Sunday 24 July 2011

Email sent to First Minister of the Welsh Assembly Government Carwyn Jones on 24th of July 2011.

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Dear Carwyn Jones
I am contacting you on behalf of the thousands of good,ordinary committed people worldwide who are supporting the above campaign.
I am sure you are aware of how Doctors, Members of Parliament , Welsh Assembly Members,Judges,Social Workers and the Police have all worked and conspired together over a period of twelve years to cover up for their own mistakes, medical negligence and incompetence.
This is a cover up and miscarriage of justice of an unbelievably evil nature that has been allowed too go on for far too long and is best described as  "Possibly the worst international cover-up of the kidnap of 12-year old. "
There is an injunction,an illegal injunction in place regarding this case.
The reason that the injunction is illegal is quite simply that " No Injunction can be taken out to cover up for criminal acts."
And that is what we are dealing with here " criminal acts" in abundance carried out by members of the establishment who abused their powers to protect themselves whilst a completely  innocent 12 year old girl, her mother and her family have been denied their basic human rights and their rights to justice and a fair trial. And most importantly their democratic and lawful right to "clear their own names " as they have all been falsely accused.
The illegal actions and the abuse of power by those in authority did not only happen in the United Kingdom but also in the United States of America where false and fraudulent evidence was also submitted by members of Neath Port Talbot Social Services.
I will not be mentioning the deception committed in America any further as some very good and knowledgeable people are working there on our behalf. Approaches have already been made to Michael Moore, Alex Jones and William Black who have all shown a great deal of interest in this miscarriage of justice.
We have already proved that 28 laws were broken in America by Neath Port Talbot Social Services when Linda's daughter was kidnapped at gunpoint from her hospital bed using a false passport
and that no valid, legal paperwork or any paperwork ever existed
As I have already mentioned an "Illegal Injunction " is in place regarding this case.I am very proud to announce that this injunction has been broken and some of the evidence is now in the public domain with more to follow unless a satisfactory outcome to this "nightmarish saga"can be reached in the very near future on behalf of Linda,her daughter and family.
The reason that I have broken this "Illegal Injunction " is under "Public Interest Law" and to highlight the list of "Common Public Interest Factors" that are relevant to Linda's case and the offences that have been committed by Doctors,Politicians,Social Services,Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council,Police and Judges.
I would also like to draw your attention to the attachment on this email which is a Code for Crown Prosecution( Blackstones) List of Common Public Interest Factors Relevant to this case.
Please allow me to show you some of the evidence so far released that is in the public domain that proves the illegality of what many public bodies including the Welsh Assembly Government have done.
Dr Dewi Evans attempts to murder Linda's daughter aged 11 years by prescribing 80mgs of Oral Morphine a lethal amount. Former AM Brian Gibbons admits she would have died if given such a large amount.
Neath Port Talbot Social Services and Police place advert for missing child in South Wales Evening Post on 12 and 13 February 1998. Julie Rzenicek letter admits they knew where family were on 30th January1998.
But probably the most damning is a fraudulent, perjured  letter submitted by  Mr David Johnston Social Services Inspector for the Welsh Office on the 9th of October 1998 stating that Miss Penny Mellor had seen a "suicide note that the parents were going to take the child, kill her and themselves."
Flatly denied by Miss Penny Mellor in her reply.It is also worth pointing out that Linda was unaware of this so called meeting that was held without her knowledge.
Further proof of perjury, perverting the course of justice etc can be read at your leisure on
Mr Jones this is only the start.
This case will not go away.Things are happening everyday.
Any threat of penal action to myself or any of our members simply no longer carry's any weight or concern with us.
All the evidence amassed has now been placed on disc and is held with hundreds of our supporters worldwide.
Therefore as First Minister of the Welsh Assembly Government I ask that you agree to a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.
As an act of good faith on our behalf no further evidence will be released into the public domain until w/e Friday 29th July 2011 which we consider adequate time for you to respond.
We look forward to your reply.
Yours Sincerely,
Councillor Kevin Edwards
on behalf of the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis " Campaign
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Anonymous said...

Carwyn is a good man and he will do what is correct and what needs to be done

Best wishes

Brian, llanelli

Tanya said...

Surely,Surely they must now give up thier pretence and admit their mistakes.

Please for the love of God Carwyn Jones bring this to an end

Anonymous said...

Well done Councillor Edwards ther is no way that they can argue against what you have published.

I am disgusted at this whole episode and my heart goes out to the family.

They have to now do the decent thing.


Anonymous said...

I will be making contact with my AM Leanne Wood in the next few days to ask for an explanation.

Very disturbing, Good Luck

Maureen said...

I have been following this story for quite a while and still it breaks my heart.

What sort of people are they to do this ?

I am sickened by their actions

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing is happening all over the UK and the US, not necessarily where a state organ has covered up or made mistakes, more in the
'guardianship' schemes where the crucial element
is money.People, orphans or third-agers are 'sold'from state agencies into the private sector to be milked of their finances, under the presumption of their incapacity to look after themselves.Once attorneys are dealing with the case of the future care of someone with incapacity, the business element moves in
ruthlessly to financially fleece the person.This
'way of business' is on the increase.When the funds are exhausted, the sharks lose interest.

Beryl Jones said...

I have been with the family from the beginning.

It is difficult to understand the levels of deceit and disinformation that has been levelled against the Lewis family.

Criminals are running this country and will be proven further if they do not stop this abuse now.

We will continue to fight for as long as it takes but let's hope it's now not too long before it reaches the end.

Every Assembly member ought to be ashamed of themselves for what has happened.

Margaret said...

Looking at the evidence and I am sure that future postings will confirm this.

Everything about this sad and sickening case has been deliberately manufactured based on lies,false testament and deception.

I demand that David Johnston be arrested without delay

Anonymous said...

It would give Carwyn Jones the opportunity to reopen petition 079 and produce this case as evidence/further evidence;

P-03-079 - Petition to amend the law in respect of the Children's Commissioner's Legal Duties
Petition received: 23 October 2007

Principal Petitioner: Mr G E Davies

Number of Petitioners: 10

Petition Wording:
To the National Assembly for Wales

Under Care Standards Act 2000, Children’s Commissioner Act 2001, Children’s Commissioner for Wales Regulations 2001 and section 77 of the Care Standards Act 2000 we the law abiding citizens of Wales (Cymru), undersigned, hereby request that the Welsh Assembly as a matter of priority consider this petition which refers to the various laws which limit the role of the Children’s Commissioner in undertaking its legal duties to protect children that are currently being abused by State agencies including experts aided and abetted by the courts. We request that the law be amended such that the Children’s Commissioner for Wales can investigate areas where there has been widespread abuse of the principle of the best interests of the child and their welfare paramount including;

Children taken away on false and un-investigated allegations.

Experts that are allowed to use experimental and untested theories with the connivance of the Court.

Social workers with-holding, amending and knowingly introducing false material or ‘facts’ in order to have a pre-determined outcome.

Collusion between the Courts, Court reporters and so-called independent experts to prejudice the best interests of the child.

Bias against Welsh language medium based teaching

The lack of independent mechanism of knowing of whether children are being abused whilst under the care of the State bodies and if brought to the attention of the Judges this is ignored.

Port Talbot Friend said...

If you do not get an answer or a reply Councillor Edwards then you have won.

Keep pushing this there are more people behind you than you would care to imagine.

It will come out.Drowning men will always clutch at straws but they always go under.

Having seen all the evidence I look forward to seeing you and the team disgrace the WAG and the Government even more.

You have handled this very well indeed.

Grassroots support for the fight grows every day.

Love to Linda and her family

Anonymous said...

Today [25.07.2011] we have a Welsh MP [Roger Williams] criticising the Royal Thai Police and their investigation into the murder of Kirsty Jones - where is there any welsh politician of the establishment parties criticising what has happened here in Neath?

Their silence is deafening - the silence and indifference was the gratest sin [Elie Wiesel - holocaust survivor]

some of his other quotes are very apt for this case -

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."

That Cllr Edwards is to be your path and it must become everyone else's too including Carwyn Jones

"One person of integrity can make a difference."

for the dead and the living, we must bear witness."

William said...

I hope Carwyn Jones will help the fanmily concerned and put an end to this Dreadful case.

DT said...

I don't think you will get a reply Kev from the WAG.

They will try and keep it hidden which shows the contempt that they have for the people who put them into their corrupt establishment.

The 25,000 leaflets that we have designed ready to be sent to the printers highlighting Linda's case to cover the NPT area should now go ahead.

If Carwyn Jones still trys to bury this then we should make sure several thousand get dropped in Bridgend.

Gower should be considered as well.

Keep at it they have until Friday to reply.

You know where we are and we would be happy to join one of the leafletting teams.

Speak Soon



Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones sounds like a honest Man.I will be watching this space. I can't understand why this Has been allowed to happen,what is going on behind closed doors in our Country.

Anonymous said...

If they stonewall you on this Kevin they admit their guilt.

They must be bloody stupid to think that they can get away with this.



Anonymous said...

But staying silent they thing they can gain immunity.

Oh no they can't they will pay soon.

Christine said...

Disappointed that you still have had no reply but two days to go.

Any non attempt to resolve this case by the Welsh Assembly First Minister can therefore only be taken as a total admission of guilt.

If they think this can remain hidden then they should think again.

Susan J and family said...

We are all praying that they will do the right thing and that this miscarriage of justice will end soon.

BiLL said...

They have ignored this case far too long
and cannot face the humiliation of admitting the truth.
I doubt if you will get a reply from the first Minister.
If you don't get a reply there need's to be serious questions raised in Parliment by the Prime Minister.

Tricia said...

They probably Kev are weighing up their options but they don't have any.

They are guilty.

Interesting times ahead.

God Bless

Terry said...

No reply is Clearly an admisson of Guilt.

Jen said...

definitely a huge "COVER UP" Silence is an admission of guilt.

Stanley Thomas said...

David Cameron is Pushing for a Knighthood for David Beckham.Instead the Prime Minister and other's in government should get their priorities right,in raising questions on the abuse of an innocent child.

Scotland Yard Police should also be notified of this case.

Anonymous said...

Backing you all the way on this Sunshine.

Ex Swansea Members


Hywel Francis' Conscience said...

D Day gets closer and still no reply from the guilty.

The black stench of guilt and filth still surrounds them so acrid and thick that they cannot see a way out.

Their nostrils fill again with repugnance at their dilemma but know that their time is short, very short.

Our fight will not go away we are gunning for them and will bring them down.

Jenny said...

Getting intersting now I trust you have yet to receive a reply ?

Looking forward to end of business on Friday.

Let's get these leaflets printed and start in Bridgend.


Anonymous said...

Today's the day.

Carwyn Jones and the Welsh Assembly either reply or by not doing so admit their guilt.

I'll check again tonight.

Good Luck


Anonymous said...

I notice that Bethan Jenkins AM was on the committee for petition 079. did she say or do anything?

Has she said or done anything in this case.

You may be disappointed if you expect Carwyn Jones FM to do anything - but we will see today?

Anonymous said...

Welsh Assembly Government Guilty or not Guilty ?

Find out soon.

Anonymous said...

Tonight we will find out if Carwyn Jones Edwina Hart and Jane Hutt continue to keep this cover up going.

Tanya J said...

Ready to move on everyone.

It is pretty obvious that they are hell bent on protecting their own skins.

We will still bring them down and when it happens they will be even more guilty than they are today.

All have a good weekend let's start again on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Well done Sir for having the oourage to speak- out on this dreadful case.

Florida said...

I will push this even further in America.

God knows we have our own problems but there is a common denomimator "corrupt politicians."

Same in Wales your prime minister/first minister is a guilty man.

The Janzen Family