while they were perfectly legally and correctly seeking proper medical advise for her in America.

Grounds/smokescreen was implemented to make this illegal act look as legal as possible and would probably have remained undetected if good people working within the system had not forwarded the evidence onto Miss Lewis and her family.It is good to know that some people who were unwillingly dragged into this charade had a conscience.

Your next step is to report the newspaper to the Press Complaints Commission and to the owners of The South Wales Evening Post the Northcliffe Group.

Be aware that research has shown that Spencer Feeney is actually a Regional Representative on the PCC so it is essential that he has no input.

Publish all emails that you send and be sure to request that Spencer Feeney is not allowed to participate in this investigation.

No reply from either the Northcliffe Group or the PCC will confirm their guilt and so will a cover up.

The evidence is conclusive and the newspaper is in deep,deep doo doo over this and legally has no out at all.

Such a serious appeal as "Child Missing" MUST give an outcome that is satisfactory one way or the other.

They did not do this.

Next step is to take legal action directly against the South Wales Evening Post and Spencer Feeney.

There is no "Time Limit" on your way forward.

I will advise you what actions I recommend in due course.

Take Care All

Honest Lawyer said...

This is a classic example of a "wheel conspiracy" or a "chain or ladder conspiracy"?

So many rotten eggs all in one basket South Wales.

Studying the evidence last night the " Wheel " wins it.

Dewi Evans the desperate, guilty culprit.

Look forward to you putting his letters in the public domain as well as the back stabbing letters by Lyn Naylor.

Lyn Naylor was supposed to be Linda's Solicitor bought to sell her client down the river.

Illegal faxes to America to justify Dewi Evans illogical and quite frankly " barking mad " allegations and statement.

All done behind Linda's back.


Julie Reznicek and Lyn Naylor are well known on the Swansea " Lesbian Scene. " Without being homophobic which I am not, should they have ever been trusted to be involved in this case ?

Obviously they have no idea what it is like to have a child of their own.

It is beyond them.

They have no shame.