Friday 11 September 2009

Hywel Francis rides the "Gravy Train."

ABERAVON MP Hywel Francis clocked up a food bill of more than £5,000 over two years and was also quoted as saying that ” he would have claimed more if he had been able.”

Over the same period, from 2006 to 2008, Dr Francis also billed taxpayers more than £1,500 for work on his website.

He also claimed £2,000 in one year for cleaning at his second home in London – though this fell to £200 in 2007 and 2008, the latest period for which documents are available.

On three occasions during that time, he submitted claims of £400 for food – the maximum amount MPs could claim at the time without receipts.

He also claimed more than £3,000 in ground rent and service charges for his second home, as well as monthly mortgage interest payments of between £1,111 and £1,262 – and £85 for repairs to curtain rails.

In 2006, he claimed £270 for a vacuum cleaner and digital TV box, £560 on a washer-dryer, a bureau and table and chair sets for his kitchen and dining rooms.

He also claimed £348 for a chair, kitchen blind, TV and DVD stand and £272 for repairs to his central heating system.

From 2004 to 2005, he claimed £3,000 as a contribution towards legal fees and stamp duty when he moved home.

He also claimed £150 for two side tables, £225 for a coffee table and £325 for an undisclosed “mystery” item, which is blacked out on the public documents recently released.

Below are the expenses that he has claimed from 2001 on top of his basic salary of £64,766.

The full breakdown can be viewed on the following link.

2007/08 £156,279
2006/07 £144,597
2005/06 £130,790
2004/05 £124,527
2003/04 £121,617
2002/03 £116,830
2001/02 £101,385

Labour and it's MP's record over the expenses scandal, coupled with their failure to assist workers and their families who are losing their jobs and homes, whilst bailing out banks and bankers who have lost this country Billions of pounds through their own personal greed and recklessness will never be forgiven and will never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

I always thought he was a greedy sod. A money for nothing MP with an ego the size of Margam.

Anonymous said...

He did a big fat nothing for me when I went to him for help.
I knew right away he was not living in the real world and his couldnt be bothered attitude shone through.

Anonymous said...

Oh and a big thanks to whom ever dropped the BNP paper through my letter box in margam.