Sunday 10 July 2011

Does a 12 year old girl have any rights ? I believe she does. The "Kidnappers, Judge Sumner and the Family Courts" believe she doesn't.

Below is another deperate plea for help from Linda's daughter to a Judge Sumner aged 12 . Sadly he ignored her wishes and condemed her to a life away from her loving family still controlled by Neath Port Talbot Social Services too afraid to even speak to her own mother at the age of 25.

Hardly the statement of a child who was " In likelyhood of Significant Harm " according to Neath Port Talbot Social Services.

More to follow


Anonymous said...

Free speech, don't make us laugh

If you speak out you going to be a arrested and fitted up by the honest john South Wales Constabulary Pc ric@ is one to watch for! A pillar in the community shall we say

Honest John (cell 4)

Danielle said...

I know of this case you have my familys full support.

Anonymous said...

You have my support and residents of Margam

Keep the wheels of truth rolling


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How can they do this to a child,considering her age.
child view's should have been taken into consideration.

Jim said...

I made a commment on one of the previous articles.I asked if the Prime Minister David Cameron was aware of this case.

Dreadful case

Anonymous said...

Having read all article's concerning this case.


Frank said...

The way this case is unfolding it seems that we are living in a State like "North Korea" not!

As the SS in Germany were using the same Techniques as "North Korea"; I would like to know the Doctor's name who started this procedures.

I thought that these procedures ended in 1945,at Nuremburg it seems I was wrong.

Everyone Remember's in the 1930, anyone whom spoke against the state ended up in a concentration camp.

Julie said...

I read the child's letter to the Judge what type of people have we got running our Court's Every Parent should be supporting this case our children could be next.

well done for exposing this evil and dreadful case.

Sam said...

This should not be allowed to happen
I feel so angry.


good on you for helping

Anonymous said...

Could Justice Sumner be the High Court Judge who asked Professor Zeitlin to come up with an untested theory? Until we know the identity of this High Court judge every family court judgement must be regarded as unsafe and Professor Zeitlin reports as similarly un safe. Who was the child & adolescent expert in this case? If not Zeitlin someone similar no doubt.

This seems to be a case where the NPT SS alienated the parents from the child. Every child goes back to the estranged parent once they know the truth.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant keep up the exposure!

Anonymous said...

Swinging Bricks these people have NOT HEARTS

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

I know you and Linda and I know about the case involving Linda's daughter Natasha.

We have been friends for years so I hope that you don't mind me asking the following question.

When will you come back to the BNP ?

We need you boy.

Both of us have voted for Andrew Brons we hope to see you soon.

Let's hope you will come back.

You have been badly let down by many people in the party. Lets hope it changes.



Simon said...

what the hell is going on in this Country.

Sandfields Resident said...

The despicable Hywel Francis MP is a main player in this cover up. He should be displaced as MP for Aberavon

Anonymous said...

Lord justice pil been given honour of aberystwyth university what a shame he covers up criminal crime by the state!!
I am watching a criminal at my daughters passing out ceremony in aberystwyth

Anonymous said...

how could they be so cruel to the child.

Roger said...

What sort of people can do this ?

Anonymous said...

Now that all of this is in the public domain surely it will now be exposed.

Keep Going

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the guilty in jail ?

Drew - N. Ireland said...

Surely this cannot be happening in the UK?

Why has this not been raised in Parliament?

Are the tabloids aware of this case?

Anyone in involved in any illegality MUST be made to answer for their actions in a court of law.

I will forward this to my email circulation list to highlight this gross misjustice. I would suggest others do likewise.