Wednesday 16 February 2011

BNP councillor quits party in protest over assault row

Pictured above balder and dumber than I am now.
THE Welsh wing of the far-right British National Party is said to be in turmoil after a Llandybie community councillor tore up his membership following the Guardian's coverage of an assault carried out by a party member.
According to Cllr Kevin Edwards, the Guardian's reporting of BNP member Roger Phillips' attack on Adam Margetts in Cross Hands on December 20 has set the party back years in Wales.
The Llandybie councillor says he resigned after a meeting of party organisers went back on a pledge from BNP leader Nick Griffin to have Mr Phillips dismissed from the party.
Mr Griffin had sent Cllr Edwards an email regarding Mr Phillips' actions, stating: "He's got to go. I'm shocked that this was not dealt with in South Wales ages ago."
However, Cllr Edwards claims that the party's refusal to oust "thuggish" Mr Phillips, has left him no choice but to cut all links with the BNP.
"My mobile number never stopped with calls from distraught ex and current members who were deeply disturbed over this incident that has set the BNP back years in West Wales," said Cllr Edwards, who will continue to stand as a "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign" councillor at Llandybie. Last year fellow Llandybie community councillor Meirion Bowen also resigned from the BNP.
Following his resignation, Cllr Edwards' blog was inundated with messages of support from party members.
"This is a very serious and major setback for the profile of the BNP in Wales," said one anonymous poster.
When I mentioned to Wales Organiser Brian Mahoney at the National Organisers Conference about Roger Phillips " BNP man in court " article published in the South Wales Guardian he said he didn't care as it was only a little paper in West Wales that nobody read.
Therefore I can only assume he is unconcerned about the article above and the party spin machine will take no further action over this.
Although I doubt it very much.I expect the politically motivated smears to continue.


Anonymous said...

Well done in sticking by your guns and principles.

Honest men will always get there in the end.

Best of Luck.


Anonymous said...

Brian Mahoney appears to be flippant and arrogant in his attitude.

He should be replaced without delay.



SIMON said...

I am absolutely disgusted,by the reaction you have received from Party Chairman Nick Griffin.
He has allowed a thug to remain in his Party and in doing so forcing you to resign.

I thought the Party had cleaned up their image
Obviouly not!

SGT said...

My Family and I will NEVER VOTE BNP again
They have showen their true colours THUGS
Good luck to you and your family.

sa Neath said...


JAMES said...

No-one can criticize a man for speaking the truth

I have total respect for you Councillor Edward's
for speaking out against thug's well done mate

BNP are finished.

Anonymous said...

I have always given money to the party, won't get another penny from me or my family keep the faith.


I don't blame you resigning from a party who only has respect for losser's they don't deserve, to have decent, people like yourself supporting them loss.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Edwards it is my understanding from what I have read, You only asked for the thug Phillip's to be removed from the party because of his behaviour,and rightly so.

JJ said...

Read the paper it is simple Phillips should have been kicked out.

VAL said...

I Agree Phillips should have been removed.

Anonymous said...

Someone got to stop! the thug's otherwise the party is finished. well done for trying.

R G Neath said...

I have also donated money to the party I won't be giving any more.I would rather give my money to charity.

GG said...

I agree with one of the comments -
Nobody can criticize you for speaking out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wales is a "small" village and one day you will meet the very people you have turned against and pay the price

Kevin Edwards said...

Anonomous said.

Wales is a "small" village and one day you will meet the very people you have turned against and pay the price.

Yes it is and when it happens I shall walk on by with my head held high.

Do I take this comment as another threat ?

Thanks also for your four other vile and disgusting comments that I deleted.


SAM said...

I feel sad that you have had to leave a party that you have supported for year's I also cannot understand why there was no action taken against Phillip's within the party. kick him OUT!

SWANSEA said...

Call me diplomatic! But I think everyone involved,should sit around table and discuss things in private, rather than air their views in public,we need people like Kevin in the party.

Kevin is a good bloke.

BNP Member

Pat Swansea said...

Councillor Edwards we the public have a right to know what the parties response is to the article Published in the Guardian newspaper over your resignation,Wethe public deserve an explanation on this matter.

I want to know why? there was no! disciplinary action taken against the man involved in the assult

STSwan said...

I am also a Swansea Member and agree Kevin his a good bloke,and so is Roger I beleive Roger should have been banned from the party for three month's

Swan Member said...

I agree with the comment regarding sitting around table to discuss matters.

TTJ said...

My answer is don't blame people for doing the Right thing.
Blame those who do the wrong thing.

JOHN said...

Good Luck Mate you have got our support,you did the right thing by resigning.

Port Talbot Steel Worker.

JD said...

I agree with the comment that we the public have a right to know the party's responce to the Newspaper article.

DAN said...

Councillor Edwards would you Re - consider your resignation, if the Chairman contacted you.

Anonymous said...

Kev stop making comments up supporting you ffs, you couldnt find 24 people that like you in the world let alone the BNP your a dickhead and the most hated man in Wales

TAM B said...

Why don't other's in the party show the same concern as yourself, and help to kick out the thugs.

Tom E said...

I voted for the BNP party in the last General Election won't be voting for the thugs again.

SWANSEA Residence

Kevin Edwards said...

Anonomous at 18:13 says

"Kev stop making comments up supporting you ffs, you couldnt find 24 people that like you in the world let alone the BNP your a dickhead and the most hated man in Wales."

That is your opinion if you don't like me let me be.

Anonomous that might be your opinion but have the guts to be identified ?

"Dickhead" you say. Obviously on of Philllips thuggish cronies devoid of intelligence.

You have no idea of the difference between "Politics and a Pomegranate."

The only post that I make are always under my name.

I have a moderator who I trust implicitly who manages this blogspot with my complte support in my absence.


I have been away on business and have not always had internet access to your drivel.


JACK said...

Edwards Well done to you Sir for speaking out.

P Talbot said...

The Mendacity of the Party will come to light,at least you have kept your Credibility,throughout!
I have nothing but respect for you

Barry E said...

It is quite clear from what I have read Philip's should have gone,what were the party thinking of,in allowing this sort of behaviour.

Why? does the party Condone, and Except this behaviour, when it is obviously going to destroy them.

Anonymous said...

Considering the further threat in an earlier comment, and from previous comments, we can take it then that should you be harmed in any way or form we know that someone in Cross Hands will have something to do with it.
The price to pay for speaking out eh.
Jesus christ boys don't cross these BNP thugs.

Stewart M said...

Goes to show what type of people, NICK GRIFFIN allows in his party THUGS and SCUM.

Ruth said...

I saw the article in the Wales On Sunday Newspaper a spoke's person for the BNP said a minor,loss how can he say a minor loss,when it is my understanding from what I have read, the only reason you resigned is over the thuggish behavior of one individual in the party.

I call that inconsiderate and a sort of response that has opened my eyes regarding the BNP the word that come's to mind.(Leopard never changes it's Spot's well done for speaking out.

Anonymous said...

The Language and the threats you have received are vile.

Anonymous said...

It is sad the party choose to accept your resignation. When you had a just, and valid reason for raising your corncern's

Anonymous said...

Kev Brian should have sorted out the mess between you and Roger.
I don't agree with the threat's you have had.
I won't be renewing my Membeship next year.

Anonymous said...

Kev the only people that looked respectable in the bnp meeting's were Clive and his wife Sandra. you kev and Linda.

I think it is a big loss to the party with you leaving.