Saturday 20 February 2010

Over 2 million British Industrial jobs lost thanks to the "Insanity of Globalisation."

Pictured above Corus Middlesborough. RIP !

The closure of the steel plant at Redcar, near Middlesborough, has resulted in another 1,700 British workers – most of them skilled – joining at least two million industrial workers whose jobs have been lost by Tory and Labour government’s embrace of globalisation.

They told us that the jobs and national income we would lose through selling our manufacturing industry to overseas bidders would be offset by increasing our service industries and specialising in high tech manufacturing.

The reality is that the service sector brings in less than ten per cent of overseas earnings – and employs virtually zero ex-steel workers, coal miners, or Birmingham metal bashers.

As for high tech manufacturing, they soon found that Germany and Japan had cornered most of the market.

In the case of a vital sector such as steel making the costs of keeping it running would be offset by keeping its workers in employment – who would also be paying their NHS insurance and income tax.

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