Saturday 12 February 2011

With Immediate Effect I Have Resigned From The British National Party Office

I will continue to sit on Llandybie Community Council as a  "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign." Councillor and will continue to represent the people of Penygroes when required and my behind the scenes work on the Emlyn Development that I have supported in principle for 3 years.
It is hoped that I will stand in the Welsh Assembly Elections as a "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign" candidate in Aberavon where I know I have a lot of support and will be able to expose this injustice without the " Political Shackles " of being tied to one party. 

More to follow when things calm down.


Anonymous said...

Remove the picture of you with the BNP rossette and tie - you are not fit to wear those sir!

Kevin Edwards said...


Give me a chance mate I am working at it.

Been kind of busy.



Anonymous said...

That tie represents support for the thugs that live amongst it's joking political party, they have come to fruit and shown what their members get up to

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - the utube guy 'rogerthebnpandme' is a creep who admits to sleeping with underage boys.

Bearing in mind the media have an agenda to attack the BNP (it is in their guidelines to only report on us negatively) the 'death threats' are most likely taken out of context.

As for the UAF incident - the UAF purposely incite violence, they seem to think they can be violent against BNP people, but when they get hit back it proves we are thugs.

Doesn't make sense really does it?

Anonymous said...

Some of us know the truth behind this story, good ridance to bad rubbish! You were bone idol and we hated you
Port Talbot member

Anonymous said...

I am right behind Kevin on this.

Mr Phillips, 42, whose Facebook photos include one of a cornflakes box with an open-mouthed black minstrel and the doctored logo ‘Coon flakes’, wrote: “I have had my business contacted by the FA and Sheffield Football Club trying to bully me into removing Golly badges from my range. Here is my response – F*** YOU.”

Is not exactly what I would expect any BNP member to say.

Obviously I am in the wrong party

Anonymous said...

The 12 months suspended sentence and threats of killing people what an upstanding pillar of the community BNP member they have and racist friends that back him up

Councillor Edwards you are brave to stand up and be counted and the thugs are coming through thick ànd fast

Port Talbot resident that hates thugs

Anonymous said...

And i dislike hypocritical idiots with nothing better to do than try and slate a hard working and 'normal' bloke like Roger who stands up for himself. You might be a push over but well done to Roger for standing up for himself. Better to stand up against idiots than worm your way out and let them get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Independents very rarely get anywhere in politics and people who break up a party rarely get a second chance.

Anonymous said...

Roger and his actions IMO are not exactly normal.

" Standing up for himself ? "

" Better to stand up against idiots than worm your way out and let them get away with it. "

If you are referring to his completely thuggish actions as reported in the South Wales Guardian newspaper then read it again.

"Gerald Neave, prosecuting, told the court that Mr Margetts was already at the club with friends and even though there was a long-standing animosity between the two men, Phillips sat next to Mr Margetts."

A row erupted and Phillips was asked to leave, but as he did so he pushed Mr Margetts.

Wise moves there then.

" Later that evening, Phillips returned to the club to find Mr Margetts smoking a cigarette outside.

Phillips punched Mr Margetts in the face, knocking him to the ground.

He was then said to have kicked his victim as he lay helpless on the floor.

In interview, Phillips claimed he returned to the club to discuss the earlier incident with the steward but that when he saw Mr Margetts he "lost his cool and hit him once or twice."

How can anyone defend his actions quite seriously I don't know.

Only an idiot would return to the club and do what he did. Simple

Excellent publicity for the BNP and the Newsquest Group.

Anonymous said...

Mr Edwards, can you not moderate the comments section, it would stop the bdf trolls from having a field day.

By resigning you have stood up for what you believe to be right, have preserved your dignity.

Respect to you sir.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Edwards, you've stood up for believing you are right. But, sadly for you you now realise that Roger Phillips is respected in the Party for all the hard work he puts in. He's not some fly-by-night who flounces off when he doesn't get his way.

It will take more than you and the ridiculous Morris to try and bully him out with your underhand tricks.

He doesn't need tricks. He gets on and gets the job done.


Anonymous said...

The past will catch up with you Kevin in the end with racist thugs ie roger with his swansea and bridgend friends

National Front hiding under BNP political party! Why didn't Nick kick out the racist thugs that stand so proud in the EDL/WDL.
He stands along side thugs!
thank you for standing up to racist thugs and i wish you every success with your Justice 4 Linda Lewis campaign

Neath ward ex BNP supporter

Anonymous said...

By day you were just an ordinary toilet cleaning salesman but by night you became Councillor Kevin Edwards the saviour of the british nation, you changed into the super hero we have always dreamed of, righting the wrongs with your mighty type writer, fixing old ladies garden paths in your role as community councillor, our hero!!! I will never forget the time you swooped from the sky in your blue blazer and shit stained boxer shorts to save my dying puppy on mumbles pier. Kevin we will miss your bravery and patriotism! Please come back lol

Anonymous said...


dan said...

I think this will be the END of the BNP in Wales

The BNP have showen their true colours THUGS come first.

I admire your honesty good luck for the future.

sammy said...

My family and I used to support the BNP they will never get our vote again.

Well done for speaking out against the thugs

The party has proven they prefer thugs rather than good men like yourself.Good luck with the JUSTICE 4 LINDA LEWIS.

mary said...

I have spoke to you during the election you are a man of intelligents,Also a man of integrity.

Nick Griffin should be ashamed and resign as leader
Port Talbot residence.

mark said...

Nick Griffin prefers to keep a man in the party that is trouble with a capital T. and is out to destroy the party.

BNP will never have my vote again

let the BNP thugs get on with their thuggery they will never be taken seriously

I wish you well in the Justice for linda Lewis campaign.

Pat said...

Why did Nick Griffin backtrack in his email sent to you stating, he has to go.

WHY? did he change his mind or,who changed his mind shows and proves what type of man Nick Griffin really is. I admire you and respect you for standing against thugs

you are to good a man to belong to BNP.
best regards for the future.

tom said...

Councillor Edwards I am in shock the way your party has betrayed you. Top Man

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking for year's about the thugs within the party. but have been to frightened to voice my opinion.

John said...

I hope you remain in politics this Country needs honest men like you to fight for our rights.

I am disgusted with the BNP their loss
best wishes

claire said...

mr phillips is a top geezer ,im disgusted he's being treated this way,so if we all defend ourselves we will be called thugs???
well done mr phillips,u have my full support,and always will :)

Kevin Edwards said...


I am surprised at you.

He did not defend himself he was thrown out of the pub pushing his victim as he left.

He then returned later and punched and kicked his victim to the ground.

That is not in anyones book self defense it is Gross Stupidity.

He has brought the party into disrepute and not for the first time " Tarred us all with the same brush."

This in my opinion is completely unacceptable.


Anonymous said...


Kevin Linda and myself decided to stay away from the recent meeting at Bridgend as Kevin had been receiving threatening texts from Roger Phillips.

After the meeting had finished Kevin received a text from Phillips saying " Chicken."

Kevin has passed all this onto Morriston Police who are taking things seriously.

Do you think that Phillips actions are of a sane and rational member of the BNP ?

I don't

Ben said...

Councillor Edwards I don't blame you for leaving the BNP.
I have read the reason"S why you resigned any one with an ounce of intelligence would understand why

The Party choose a thug rather than support an honest and ittellegant man

You are better fighting for a just cause being JUSTICE 4 LINDA LEWIS rather than a loss cause being BNP.

Kind Regards

Joe said...

You were a credit to the BNP I spoke to you outside Port Talbot Town Centre

good luck mate

their loss

Paul said...

I am glad you have left the BNP.

To good a bloke to belong to the idiots and scum

TJ said...

I am really disappointed with the British National Party in not! taking any internal action against Phillips.
I would also like to state that I am appalled by the way you have been mistreated.

ANG said...

If a Party is prepared to leave a criminal in a party without punishment then the Party is not worth voting for.
The Party has proved they are just a bunch of thug's and will never be taken seriously again.

Good Luck with your campaign for Justice